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    SassieM reacted to azcoolmom in Help!!! I'm about to start my 1st Whole30 EVER!   
    I started my Whole30 on Monday, the 18th as well. I, too, also have an autoimmune disease...ankylosing spondylitis. It can eventually fuse my spine, and has already fused my ribcage. I take immunosuppressants, which are types of chemo. I also take anti-inflammatories...which I found after day 2 I've not needed. I'm trying to see what feeds this evil disease. It's hereditary, so need to know for my kid's sake. We can do this! We need to do this!!
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    SassieM reacted to A New Me in First Whole30 beginning September 10, 2016   
    I am excited to start my first Whole30.  I got my book this week and I am busy planning meals and making my shopping list so I can start this Saturday.  I have convinced my husband to do this with me (yay for support system at home.)  I have tried and failed at diets in the past, so I am looking at this to be a lifestyle change—not a diet.   Weight loss would be nice, but really I am looking to just feel better--more energetic.  I tend to not sleep all the way through the night and if I do, I still wake up tired.  I am addicted to carbs (starting with sweet creamer in my coffee in the am and then continuing with bad snacking and food choices the rest of the day) and I am really hoping that the Whole30 can help me break that addiction.  I also suffer from some IBS issues.  Other than that, I am in relatively good health.  My husband on the other hand suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, and sleep issues.  I am really hoping this change will help us both.
    If you have any helpful suggestions, favorite recipes, etc, please share…..I will need all the help I can get  
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    SassieM reacted to ShannonM816 in Starting 14th july, the food revolution day   
    If you follow the meal template, you will be eating enough. That means for each meal, you'll have: 1-2 palm sized portions of protein, the length, width, and depth of your palm, or if eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which is probably 3 or 4; 1-2 thumb sized portions of fat, or a heaping handful of olives or coconut flakes, or half to a whole avocado, or occasionally a small closed handful of nuts or seeds -- this is in addition to the fat you cook with as much of that stays in the pan; and fill the rest of the plate with vegetables, one cup bare minimum, aim for three cups at most meals.
    Most people do well with a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day. If you're active, you may want more, and people who are prone to depression or anxiety, and women who are nursing, pregnant, or in the week or so leading up to their period often need more.
    Your meals should keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours. If they aren't, you probably need to increase the size. Don't be afraid of adding fat, it will help keep you full between meals.
    You can always post your meals in the Troubleshooting section of the forum if you're not sure if you're on the right track.
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    SassieM got a reaction from ladyshanny in Starting 14th july, the food revolution day   
    Hello Allyz,
    sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it, but glad to hear you are taking it easy, and how lovely to be having the holiday time.. such an opportunity to make some lasting changes.   As I understand it Atkins focusses on the protein and fat and doesn't really put so much emphasis on veggies. If you are going to keep nourishing your body and giving it the best nutrition, you need to really focus on veggies and preferably some leafy greens and coloured veg at every meal. Atkins doesn't focus on inflammatory foods, but just protein so I remember eating lot's of cheese! The Whole 30 really focusses on removing foods that might be causing inflammation in your body. I think that this way of eating naturally brings you to your natural weight point if you continue and don
    t lapse and remember to eat a lot!! Don't think it is calorie controlled.. you need to feel full and satisfied rather than the crash and burn roller coaster of the carb/sugar diet. I think 30 pounds in 30 days is too much to ask of your body. I would hate for you to be disappointed and you could cause some damage if you don't eat enough and also you could read about leptin and why starvation isn't helpful for weight loss. .. if you add in an exercise plan make sure its something you can continue.. Create habits rather than think of it as quick solution. I am carrying about 9 pounds more than usual, I don't know if I will loose them, but based on previous experience, it is possible. I am personally focussing on building muscle bulk and energy and wellbeing as I need to increase my bone density and have been feeling very sluggish. Maybe if Bonnie above and I feel like continuing we could all do it together.. but as she says.. one day at a time  
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    SassieM got a reaction from alisonjoywinn in Starting Sunday 2/18/13...Anyone else?   
