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  1. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Oh good for you.. the back ache is an interesting one. I certainly get back and kidney pain with gluten and corn but not sugar. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling great and not craving them. I seem to get really caught up with my PMS and so don't really get through a month. My diet has been so limited for so long that I think I get a bit like a naughty child. I was really motivated though for that first 2 weeks and I will begin again tomorrow.. doing the best I can and trying to be gentle and encouraging to myself. I think you're doing just fantastically. I have no doubt that by the time the surgery comes you'll be just full of health and it will help you to make a fast recovery.
  2. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Hello Bonnie, I have had computer problems and a little bit of a lapse. I am happy to here that you intend to continue and If you haven't given up on me I have started again and i estimate i am at day 9 after some lentils, some honey in hot cocao drink and a raw vegan dessert that doesn't have any other ingredients in it other than nuts, dates avocado, coconut oil but is definitely a "dessert" and the dates make it very sweet. I do find completing 30 days hard because of my menstrual cycle. I'm trying again but feel bad that my internet was unavailable too. Not great buddy after all.. but you did great.. especially on your special day!! I'd love to hear how you are going now and if you are continuing.
  3. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Day 11 Most people i know realise that i am on this kind of diet most often because of all my intolerances. I try not to say much about it because it has been so hard for me and it's kind of boring to talk about food all the time and I really can't be bothered explaining myself. I usually just say.. "I feel so much more energy and health when I cut out certain things". Bt it's really nice to be able to chat here because you understand. SO my going public was just to say I told you on the forum about giving up coffee!! I guess it helps me to be committed. I do have the most dreadful headache today, I don't know if it's the coffee withdrawal or something else. Yes, for me it's also going to work and the Saturday and Sunday markets too! Although this weekend it was easier as we were snowed in and I couldn't get the car out and I had no coffee at home. I did have a cup of chai tea though. It has been very cold and so much snow, so I was very happy to have a big container of slow cooked beef in the freezer for tonight after we went for a huge walk up the mountain in the snow! I had mine with pureed cauliflower. I really like it.. just steam the cauliflower until tender and then puree it with some salt and olive oil.. it's a little thinner than potato but really delicious. The children just had brown rice. The chicken dish looks really good. I have several chickens and last Spring we had babies and one turned out to be a rooster. Well, a couple of weeks ago we took the big challenge to dispatch it ourselves with the help of a friend who knows how to do it very carefully and with out stressing the animal. We just can't get real organic grass fed chicken here, so I decided that if I was going to have chicken that we would have to take more responsibility. It was very hard to do, but now I have so much respect for the meat that I want to use every scrap and make something special.
  4. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Oh well, 7 days.. who hoo. Monday was just dreadful and Tuesday wasn't much better, so angry and irritable.. however I've just started to bleed, so I realise now that I had a double dose !! I had the "Kill all things" that usually have premenstrually and the day 5-6 irrits and I had a house full of children, mine and 3 others. I had to offer chocolate and strawberries to my children last night and have big cuddles on the couch in front of a roaring fire. I has an unsweetened hot cacao with ginger, cinnamon and coconut cream. I really missed the honey, but it was still very warming. I feel much calmer and happier today but I think I left my brain at home and made a big mistake at work. ( I work in an apothecary and I dispensed a 500ml bottle with one wrong ingredient.. a big waste . However I managed a Barrecode class tonight. I did 4 classes last week, so I hope to be feeling the benefits soon. Winter is OK, a little milder this week after last weeks storms and no power. The bulbs and chives are coming up in the garden which always makes me feel a sense of hope and I look forward to all the spring greens. @ Bonnie, I really want to give up coffee but my resolve is not there in these few days. I don't enjoy it black but I am still having it. I also need to go to the bathroom sometimes immediately after drinking it and wonder if it makes my food intolerances worse. I did read one clinical trial that says that it increases the "leakiness" of the gut for a day after which would mean continually for those who drink it daily. I don't have any at home so tomorrow is my last day at work for 4 days and I'm over my PMS.. so I will start on Friday. I might need some encouragement. I have made it public!! It is so hard to sleep in the heat.. I sometimes put a wet sheet on me in hot climates to cool myself down. I hope your neighbours realise that they are dicing with danger to be playing disney songs all night with someone who wants to "kill all the things"!! Lets' hope they tone it down and you get some sleep.
  5. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    @Allyz. I see you have had some support from Shannon above. My comments about salad and veggies were on top of the protein and fat. When comparing Atkins to The whole 30 as Atkins never really emphasised nutrition just eating fat and protein. My experience is that when i eat enough in each meal I get to a place where I am satisfied in between meals. It is only the sugar dragon that gets me, not actual hunger. This lasts for a while.. and I have to really be vigilant and learn to distinguish the two. I had it just now infact!! I ate a few slices of some lamb that was cooking in the slow cooker rather than fruit or anything sweet as that would just reinforce my craving. It does seem counter intuitive to eat more if your hope is to loose weight, but I assure you it works! I only had "Brunch" today, so that was why I was getting hungry mid afternoon, so that kinda of proves to me that it was hunger. I sometimes add some cooked sweet potato, beetroot, pumpkin, parsnip or carrots for some extra sweetness/carb content in one meal a day, I sometimes have trouble sleeping so I make it the evening meal. I use coconut oil to cook and olive oil or hazelnut oil to dress salads, veggies and use a reasonable amount and also coconut cream in a hot spiced cacao drink or coffee for a winter warmer (unsweetened of course!!) Reading the book or searching for forum topics like "hunger" or "craving" might help too
