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  1. Start date June 1st

    @Shawnni hello there stranger. Haven't heard from anyone in a while. I have moved on (for now) and am doing intermittent fasting and ketosis. This is vey similar to Whole 30 but extreme: first meal of day 2-3 p.m., last meal 8-9 pm, 2 meals a day, high (healthy) fat, low carbs, no sugar. My allergies have been delineated by the Whole 30: dairy causes immediate sinus response, coughing and sneezing; sugar returns my decade-long acid reflux; grains mess with my digestion etc. I will never test legumes, peas or peanuts. On occasion I have the dairy and always notice the symptoms. Fact of life now. I am dropping the weight fairly rapidly in ketosis as my body uses fat for energy. It was also on Whole30. I feel better eating less and await anxiously for what many ketosis advocates call 'sixth gear'...a far cry from my (also) decade or two-long journey with adrenal burnout. So, to recap, I feel the Blood Type Diet has derived invaluable lists for me regarding physiology that we can't readily feel (tried and true); Whole30 is unbeatable for kick-starting us along the same avenue and helping us learn to take control f what does and doesn't go into our mouths; and ketone diet with intermittent fasting really sets the stage for a powerful recovery, if one is going to recover at all, and at my age (65), there is no more fooling around. I plan to do a Whole30 October 1 with a few others here. By then I will know where I stand with my back issue, hips, and oh yeah, forgot to mention I have a fracture of the talus in my left foot since 1990's, will be getting that repaired before summer's end (the price of irrational responsibility). Ah, to turn back those stubborn hands of time! So happy to hear from you! Will be looking for you throughout, and hopefully October 1st! Jane
  2. Start date June 1st

    Hello everyone: Good to hear from those of you who are still around. The Whole 30 has been a saving grace to me and I will always be grateful for its invaluable lessions and for bringing to my inbox great support and input from all of you. I am still avoiding sugar, legumes and dairy, and have reintroduced gluten-free grains in extreme moderation and soy cheese without effect. I began a program of intermittent fasting and the weight is going down. My first meal is after 2 p.m. I still follow the Whole 30 template but have increased my fat a bit and decreased my protein a tad since that converts in part to sugar. I am feeling really well. I do love those sweet potato fries ! @HopingtoHeal Congrats for making it through what sounds like a miserable feast at camping and glad you are able to maintain your drive to continue Whole 30 compliance. @Pippin1 Thank you for the banana bread recipe although for reasons beyond me I cannot have bananas according to Blood Type A protocol, and it is true that they do not agree with me. I started using them again at the onset of Whole 30 and it was reinforced that they are not my friend. However I will replace the bananas in the recipe with something else, not sure what yet. @Ginsky I did reintroduce soy cheese that has not bothered me but I have not been using it much at all. Oddly enough, moderate soy products are actually recommended for A Blood Type; apparently we are a rare breed. I used soy milk often in the past and got along with it but eliminated it entirely for the Whole 30. I do suffer from joint aches from the hips down but have a pinched nerve root lower back and a left ankle past trauma. Still, as difficult as it will be I do intend to discover what causes what. Everything I eat now is in intense moderation except for healthy fats, proteins and vegetables, and a few choice fruits, all that have been advocated on the 'superfoods' or 'neutral' lists by A Blood Type protocol. I would jump at the chance for the paleo cheeses but gelatin is on the 'toxins' list for me. Let me know how you're doing.
  3. Start date June 1st

    @Heather_r Hello and was wondering how you were doing. Aren't you the one who actually started this particular thread, "Start Date June 1"? I was thinking that your W30 could be an opportunity to show your MIL something new, although I know that is not always possible with micromanagers. I wish you all the best with that situation and where you are in the program. It sounds like you have done really well. I am grateful for having been told about this. I no longer suffer from acid reflux (chronic x many years) or sinus headaches (agin chronic with annoying post-nasal drip). I thank the omission of milk in my green tea which I do notplan to reintroduce and the lack of sugar in my life. I don't need that either since protein does in part convert to sugar. I learned a lot of clever ways to keep veggies on my plate at every meal and my energy is so much better and on the rbound from adrenal exhaustion. I plan to stay awhile deciding what to do. I am going to reintroduce Stevia . I miss cheese but it's not good for us. Maybe I will try a veggie cheese if compliant.
  4. Start date June 1st

