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  1. Supplements

    Thank you, I will look into what you’ve suggested.
  2. Supplements Whole30 Compliant

    Thank you SugarcubeOD for reminding me that my Whole 30 journey is my own. If I don’t take the time to research some of this on my own, I wouldn’t be able to go beyond the 30 days. Thank you for your not “sugar coating “ your answers. God bless!
  3. Supplements

    I take B12 complex, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium everyday. Is there a brand out there that’s whole 30 compliant?
  4. Whole30 Beginner

    I like you am the only Whole 30 in my home, so I designated one cupboard just for me. That way I don’t have a reason to get into the other cupboards, and my go to food is easily accessible. Hope that’s helpful, good luck this week!
  5. Day 4. Struggling.

    You didn’t cheat, you can have nuts. My first time through I ate more than I ever had, and still did well. I think it says it in the Whole 30 book, that you can’t overeat when you’re eating the right food. For thanksgiving I’m making myself a baked potato instead of mashed, the turkey I’m doing myself so I can make that compliant. For desert I found a whole 30 compliant peach cobbler that is fantastic on Pinterest. Hang in there, I promise it’ll get better!
  6. Starting again today November 1st

    My menu for today: B- breakfast salad L- Whole 30 enchilada soup w/whole 30 guacamole D- Broccoli salmon bake with lemon and garlic if needed Larbar or banana with almond butter
  7. Doin' it again NOVEMBER1!!!!

    Praying for you today, that would be tough, but not impossible! You can do this:)
  8. Hi! I'm, Laura. Starting 11/1/17!

    You’ve got this Laura, thanks for the pre workout tip. I never thought of using my collagen with cashew milk, is there a brand of cashew you recommend? I’ve been stuck on coconut milk, sand a change would be nice.
  9. Well, here I go again! This is now technically my 3rd Whole 30 start. The first one was successful, the second I thought I could wing it and utterly failed, so now after prepping, cleaning out cupboards and planning we’re on to #3. This time around I’m trying to clear shingles from my body, and I’m hoping that eating clean will help that process. Anyone else starting today, if so God bless, and let’s support each other!
  10. Starting Sept 1st

    I'm in for the September restart also, this will be my 2nd round. I too allowed "old habits" to take over my reintroduction, so this time I'm really trying to focus on my triggers. I'm looking forward to feeling spunky again, happy day one everyone!
  11. Day 19 almost gave in

    My daughter and I are headed to our county fair to watch Toby Mac, and are so excited! The group we're going with wants to eat at the fair ,which I thought meant fried,processed and nothing for me kind of food. I was a little frustrated and thought about just this one time giving in, because I didn't think I would be able to find a good vendor list. I just kept trying to justify ruining 19 days of very hard work, but that little voice inside said keep looking, keep trying to research! So I didn't give up and finally found a local restaurant that is going to be there, and called them. They do use canola oil, but their dry rubs are totally compliant and since canola oil is a reluctant use, and I have up to this point stayed completely clear of it; I CAN EAT THERE:) I'm so happy I can't even explain it, I don't have to be the weird one for once tonight. Or maybe I'm the normal one and everyone that's eating off plan is weird, because I have to say the food that I've cooked in the last 19 days is better than anything I've made before (except French fries, but what gets better than French fries!). Obviously I still have some issues to work through Thank you Whole 30 for teaching me where there's a restaurants phone number, there's a way! HAPPY DAY 19!
  12. Recipe needed

    Thanks for the food ideas. I normally eat breakfast around 7, so I may try to push it on Thursday to see if that will work. I was concerned that I was burning to many calories for that time period, and robbing my body of needed nutrients.
  13. Recipe needed

    I clean houses on the side, each house takes me 4-6 hours (8-2ish). I can't stop and eat lunch and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for literally eating on the go lunches?
  14. Start date June 12th!

    Good luck, this is day 4 for me! I would have to say that preparation has been key, there's no excuse when you already have food waiting. Another thing I found helpful is I designated a cupboard just for me, that way I don't have to constantly work around my family's food. It also stops me from complaining about the food they eat!
  15. Day 1

    Hi Jen, we can definitely support each other! I'm sure it'll help that the friends you're visiting understand what you're doing, I'll be praying for you during your time away. Hope today goes well for you, I'm actually a little excited to eat the the food I have planned today. Do you have any good recipes?