  6. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Oh well done, that must have been hard, I remember how hot it can be in Paris at this time year, I hope you take it easy and get some rest. I haven't been tired yet but it may come this week. Yesterday I did have a coffee at our wonderful farmers market where I got lots of meat and veggies too. Later I felt my tummy upset again and I had a bit of a headache. I tried their coconut milk but I suspect it had something else in it, maybe some kind of gum? I will ask them next week to show me the carton. I cooked pork and fennel sausages made by a pig farmer on Bruny Island who only makes 10 packets a week - very special! I had courgette and broccoli simmered in a rich tomato and garlic herb sauce and instead of pasta put it on a bed of salad which wilted under the heat. It was pretty yummy and a good winter warmer. Your recipe looks very good, it will be good in summer when I have so many courgettes and some grow too big. I have a large garden, not a farm. HelpX can be for any kind of place, where as Wwoof is only on organic farms. My garden is in the winter now, but in a few months Ill have planted out lots of salad greens and cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbage then later we will have tomatoes, peppers and courgettes in the summer. I also have 10 chickens, so lot's of eggs which is great because I eat eggs for breakfast most mornings. I lived in Switzerland for a couple of seasons in Grindelwald, working as a cook on a ski resort when i was younger. I remember the pine forests and the ski runs were so beautiful, but the snow gums here are so lovely too! I hope your week goes well, I go back to work tomorrow and the children back to school, so i need to be super organised to make sure I have enough food for the day.
  7. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Hello guys , well day 4 is drawing in this hemisphere and I got up, had a walk up my beautiful mountain. I just love the fresh air and always feel fabulous afterward although it takes bit of motivating before hand! I had 3 eggs poached in a vegetable sauté of courgettes (zucchini), romaine broccoli, tomato, garlic and paprika with a big green salad. I think I am the only person I know who eats salad for breakfast, but it is kind of "Brunch" by the time I finish. I am so far feeling fabulous, but have had sugar demon moment yesterday. I ended up having some coconut sugar in a coffee yesterday and got terrible pain and bloating!! It was like an early reintroduction. So I guess I "broke" the rules but it really helped me to realise that sugar in any form is not my friend. I think I'll just give up coffee too, because I just don't like it black. I am substituting chai tea because I already like that black without sweetening. @ Bonnielv .. My children are just returning in 2 hours from a week skiing with their Dad in Victoria, it can be very cold, but I think Paris can get a lot of snow some years too. I have had many HelpX travellers come to stay with me from France, its such a great thing that the visa's are easy to get, we Love the French helpers because they always cook such yummy food and we get to practice our very bad French!! Bon chance
  8. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Hello Allyz, sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it, but glad to hear you are taking it easy, and how lovely to be having the holiday time.. such an opportunity to make some lasting changes. As I understand it Atkins focusses on the protein and fat and doesn't really put so much emphasis on veggies. If you are going to keep nourishing your body and giving it the best nutrition, you need to really focus on veggies and preferably some leafy greens and coloured veg at every meal. Atkins doesn't focus on inflammatory foods, but just protein so I remember eating lot's of cheese! The Whole 30 really focusses on removing foods that might be causing inflammation in your body. I think that this way of eating naturally brings you to your natural weight point if you continue and don t lapse and remember to eat a lot!! Don't think it is calorie controlled.. you need to feel full and satisfied rather than the crash and burn roller coaster of the carb/sugar diet. I think 30 pounds in 30 days is too much to ask of your body. I would hate for you to be disappointed and you could cause some damage if you don't eat enough and also you could read about leptin and why starvation isn't helpful for weight loss. .. if you add in an exercise plan make sure its something you can continue.. Create habits rather than think of it as quick solution. I am carrying about 9 pounds more than usual, I don't know if I will loose them, but based on previous experience, it is possible. I am personally focussing on building muscle bulk and energy and wellbeing as I need to increase my bone density and have been feeling very sluggish. Maybe if Bonnie above and I feel like continuing we could all do it together.. but as she says.. one day at a time
  9. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Hi Bonnielv, How lovely, I can imagine walking the rabbit through Paris!! I took my children 3 years ago and the food and wine is so very tempting.. bakeries at every corner!! I also have celiac, so at lest i am used to not having bakery food now. I don't have any aches or symptoms yet. I had a salmon, garlic, red cabbage and coriander stir fry for dinner, 3 eggs with pumpkin and kale for breakfast and now just some wallaby fillet with baked veggies. I know that if i start to loose weight too fast i get terrible aches and pains.. so I'm keeping up the amounts! It has been very cold.. snow and lot's of wind.. but exercise is helping. Enjoy the Summer.. i wish i was there!!
  10. SassieM

