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  1. Starting January 15th!

    I started my 3rd round yesterday. My first was literally life-changing and the second was blighted by glandular fever - I believe it's called mono in other parts of the world (which I didn't know until after I had finished - was relieved to know why I had been feeling so rubbish and why I hadn't felt the energy that whole30 brought in round one). I was fairly certain this afternoon that I was going to give up today because we've had heavy snow which Glasgow is just not equipped for and it took me 4 hours to get home when it normally takes 20-30 minutes!! Had to abandon my car, got a bus some more of the way and then had to walk the last mile into our village. So, the cold frittata that I was meant to have for dinner while I was meant to be out working tonight (groups and meetings were cancelled) didn't seem all that appetising when I finally got home. Glad to say I managed to throw together compliant plate of hot food and stay on track! How are you all getting on?
  2. Starting 13th November

    Thanks Laura!
  3. Starting 13th November

    I'm planning to start my third round on Monday. I completed my 1st in June and saw great results in terms of improving my PCOS symptoms. I completed my second mid October but was plagued with tiredness the whole way through. Finally found out last week that it's Glandular Fever and after about ten days of eating toast and digestive biscuits I am ready to do what I know is best for my body and eat foods that will help me to heal. Committing to another round so that I won't allow the blues to get the better of me and decide it's ok just to have x, y or z because I'm poorly and tired and defenceless. I've worked so hard at improving my health this year and I am not about to let Glandular Fever steal all of my progress! Anyone else starting Monday?
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Great news on how supportive the school are being @Lady49er, and rightly so! How was pizza? I ended up skipping cheese and giving flatbread a go - when I went to buy some cheese at the supermarket I just realised I didn't want it - this is HUGE for me, especially because dairy is meant to be especially bad for PCOS. I decided trying another kind of bread in a lesser quantity was a worthwhile endeavour and it did go down better. I actually wonder if my body is missing whole grains a bit because I've been really cold, had brain fog, not sleeping well which makes me think there's a deficiency somewhere? I'm seeing the doc a week on wed so hopefully he can give me some answers! As for diet going ahead I think it will be mostly Whole30 but with occasional dips into grains and I know I will eat cheese again - most likely only at special occasions and only really good stuff! I discovered after round one when out for dinner at friends I get a hangover the day following a lot of dairy (she had cooked a meal that had cream in ever course!!!) so it's got to be special to be worth it! Definitely keen for input from my doc before making any definite long term plans because this round I definitely haven't felt well, and I'm experiencing almost like a hangover the day after the gym which is no use!!!
  5. Hello! I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light... I completed round one in June this year and beside amazing changes in body composition I experienced amazing change to my energy levels and found I was sleeping better and more easily at night and waking feeling something close to refreshed for the first time ever. I continued eating a mostly whole30 diet with the addition of the odd bit of honey or maple syrup in our cooking and the odd meal out until the end of August when we went on holiday and I gave myself permission to choose bread, cheese and wine, in moderation but still more than of course I had been eating since starting whole30 in June. I started round 2 on 11th Sept to let my body reset after our holiday (holiday eating definitely had an impact because my cycle grew in length by nearly 3 weeks when I had managed to really regulate it since June). While I experienced more positive change in my body composition I have felt really sluggish throughout and now (just a few days after finishing). Getting to sleep is difficult, waking up is difficult because I don't feel rested, working out is fine at the time but then the whole of the next day I feel like I have a really heavy cold. Nothing about my whole30 eating through round 2 had changed from round 1. Any ideas why this time around I am struggling for energy and as a result being a total grump? For info, I do have PCOS, perhaps this is a contributing factor, but then I had PCOS when I did round one too?
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    We don't own scales either! I have no idea what weight I am or what weight I started as! that is so awful about the child at school, your poor Minime, I hope you get a good response from the school, behaviour like that is so unacceptable! we seem to have done our reintro's in the reverse of each other, I am on dairy tomorrow, not sure how i'm doing it yet, might try some plain yoghurt and then def some cheddar cheese but how they fit in terms of meals I'm not sure yet! It's funny I spent the whole of the 30 days dreaming of bread and pizza and my one day with sourdough and I feel like that has been totally broken cause I've remembered it makes me feel rubbish!
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 31 for me and I lost a total of 6.5cm from round my middle this round which means that since I started my first round of Whole30 in June I have lost a total of 21.5cm!! Today I reintroduced gluten containing grains - freshly baked sourdough from whole foods market and some wholewheat spaghetti. I was glad not to see my belly bloat up (which happened instantaneously after eating rice in reintro for round 1) but I have felt a bit heavy today in my tummy, and I know my body has struggled to digest it. I am craving being back in Whole30 eating tomorrow!!! I am sure I will have bread from time to time because I do enjoy it but it won't be often and pasta just didn't feel worth it tonight! How's reintro going for others who've made it to that stage?
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 29! We're nearly there!!! All the best for the last few meals folks!
  9. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks @Lady49er, we've had another couple of pregnancy announcements come in this week too so it's been another tough week. I think it's like you say, it's having peace with a decision, and at the moment I am not sure when we draw the line and head down the adoption route, I guess when the time is right then we'll know. So my plans for reintroduction are to follow the fast track idea of trying something, taking 2 days back on w30 and then trying the next. The only things I am looking to reintroduce at this point are peanuts (peanut butter is so much cheaper!), sourdough bread from whole foods (or similar freshly baked to avoid preservatives), cheddar cheese and red wine. I won't be having these things often but I think doing the proper reintroduction to see how I react would be a good thing. In time I may well try wholegrain pasta as well but I'm not in a rush for that and would like to try the bread just on its own because I think sometimes our bodies will react to one version of something but not another. I'm keen to know the specific foods that cause me issues. We do have a night away booked for the 20th so I also need to be mindful of that, I may save peanuts until a later date and just get bread, cheese and wine reintroduced as I think they are the most likely groups for our night away! I think I am keen on 80/20 like @madness mentions. That is where I was at before we went off on holiday and I have seen the difference it makes when I go any more than 20% off plan. Glad to report that this round of w30, as hard as I've found it, seems to have restored some hormonal balance again and this whole thing has made me realise just how much my body suffers when I choose sugar, dairy and gluten too often - don't get me wrong, I had a great time on holiday and I don't regret it necessarily, but good to know how long I can expect my body to take to reset. And I am with you all on the having to be mindful so as not to eat something by accident! I had a dream the other night that I ate a chocolate and then as soon as I had swallowed it I had a total meltdown! Thank goodness I woke up! 30 days nearly done! Well done to all who are nearing the end. And well done also to those back at the beginning for having the strength to go back to the start and prioritise health over convenience!
  10. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone! Day 20 - two thirds of the way through! I haven't posted here for a while but I have been following along with everyone's progress and it has definitely kept me motivated reading of your successes. I have continued to find this round tough and at times frustrating as I've not seen the NSV's and progress that I was hoping for. I am not sure that I ever shared on this thread my motivation for Whole30 and a 2nd round... I have PCOS which is an endocrine disorder that can (and in my case does) cause infertility. My first round of whole30 was life-changing in so many ways and so many of those amazing things remain but I'm so disappointed to have had a rubbish cycle - longer than any of my last 3 since my first round of whole30 which seemed to have regulated things a bit. On top of that disappointment I have faced emotional challenges too - we had a miscarriage just over two years ago and this last few weeks a bunch of friends have announced pregnancies - their second children in the time since we lost our wee baby, which feels like a whole new season of hard! So, what positives can I take out of this tough round of whole30 where I have felt distinctly un-different? I think for me the biggest thing this time around is breaking the urge to eat my feelings. I don't think I have ever thought about pizza so much in my life as in these past few weeks. I am not sure at the moment that I have strategies to replace my usual self-soothing through food so in the next 10 days I am hoping to make some progress with that. I am also starting to look towards reintroduction and work out what that might look like for me this time around. What are you guys focusing on in this last week and a half? And have you started to think about reintroduction and what it might look like for you?
  11. anyone starting Sept 11???

