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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    It's great to read how everyone is doing! @Lady49er great to hear that you guys are noticing tangible change from week one! It's so motivating when you start to see those changes happening! I don't know that I am seeing much change at the moment. My energy and sleep pattern are not great and I'm hoping as we get to the end of this week I will see breakthrough with that! It's interesting the impact of the changing seasons is having for me, I think in some ways it seemed easier in June as summer rolled around than this time as we move into autumn - I clearly have some autumn traditions like making apple and blackberry crumble that I feel a bit sad about missing for now, and I realise just how much of a habit takeaway on a Saturday night used to be - a total comfort thing that used to get me through a long day of teaching on a Saturday. I'm trying to focus on the cosy Saturday night feeling without associating it with takeaway and snacks... candles, blankets, maybe a bubble bath? Yesterday at work was another challenge as I had a session with our young volunteers which involves ordered in pizza, it was actually easier than I imagined to avoid it - this time last year I would have found it impossible not to eat some! Small victories! I have a few hours between jobs today so planning to get out on my bike but not as far a ride as last week, just to get my body moving!! How is everyone else's day 9 going?
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone, great to read about how everyone is doing, and that at least those who are feeling irritable are able to laugh about it too @MegT90 sorry to hear about your bad news, be kind to yourself, sounds like a non-food treat is in order! For the most part I've been ticking on quite happily, it's been a good exercise week for me with some goals hit in the gym and also an 8 mile bike ride at the Windfarm yesterday. This morning I had my Great Aunt's funeral, which of course was sad, but she was 93 and lived a great life. The bit after the service was tricky more than difficult because I couldn't eat anything that was available, all I could have was water or black coffee, which was fine but the social interaction that goes around those situations where nothing is compliant I find so wearying! Especially the scathing "so what can you eat?" Anyway, it was mid morning and so I had had breakfast and it wasn't yet lunch so once everyone stopped going on about it it was actually fine. Nearly at the one week mark! Well done everyone! And great to read of the NSV's people are seeing already. I was saying to my husband today that I think my skin has cleared up a bit and my eyes look brighter again. Happy days!
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    The sausage patties that are in the Whole30 book are a lifesaver for me and they are really tasty, make a batch at the weekend and they can be eaten cold as a mini meal or with salad for lunch? I keep meaning to try out some different versions of them but have just always stuck to the recipe in the book!
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    I promise it gets easier. In my first round I took the book to bed every night because I just didn't feel I could wrap my head around any of it and I can remember the coconut milk aisle too! Shopping took an age! But as you go on you will find you start to know what brands you can have and what you can't and it all falls into place! I tried bone broth a few times but found it such a faff that we now just throw some veg and water in the slow cooker and strain it to have veg stock and we use that any time stock is called for - works great even if it doesn't have all the nutrients of a bone broth!
  5. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @MegT90 I'm in the same boat! I didn't feel any of the yuck with round one. It today (round2 day2) I have been so, so tired! i think the first time my body was probably just like, "thank the Lord she is finally feeding me nutrients and not all the stuff i can't deal with". I had been at least 80% of the time Whole30 in between times with the exception of my holiday week which was maybe more like 50-60% compliant. Weird to be feeling it more now but glad I'm not the only one!
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Sounds like you are doing great! I definitely had days of hunger in the beginning last time and I think if you are a snacker or grazer sometimes it is habit telling you you're hungry! I also took a few days to get the meal template proportions right in terms of protein and healthy fat with every meal. Enjoy your chilli!!!
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Have you been drinking plenty of water as well? I find the days I don't drink so much water are the days i find myself hungry! Sweet potato chilli sounds Delish! Is that tonight's dinner?
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Great stuff! We love that chicken cacciatore recipe! We have it quite a lot but we use chicken breast because I'm not great with legs and thighs! We have added kale and black olives to it in the past too - yummy! I find evenings are my vulnerable time too, but I did discover that often I'm not actually hungry and it's about boredom!
  9. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi Lady49er! Are you just having the smoothie for breakfast? If you are it seems to me like you are missing out on the recommended protein sources or meat/fish/eggs. I know that almonds do contain protein but not to the same quantities as you will find in meat/fish/eggs. I am in no way an expert but I would imagine this could be part of why you are hungry?
  10. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone! Great to see so many people starting at a similar time! Today is day one for me of my second round, having completed my first whole30 through the month of June. It has honestly been life changing! I don't think there are enough words to describe how amazing it has been for my health. It's been about so much more than losing weight but I can't deny the impact the weight loss has had for my confidence. Since day zero of my round one I have lost 15.5cm from round my middle and I have achieved things over the summer that I simply couldn't have done before Whole30. I feel fitter and stronger and happier and generally can't tell you how impactful this next 30 days is going to be for you all! I am doing round 2 following having been on holiday and having eaten loads of things that I hadn't been eating. I don't regret having loosened up on what I was eating on holiday but my body is telling me it is time to reset so here I am. I have PCOS and I am hopeful that a 2nd round will bring even more improvement in my symptoms which have come back a bit since my holiday! Anyway, lovely to meet you all and looking forward to walking this road with you. How are you all finding your first day?
  11. Start date June 1st

    Hi folks, I'm looking forward to reading through all your updates from this week now that I am headed home from my week at camp. Food this week has been a lot more challenging than expected and a proper reintro has been really impossible. I do think I have identified that rice is not my friend though. My plan now is to start a fortnight of whole30 eating tomorrow to reset a bit and then tackle reintro by the book. I am absolutely craving whole30 food and can't wait for a proper breakfast tomorrow - this week has been fruit, coyo and nuts which has been utterly depressing! Glad that my mindset is very much that I want to be back to compliant eating!
  12. Start date June 1st

    So I measured this mornin and my middle has shrunk by 12centimetres!!! (That's 4.7 inches). I am thrilled! The list of victories is of course much longer than that too. What an overwhelmingly positive experience! Glad to have shared it with you all! I'm on my way to camp now so we'all see how that goes, I trust the cook though and I think she gets where I'm at so hopefully it won't be too far off a good reintro plan!
  13. Start date June 1st

    We made it to Day 30!!! Hope your days are all going well. I stuck with my favourite omelette for breakfast and lunch was broccoli and cauliflower soup with a wee plate of avocado, tomato, raspberries and nectarine, it's lacking in protein I know, I know! Dinner will be a jacket potato with tuna mayo, salad and homemade coleslaw. Definitely feeling intrigues about what the number on my measuring tape with be in the morning. We don't own scales so I won't know weight loss and I only took one measurement, I don't think I anticipated the scale of change that would happen in my body! Hope everyone is feeling good!
  14. Start date June 1st

    Great news on the weight loss @Shawnni and congrats on reaching your day30!!!! It is scary to be taking a trip right at reintroduction time, I'm in the same boat. Have you much of a plan in place?
  15. Start date June 1st

    I've been pretty wiped out the last 2 days between cramps and headaches and lower back ache. I slept off the headache this morning so breakfast was more like brunch which has made lunch just some apple and cashew butter (at 3.30pm) as I don't really feel I need a meal before dinner, having eaten so late this morning. We'll see how that pans out! I'm a bit gutted to have lost the joy and excitement of the last two days and the end-in-sight feeling of accomplishment, I have literally just been surviving the last couple of days. That said I have done well with meals other than my odd timings today. I had a work away day and a BBQ with friends in the evening so I had 2 meals in social settings and both went fine. Feeling ready for reintroduction now although I do think I will stick paleo at least 80% of the time under normal circumstances. I have seen too much progress in my symptoms to just go back to old habits... just got to get through a week of camp first!