    Starting 14th july, the food revolution day

    Hello from Australia! I too am starting today.. I ahem also done it twice and it's time for a reset. It is mid winter here and so i am also taking a months membership at a local gym to look after my excursus needs, so i am feeling stiff and sore!! I would love some motivation and support if you'd like some too? Good luck Sarah
  11. SassieM face!

    I wonder if you have changed added in anything that you hadn't been eating prior to the whole 30. One thing that gives me acne like you describe is fish oil..I know that everywhere you read that fish oil is supposed to be good for acne, but for me it isn't and gives me really huge, deep papular acne. I can't take supplements but am ok with canned wild salmon a few times a week. If I have fresh or smoked atlantic salmon a few times a week, I'll get some acne and with daily supplements it's horrible. You may also consider it could be a cleansing phenomenon. If you have initially increased your inflammation by circulating toxins being in the blood stream, this can cause rashes and acne too..the old it gets worse before it gets better trick! I hope you get the root of it, I know it really makes you feel quite disgusting.
  12. SassieM

    Starting Sunday 2/18/13...Anyone else?

    I think I have restarted about 5 time in past 2 weeks!! So tonight I reset the clock again and I am back on the wagon I decided to give it another real shot as I am feeling bloated and sick due to the first binge I have had since I did the first whole 30 starting Jan 1st. So I need to stop the sugar and really refocus..lovely to have a group for motivation..somehow it feels more accountable.
  13. SassieM

    February 2013 Starters

    Hello another Tassie here (Hobart) . I am starting my 2nd whole 30 today. I just did a whole 29 ending about 10 days ago and want to consolidate on the benefits and streamline the things that were not so easy. Good luck:-)
  14. I am so happy to hear of your success Kim..celebrating that:-) BTW, I found out recently that Vitaminc C acts as an HMG Co A reductase inhibitor naturally (thats what the statin medication does) with all the extra fresh, real vegetables this is another reason why this style of eating may be beneficial for helping to normalise cholesterol. The fresher the vegetables the more Vitamin C - raw is best as it is water soluble and reduced by boiling/heating. Also coconut oil helps..just add that to the list of hundreds of benefits of coconut oil!!
  15. SassieM

    Benzoate of soda?

    Just a word on Benzoates, some people may be intolerant and Sodium Benzoate is clearly linked to asthma in children and in adult onset asthma. If you have excema or asthma it may be worth looking at. I remember reading of a case of a child who had it in her asthma medication!! It took a while, but after excluding it from all food and medication she was asthma free. Some people are more sensitive than others...some may tolerate it with no ill effects, and it can change throughout your life time.. it's quite a personal thing. In my own daughter it made her more sensitive to other foods and chemicals after she had been ill at a young age (1-4) ..with rashes around her mouth and on her body + excema.. but I think she's ok with it now (7).