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  1. These snacks ok?

    thank you!!!! lots to learn. at least I didn't grab cheese or chocolate.
  2. These snacks ok?

    you're right- I added fat (ghee, avocado, olives).
  3. These snacks ok?

    so is the fat/protein I added to these snacks enough? I'll save fruit for the meal
  4. I'm almost 29 weeks pregnant. Big meals are not possible but I am learning to eat more at meals. This is just Day 2 for me (& hubby). I have severe anemia so keeping up energy levels was an issue before Whole30. Wondering if these snacks I ate between a regular meal are okay? I'm waiting 2-3 hours between any eating. I didn't eat them all in one day- the first I had yesterday in late afternoon before dinner: - blueberries, raspberries, dried coconut (unsweetened) Today, I was a bit weak around 10:30 (2 hours after eating) so I ate: - diced sautéed sweet potato & topped with some ghee Then in late afternoon I had: - diced tomato, cucumber, few olives, 1/2 avocado & homemade ranch. Thanks!