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  1. I successfully completed my first W30 in June and managed to complete a fast track reintroduction pretty seamlessly, learning I have some issues with both oats and corn products and notice I kinda want to eat all the things while eating gluten products. Now that I have kept those out of my diet, I have been able to limit the bloat and feel ok. Until the past few weeks where I haven't been as strict on my new "Food Freedom" diet - well, I manage ok during the week, still keep the troublesome products out - I just overindulge a little on non W30 compliant things. Since this, I've noticed I've been struggling with getting gas not seeing regularity like I used to after I eat my "normal" W30 breakfast - usually consisting of eggs and veggies cooked in ghee with a side of black coffee. It's really beginning to frustrate me because it's making me not want to eat breakfast and I know I need to. Is this because I've been overindulging a little you think? I have been a little stressed as of late, so maybe that's it...not sure. What should I do to see how to control or get rid of this? Do a quick W7 and what non-egg items can I try to see if that helps?