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  1. breakfast

    I understand that whole food is better than liquid food. If there were fat addd and more protein, not from protein powder, would a smoothie with less fruit 2-3 days a week be so off plan?
  2. September 18 start date

    My first round earlier this year was great. There was nothing that could derail me. Since then I’ve had the hardest time being truly committed to finishing another round. I start then stop. This time was no different. I went to day 13. I’ve had a couple days off and Mon will get back to it. I’m not sure why I haven’t done a full round since the first one. I think for me it’s more about making wise choices all the time not being strict just for 30 days. Yes it’s a mindset. For me food freedom is a better way right now. I am super impressed by all you who have done multiple rounds. I will keep trying. I know that paleo and mostly Whole 30 is the way of eating for me. I never have food cravings until I tell myself “I can’t” have something. Maybe that’s an indication of issues. I’ll have to think about that. As for all you on this board...I’ve done it before and I know you can keep going! Stay strong!
  3. September 18 start date

    Day 12 coming to a close. It’s been a busy busy day. Not much time for temptations to derail me. And not much desire for non compliant things. However...Day 14 will present full force. Staying with friends for the weekend with yummy wine all around. Whole 30 don’t fail me now! What is your favorite trick for staying strong in the face of your favorite non W30 things?
  4. September 18 start date

    I love homemade ghee. I’ve never done it in the oven but am excited to try. Thanks for sharing your process.
  5. September 18 start date

    As for compliant Epic bars...I’ve only tried the apple bacon bars. I agree that the texture isn’t super appealing at first. But in a pinch they’re awesome! And I have gotten used to them. I’ve even chopped them up and cooked them with eggs for breakfast.
  6. September 18 start date

    My fav is lime. But coconut and mango are good too. If you’re not feeling the sparkling water, try some citrus in regular water. Or if you use essential oils they are great too. Just make sure they are food grade oils.
  7. September 18 start date

    My fav is lime. But I also like coconut and mango. The flavor is not overt. If you’re not into the sparkling water, try citrus of some kind in regular water. Or if you use essential oils those are great for water too. Just make sure they are food grade.
  8. September 18 start date

    For me this is day 10. And it has been the best day of all! The headache that incapacitated me yesterday is gone...gone...gone! I feel the most alert yet, tho still tired. But I attribute that to the crazy schedule I keep. In fact, I think Tiger Blood is starting to roar!!!
  9. September 18 start date

    Yes @GavinD I decided to go basic for a couple dried fruit, nuts or La Croix. I’ll see what happens. And thanks for the welcome!
  10. September 18 start date

    Hello all! I started round 2 on 9/17/17. This has been a rough one for me. First time was in May and it went well. For me round 1 was a Whole 27 by choice. But I felt so awesome that all summer I ate mostly compliant. The month before I started this one was not a good eating month. There are certain things I don’t compromise on...gluten and dairy. But I was eating rice and corn and drinking wine and other libations. As I mentioned, this round has been HARD!! Lots of cravings, tired beyond words and headaches more days than not. In fact today my head hurt so bad it brought me to tears! I’ve been eating enough and well. However I have been drinking La Croix everyday. Could that be the headache culprit? Anyway...I hope you don’t mind me tagging onto you for support to get me through the next 3 weeks.
  11. No Good Time for a full W30!!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence @racheleats It's nice to have a whole community of cheerleaders.
  12. No Good Time for a full W30!!

    I like the 'put it at the end idea.' That is what I did the first time @SugarcubeOD and I made it 27 days. This time it's a whole week on a business trip at what would be week 2 @slc_melissa with business partners we haven't had face time with in years! Cocktail parties, late dinners, get the idea. Of course I can't throw caution to the wind with certain things ,like gluten or dairy. Otherwise I'll spend 2 days in bed with a migraine. No bueno!! I actually could do a Sept 18 start date with the event, my 24th wedding anniversary, at almost the end. We don't always celebrate ON the date anyway so I could probably convince my husband to wait 3 days to open that bottle of anniversary wine. I just really want to complete a full round...for myself! And yes I feel so much better eating compliant as I have been for almost 3 months. These last 3 weeks have really kicked my butt, though. I'm realizing that is probably why I've been more tired. There have been more 'treats' in my diet. Lightbulb moment! Thanks for helping me see that. And thanks for letting me vent all this. While my hubby is supportive (but he can't give up bread or diet soda to do a W30), he gets a little tired of listening to me about this. I get it! So I'm glad to have ones who understand and are willing to listen.
  13. I am in love with this program! I haven't completed a full round yet, although for the vast majority of the summer I ate compliant. My first attempt was 27 days. Three day short! What is wrong with me? I have felt amazing. But I really want to make a go of a full round of whole 30. I seriously cannot find a time, even one month, in my schedule until November that not one day or two days or a week I have things going on that would make it very difficult to be compliant. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to feel a little bit like a failure. It doesn't make me want to abandon the things that I have accomplished over the summer, however I'm starting to doubt my commitment to doing a full round. Has anyone else experienced this kind of frustration?
  14. Daiya Cheese

    I know I know! Give. Up. The. Cheese!! And all dairy in fact. But I made my piece wth ice cream and milk like 10 years ago. I just always allowed cheese because it tastes so yummy! Although I don't crave it like I did when I started my first W30 in May. NSV for me!!!
  15. Daiya Cheese

    No soy. From memory its cassava and tapioca, maybe something else, with carrot for the color. Thanks for the reply.