    @SugarcubeOD Yes! Even having 'scamped through' a bit I immediately see the reintro issues and know so much more about what my personal physiology sensitivities are. This program is amazing and should be subtitled "How to identify your personal food allergies". And I also agree....don't eat the bunnies! Dr. Gundry, the Plant Protocol guy, found a 'Barely Bread' he advocates made from almond meal. You can buy mail order buns, sliced loaf, etc. that I am pretty sure is a yeast bread so wouldn't have that rock heavy effect on your stomach that almond meal can have...but I would bet @Ginsky could devise a recipe for us. Ahem....
  5. Start date June 1st

    @Pippin1 There is an adrenal burn-out protocol. In a nutshell one must take in 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking every day. This kicks in muscular energy as opposed to hormonal energy that has over time created the burnout. It takes a long time to reverse. There is a lot of guidance available on the internet and a great book available from the library, called The Adrenal Protocol, I believe. The Whole30 is also excellent in that without sugar n the diet and a good amount of fat at each meal we learn to burn fat for energy as opposed to sugar. I was not able to eat 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning. I experienced esophageal stricture every time I tried! This is not new for me but certainly was at that time. I now can eat a good breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon or sausage, avocado, and a vegetable, usually broccoli or stringbeans or cauliflower, and cooked in ghee with some ghee on top. I have lost some weight and lost a nasty acid reflux I suffered from for many years. The protein shake I found most pure and in compliance despite not being a chewed meal is the hemp shake from GNC. Unfortunately for Manitoba Harvest they did not respond to my inquiry about the ingredients in their hemp shake, so I have to assume it is pea protein or something else I can't have.
  6. Start date June 1st

    @HopingtoHeal I am sorry you are suffering so badly, but you made me realize that I can be too accepting of a difficult time. I have been in dire straits the last few days. Maybe a delayed carb flu? Anyway I am happy for your stamina and agree that we will take many good lessons with us for keeps. @Srini Yes October 1 sounds good to me now, if not sooner. I have yet to do a full-compliant because of the adrenal burnout but have felt in the last weeks better without the protein shake. In fact I found a hemp shake which was acceptable as far as ingredients go (not the one with second ingredient listing as 'divers vegetable products') and noticed a big difference from chewing a breakfast of eggs, avocado, bacon and a few scoops of zucchini soup. Meaning that I am doing well without it. Keep in touch if you'd like as to how you're doing over the summer: janeann3797@yahoo.com
  7. Start date June 1st

    Wow it's hard to believe this Whole30 round is nearly over. I really appreciate having had such a powerful wave such as this group to carry me along. From the onset I was about 90% compliant during the prep period and after a few days of total compliance starting 6/1 I returned to the a.m. protein shake that has helped me for so long with adrenal burnout issues. So I have not completed a Whole 30 compliant program. But I had many compliant days as time went on and learned a lot, not just from my experience but from all of you. I consider myself very blessed. I gained insight that I will adopt for life. I am going to do this again when I am ready but with total compliance. It is an ingenious plan. Best wishes to all of you in this group, and others traveling their personal Whole30 paths! I will be looking for you on the forum! Jane
  8. Start date June 1st

