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  1. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Guys, my Whole30 bit the dust tonight. My husband got a new job today and we chose to go out for dinner and drinks and celebrate - no regrets at all since we’ve had our fair share of mourning lately. Lots of positives to take from my 3.5 days but it ain’t a round 3 for me!!!
  2. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    aw @Pipi sorry to hear you are feeling the hangover too! I felt truly awful all day yesterday! Thankfully the headache has passed but my body still feels tired and sore. I am struggling a bit with lack of appetite, nothing seems all that appetising, it's not that I'm craving non-compliant foods, I just don't feel I want to eat much at all? I am also feeling a bit of meat-fatigue... I am very much a meat eater and can't imagine being vegetarian but meat or eggs with every meal feels just too much!!! I think I might need to start trying to have fish more often? Anyone else feel worn out on meat and eggs already?! @LadyLisbette, thankfully cramps subsided very quickly but headache and body-soreness persisted. My body has been through an awful lot lately so it's not surprising really. Glad to report I have seen a huge reduction in inflammation already and I am excited to see how it continues and how my body continues to heal! how is everyone else doing?
  3. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Good morning all! Lovely to log on and catch up with how you are all doing! Sorry to hear about the hunger @Pipi and @megbeveridge! I'm suffering from the Day 2-3 "hangover" but aware that might also be period related, but in any case, I feel pretty rubbish! Yesterday's meals went well and I am just making breakfast now for day 3. I'm definitely looking forward to the part where it starts to feel worth it!
  4. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    @LadyLisbette sounds like you are off to a great start! I'm just starting day 2 with a lovely omelette - ghee, bacon, garlic, mushroom, tomato and spinach with 3 eggs. Delicious! I use the perfect sausage recipe from the whole30 book - keep it simple and find them utterly delicious! I think I'm going to find today a challenge - I have started my period, only my second since ectopic surgery, so after a 7 week cycle it's bloomin' painful! I'm focussing on fuelling and nourishing my body well - it's been through a lot and needs a bit of TLC! The sun is shining here so I would like to get out for a walk but I have a workman coming to fix our washing machine, so not sure if that will happen!
  5. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Aw @megbeveridge, I am so glad you liked Scotland, did you tour about or were you in one particular area when you were here? I've never been to Maryland, I've only visited New York, Boston/Cape Cod (where I worked at a summer camp in 2005) and Florida. That's interesting to hear that even when they are physically accessible they are perhaps not financially accessible. I think often it can feel like there are so many options to hand in the states but we have none here. But I am off to a good start, I've had three lovely compliant meals today and there's a batch of sausage patties made and in the fridge for through the week. My husband is doing it with me this time (his first round) and he has got off to a good start too. The Whole30 mayo was always his job to make and we love it - we had continued to make it even when I wasn't doing whole30 because we think it tastes so much better than shop bought, but we got lazy! Today's meals were: Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled in some olive oil, raw spinach, tomato, 1/2 avocado, 2 strawberries Lunch - 2 pork sausage patties, raw spinach, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, an apple and a tablespoon of cashew butter Dinner - Chicken Cacciatore (from the Whole30 book) and potatoes roasted in ghee I've also had a few cups of black coffee, lots of water and a nakd bar. How are you all finding day one?
  6. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Hello everyone! So glad there seems to be a few of us starting at the same time. I have definitely found on previous rounds that a community of folk doing it at the same time is such an encouragement and help! I got back yesterday from a week-long residential at work (I'm a youth worker) where I've had pretty much no control over what I was eating. I can't wait to get started now because I feel so awful from having eaten loads of bread, pasta, processed foods and sugar for a week! I can;t wait to focus on healing and fuelling my body well. I am on annual leave for the next two weeks so plenty of time to focus and do meal prep, so no excuses! How is everyone feeling about starting?
  7. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    VThank you both @megbeveridge and @Elizabeth33! I feel so worried that I won’t manage to stick to it - I think the failed attempts at round 3 last year have got to my brain!!! Whereabouts are you both? I’m in Scotland and I’ve found it can be hard to get compliant stuff here which means everything has to be made from scratch!!! When I did my first rounds we had a whole foods in Glasgow but it closed! do you have good access to whole30 approved and compliant foods?
  8. HopingtoHeal

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Hello!! I am planning to start a round roughly at the same time as you! I am away with work until the 6th and won’t be in control of my meals at all - it may well be the 8th that I start to give me time to recover from travel and get organised! This will be my third round - I completed my first in June 2017 and it was life-changing! I did a second in Sept/Oct 2017 and sadly got sick with Glandular Fever (Mono) part way through so although I stuck it out I never felt the benefits that time. I tried a third round a couple of times at the beginning of 2018 but with recovery and also starting a new job it just didn’t happen. I’m wanting to do this round because my body is really inflamed: I have PCOS but I also had surgery for an ectopic in December so there’s lots of inflammation from that and I have also just been eating my feelings while we grieve our loss. I’m hoping for a positive experience, reduced inflammation and to regain a bit of control and self esteem. I’m going into this round with my mind set on self-care. My husband is currently saying he will do it with me this time too!!!