    It's great to read how everyone is doing! @Lady49er great to hear that you guys are noticing tangible change from week one! It's so motivating when you start to see those changes happening! I don't know that I am seeing much change at the moment. My energy and sleep pattern are not great and I'm hoping as we get to the end of this week I will see breakthrough with that! It's interesting the impact of the changing seasons is having for me, I think in some ways it seemed easier in June as summer rolled around than this time as we move into autumn - I clearly have some autumn traditions like making apple and blackberry crumble that I feel a bit sad about missing for now, and I realise just how much of a habit takeaway on a Saturday night used to be - a total comfort thing that used to get me through a long day of teaching on a Saturday. I'm trying to focus on the cosy Saturday night feeling without associating it with takeaway and snacks... candles, blankets, maybe a bubble bath? Yesterday at work was another challenge as I had a session with our young volunteers which involves ordered in pizza, it was actually easier than I imagined to avoid it - this time last year I would have found it impossible not to eat some! Small victories! I have a few hours between jobs today so planning to get out on my bike but not as far a ride as last week, just to get my body moving!! How is everyone else's day 9 going?
  12. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone, great to read about how everyone is doing, and that at least those who are feeling irritable are able to laugh about it too @MegT90 sorry to hear about your bad news, be kind to yourself, sounds like a non-food treat is in order! For the most part I've been ticking on quite happily, it's been a good exercise week for me with some goals hit in the gym and also an 8 mile bike ride at the Windfarm yesterday. This morning I had my Great Aunt's funeral, which of course was sad, but she was 93 and lived a great life. The bit after the service was tricky more than difficult because I couldn't eat anything that was available, all I could have was water or black coffee, which was fine but the social interaction that goes around those situations where nothing is compliant I find so wearying! Especially the scathing "so what can you eat?" Anyway, it was mid morning and so I had had breakfast and it wasn't yet lunch so once everyone stopped going on about it it was actually fine. Nearly at the one week mark! Well done everyone! And great to read of the NSV's people are seeing already. I was saying to my husband today that I think my skin has cleared up a bit and my eyes look brighter again. Happy days!
  13. anyone starting Sept 11???

    The sausage patties that are in the Whole30 book are a lifesaver for me and they are really tasty, make a batch at the weekend and they can be eaten cold as a mini meal or with salad for lunch? I keep meaning to try out some different versions of them but have just always stuck to the recipe in the book!
  14. anyone starting Sept 11???

    I promise it gets easier. In my first round I took the book to bed every night because I just didn't feel I could wrap my head around any of it and I can remember the coconut milk aisle too! Shopping took an age! But as you go on you will find you start to know what brands you can have and what you can't and it all falls into place! I tried bone broth a few times but found it such a faff that we now just throw some veg and water in the slow cooker and strain it to have veg stock and we use that any time stock is called for - works great even if it doesn't have all the nutrients of a bone broth!
  15. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @MegT90 I'm in the same boat! I didn't feel any of the yuck with round one. It today (round2 day2) I have been so, so tired! i think the first time my body was probably just like, "thank the Lord she is finally feeding me nutrients and not all the stuff i can't deal with". I had been at least 80% of the time Whole30 in between times with the exception of my holiday week which was maybe more like 50-60% compliant. Weird to be feeling it more now but glad I'm not the only one!