    Darn that dreaded auto spell!
  9. Start date June 1st

    Hi all, have been cooking up a virtual storm with both chicken and turkey broths; freezer is full. Made the Tom Kha Gai and it disappeared very quickly. Made the silky ginger zucchini soup and OMG soooo good just like most of you said. Iran across it on Cook Lisa Cook and will say she uses toooo much black pepper...so I am using the second half of it as a sauce over my morning turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and avocado to fulfill the veggie requirement. Have had lower back and hip issues for a while so have been busy outside the kitchen taking care of those matters. @Lizzard A thinner face is a fine NSV. I am lookout forward to that! @LesTodd I hope your stomach cramping clears up. I am wondering if it could be some food you have been eating that is new to your diet that does not agree with you. For example, I learned years ago through the Eat Right for Yor (Blood) Type that a food allergy for me as a Type A blood type is caused by olives and also coconut. These symptoms are often not obvious and can express themselves in your physiology. The website offers a list of superfoods, neutrals, and toxins according to your blood type. The Whole30 has been the icing on the cake for me(no pun intended) but I did have the advantage to know that there are certain foods that are not ideal for me because of bllod type A. I still, however, made and ate the Tom Kha Gai which is coconut-based and noticed a reaction but it passed without incident. You will Mohave to learn these things through your own investigation. Others have spoken of carb flu but I don't know about this. @SugarcubeOD Thank you soooo much for the chart of carb grams. This is just what I was looking for. @Ginsky Thanks again for the great recipes and can you tell me how you got your signature with quote to appear at the bottom of every post? Another cool thing you share. @HopingtoHeal You have done more than a great thing for yourself and I too notice the synchronicities in my life spoken about by Carl Jung. I have great hopes and faith for .you as well by your sensitivities, strength and power of example. I will always watch for your posts to hear good news in the future. @Shawnni it's been a long time since either of us have posted and I did miss your updates in my inbox. I am happy to see you are doing so great! Does anyone know how someone managed to get a picture of healthy fats below her personal picture and above her location in the margin? I love this technical stuff. Thank you all for being here!
  10. Start date June 1st

    Shawnni, I do not have that experience with those or any nuts. It sounds like an allergy to me. Enough of them could cause breathing issues, etc. In other words, it sounds more like the onset of anaphylactic shock...but I am not a doctor. Please be careful. Fiddi congratulations on all your successful dinings out! And for introducing your parents to this wonderful program idea. I had the opportunity tonight to tell my grandson (14 years old) a good deal about it and he was receptive, too. The more we tell others the better off the world will be regarding health, well being, and fighting horrible diseases. We may only plant a seed but that is okay. The most important fact in my mind is teaching our brains to use fat for energy instead of sugar.
  11. Start date June 1st

  12. Start date June 1st

    I have really enjoyed the last few days of posts from all of you. They arrive in my email so I keep up that way. I can't like or comment from there but I am silently supporting from the rafters. @Ginsky You a re a natural cook and could/should create your own cookbook. I love your replacement for coconut aminos. Prior to Whole30 I was a huge advocate of Bragg's Liquid Aminos. That 30 Days of Whole Food Cooking was not a Whole30 compliant reference but comes very close. But just the same I apologize for the referral. Delish recipes and inspirational pics, though. I am very good at copying recipes and replacing certain ingredients with W30 compliance as I go along. I find I cook up a storm and then burn myself out, making it through a few days' cooking break while eating very simply. Thank goodness for frozen stuff (and leftovers). I appreciate everyone's enthusiasms which renew my own when I get tired of it all. Today I was pulling weeds and found my pants were really bagging. If they had a belt I would have to tighten by a few notches. As it was I just kept hiking them back up. Here's to a great support system full of good and well-intentioned winners!
  13. Start date June 1st

    @kalsjourney I say no way. Stick it back in the fridge or cook it in the oven right away. It takes some doing to spoil fresh meat. The hot roasting will kill any early inklings of bacteria. You can tell by the smell. It should be fine.
  14. Start date June 1st

    @Ginsky I know you may not be familiar with the blood type work Dr. D'Amato has done but briefly I will tell you as Type A I cannot have any type of olives, coconut, beef, dairy, and a host of others off a list of thousands. He has it well organized if you happen to know your blood type. I find it refines this whole process, although I admit I have returned to a few no-no's on Whole30 just to see. Sure enough, they have given me problems. I only mention this because I see you eat olives at nearly every meal. I am using ghee at nearly every meal. I can have avocados but perfect and fresh is hard to come by, at least here. Good luck, I don't miss a lot of these things but one thing I do miss is cheese.
  15. Start date June 1st

    From a Whole30 support group on Facebook the author of 30 Day Whole Food Challenge Slow Cooker - Kindle Review is offering a free download if you will be willing to write a review on Amazon. At that point you may request from her a Kindle download. I know we have a ton of recipes available to us, especially with all the support here, but I need a jumpstart of enthusiasm about food in general so have requested the free download. It has 138 pages of delish looking recipes and beautiful color pictures. They all appear to be 100% compliant. If anyone wants a copy, send an email to Sofia Lawson, living.better@hotmail.com I do not have a slow cooker but I do have a crock pot and will alter the cooking as necessary. Have a great day all.