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  1. Suggestion...

    Hello @ladyshanny, I suppose I may have not been clear in my suggestion. I apologize. I am completely aware of the many, many resources that are available to the Whole30 follower. And I agree that research teaches a great deal. I spent approximately six months in my research phase and learned a ton! While I can see that the forum may be geared to the new W30 follower, it can be a bit overwhelming in the wide array of information - and appears to be just separated into two categories: During a Round and Reintroduction. There are many, many (as I'm sure you know!) who have done numerous rounds and are, by no means, not new followers. What I was picturing in my head when I had first began my research was a section of basics from the perspective of other followers. For example: I realize there are many resources on the W30 site and in the W30 book. However, I don't necessarily feel I need to have 100% Cocoa in my pantry. What was really helpful was to hear from others what they used most often and felt was essential to have stocked. When I had gone shopping I couldn't afford to purchase avocado oil, coconut oil, light olive oil, ghee, coconut butter, clarified butter and EVOO. However, it isn't listed in a priority list on the resources or in the book (for completely understandable reasons!). So I asked others which fats they felt they couldn't do without. The same with flours (almost all said they never used them ). What I was referring to when I said that things were "constantly discussed repeatedly" was that I feel there are some topics that could be handled as a whole. Like could you just put a big banner up on the top of the FB pages listing all the different compliant bacon options??? (That was a joke ). Sorry for bothering you! Thanks for listening!
  2. Suggestion...

    I would love to see a whole forum section devoted entirely to the new W30 follower. A place where people can post their most basic questions without feeling out of place, where they can search for the most basic information discussed, and where everyone can share their suggestions for pantry items, recipes, meal preps, spices, compliant bacon....all the topics that are constantly being discussed repeatedly on FB can maybe be discussed in a forum group...
  3. I'm new

    I just read somewhere a friend suggest essential oils in a diffuser (or on the skin with a carrier oil) in addition to raw honey for allergies. Since honey is out, could oils help? I too, have migraines and am hoping for some relief from those symptoms.
  4. Whole30 App?

    I'm assuming "most common stuff" is maybe referring to more of the most commonly used resources? Or possibly most commonly seen additives? Or common sugar substitutes? At least that is what I'd be looking for in an app...for it to have the most common resources right at your fingertip to easily and quickly open when necessary. I realize the accountability is our own. However, no matter how many labels I read, there just might be some words I don't remember.
  5. Whole30 App?

    I agree! Not that I'd necessarily want something that would be specific to products, or certainly not store chains (I live no where near WholeFoods or TJ's). But just an app that you can easily, and quickly, open and access all the quick guides while standing in the store. I do have the pdf's downloaded on the home screen of my phone. But they are all saved separately and therefore take up quite a bit of space. I would also think it would be cool to have it tie into the social media aspect that W30 relies upon...with "friends" and the ability to post pics of your foods and comments all regarding W30. I realize, though, this in addition to FB and other social media sites would just be additional work for moderators...
  6. Whole30 App?

    I'm confused! Did I miss a response from the Moderator on the original post? I, too, was super surprised there wasn't a W30 app...