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  1. I'm just sorer than usual, I think the forearm pain is from bad form on the bike lately as I have been cycling 20 ish miles a day and just started ridding heavy again. So just salt water?? lol Are there any other electrolyte complaint things out there? It's been so humid here in Texas lately.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the help!
  3. I think I'm just getting used to going from carbs to fat adaptation. Basic meals so far roughly: Breakfast 2 eggs (salt +pepper) Tuna black coffee Post Morning Workout (strength and stretching) 2 eggs (salt +pepper) 1 Chicken thigh boneless half red and green bell peppers 2 cups spinach 16 oz water Lunch 1.5 Chicken thigh boneless (approved hot sauce + salt + pepper) full broccoli head 6 small red potatoes Green Tea 16oz water Pre Evening Workout (10 -30 mile bike ride) hand full of Cashews some source of protein As much water as possible Dinner Guacamole and approved plantain chips protein vegetable maybe a little fruit
  4. So as a cyclist and motocross rider I do a lot of strength and endurance training. I'm on day 7 and I'm getting more energy now, but my muscles are like 3 times sorer than when I was drinking electrolytes and supplements the day after. Am I just not getting enough of the right nutrition or what here? I'm chugging water daily, doing pre workout meals and after plus my 3 meals.... Seems to be really bad in my forearms for some reason, thoughts??
  5. I'm starting tomorrow!!! My girlfriend and I prepped tonight for the week ahead! Super pumped and would love some accountability friend as well!