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  1. lacyjean

    Trying AGAIN!

    DAY 8 and going strong! Feel much better already. I have already learned so much about the mindless eating I've been doing and why I have been doing it. It's been hard but I can tell this is going to be a game changer for me. I feel like I'm learning a lot about the fact I can do anything I decide to. I have had all these things I want to do (get healthy, work out again, time for myself etc.) and I am realizing all i have to do is DO IT. And I am. It's weird too that the more I take care of my self and make decisions that show I value myself and my health, I feel better about myself. Even before I can see results, I am just looking at my self differently- With more love and compassion.
  2. On your run days how much/how vigorous do you run? Just wondering since on the day you say you couldn't run, you still walked for an hour- wondering how much you run on the run days, maybe it has something to do with the dizzy, lightheadedness. Are you eating pre/post workout snacks? As far as the guilt goes, it sounds like that probably has something to do with you past eating issues, but we ALL deal with that at least a little. For me, that is part of what I want to address and deal with during my whole 30. So far I'm kind of trying to just listen to my thoughts and learn. I tell myself, right now my job is to stick to the plan and assess results at the end. I can get very obsessed with measurable progress, so for me the not weighing and trusting the method (or whatever you want to call it) is way more than half the battle. Personally, and i am NOT an expert, If I were you I would try to do my best but not worry about the quantity of whole healthy foods as much... you're obviously very active and considering past issues, volume restriction is probably not a healthy place. Just my thoughts! Good luck!
  3. lacyjean

    Trying AGAIN!

    I made it through day one! Yay! I woke up very achy... I wonder if it could be related to sugar detox? Might be too soon for that... Anyway, I'm really enjoying the food I prepared and feeling positive!
  4. lacyjean

    Trying AGAIN!

    This is my third attempt at a Whole 30, and this time I WILL FINISH! The first time, I cheated on a glass of wine that I told myself was because of some special event I just had to make an exception for (I don't even remember what this "special event" was now). The second time I cheated with weighing myself about 10 days in... I don't know why! But I did it, saw that results we actually great so far, and then just abandoned everything. So this time, I am totally committed and have bought in to all the rules and details. I've gained about 25 pounds in the past couple years, and my psoriasis, depression, and mood issues have gotten worse. I am hoping to see improvement in these areas. Prior to my weight gain, I was really good about my eating. I'd say I lived in a 90/10 world and maintained a healthy weight for over a decade. I had great habits, which really made it feel like i wasn't "doing anything" to contribute to the results i enjoyed. I started an office job, and quit smoking at the same time, and in the mean time abandoned all my good habits. I entered a YES phase, where i suddenly said yes to everything (except smoking and working out- great for the smoking, not so much for the fitness!). Well, over the last two years I've seen my body transform and have learned how every little choice adds up. Now, I NEED to a reset! Desperately! I am hoping and praying and DECIDING to finish! I've done harder in my life... I CAN DO THIS!!!!!! Anyone else starting today??