    I think I have restarted about 5 time in past 2 weeks!! So tonight I reset the clock again and I am back on the wagon I decided to give it another real shot as I am feeling bloated and sick due to the first binge I have had since I did the first whole 30 starting Jan 1st. So I need to stop the sugar and really refocus..lovely to have a group for motivation..somehow it feels more accountable.
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    SassieM reacted to katonkrew4 in Starting Sunday 2/18/13...Anyone else?   
    So, I am starting the Whole 30 today! I have attempted this many times before only to make an excuse as to why I need to stop and start over again later. I have had no accountability before so I know for me this is key. This time I plan on posting every single day. If anyone is looking for an accountability partner, I'd love one!
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    SassieM got a reaction from Kate File in February 2013 Starters   
    Hello another Tassie here (Hobart) . I am starting my 2nd whole 30 today. I just did a whole 29 ending about 10 days ago and want to consolidate on the benefits and streamline the things that were not so easy. Good luck:-)
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    SassieM reacted to Emily Demeter in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi, everyone! I wanted to stop in and introduce myself and say welcome also to all my fellow February starters! I am on Day 3 and am feeling AMAZING. When I got the Whole 30 Daily today with all the warnings about Day 3 being rough, I was a little suprised. I am already seeing better sleeping habits, a flatter stomach, and more energy. Most of all, GREAT BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL. My only complaints so far are an itchy rash on my neck and hands, but though itchy, it's not super visible to anyone but me. I hear this is normal as bad things "die off" though, so I am not too concerned.
    I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life. It was not until my diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (Type 1.5, LADA) after giving birth to my son that I became serious about my HEALTH, not just my weight. I have also experienced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as a lifetime of keratosis pilars/eczema that can be socially crippling. Migraines, depression, name it. I am a prime candidate for the Whole 30. I can already tell it's the answer for me just 3 days in.
    Can't wait to get to know everyone better along the journey. Good luck to everyone!
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    SassieM reacted to FrenchLace in February 2013 Starters   
    My first post on a forum anywhere EVER! I think this forum will be a huge encouragement and fun thing since my husband is not on board with me...yet...mwa hahaha. Just wanted to say that I am a February starter as for life, hopefully. I am hoping to find some answers to gut issues and terrible joint pain that increases when I do any sort of exercise. I am 25 and not overweight. (just holding on to 10 lbs of baby weight.) Just a couple a workouts in and my knees give out constantly and it is very unsafe hold my baby on stairs. Orthopedic surgeon and blood work says nothing is wring with me. well, I'd like to see their reaction when I fall out on the street when a knees gives out as I jovially step off the curb. Bon courage mon amis!
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    SassieM reacted to lulucandoit! in February 2013 Starters   
    Today was interesting. I looked in our pantry and there is not much there! A small section of stuff for my son's lunches and lots of coconut products, spices and coffee. Everything we eat now is in the fridge or onion/sweet potato bin. So strange! Feels good actually.
    My husband used to complain about how leftovers did not get eaten. That is no longer a problem. Every bit of food that is cooked is eventually eaten. Leftovers are the new "convenience" food!
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    SassieM reacted to martihana60 in February 2013 Starters   
    Oh, IT IS ON !
    Have played with low carb "dieting" for years. Have played with paleo for a couple of months. Am now "playing" with chronic sinus and digestive issues, in addition to weight, so it is time to get serious. I am committing to the Whole30 program, and TODAY, Feburary 5, 2013, is DAY ONE.
    I'm sure I'll have questions. Glad there is a forum for support.
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    SassieM reacted to PracticeGuy in February 2013 Starters   
    Today was Day 1 and it was a success! Started a log here:
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    SassieM reacted to Avalindy in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi there
    I started the whole30 on the 1st Feb. I live in Perth, Western Australia.
    I'm looking forward to the new challenge. I've previously done other programs but I really wanted something new which I had to think for myself. I also have a really bad dependence on the sugar demon. I dont drink soft drinks or anything but I do have EPIC sugar cravings for lollies and chocolate.
    Whilst my goal is to lose weight, right now I'm looking at it as a by-product of being healthier and happier by eating better. I exercise regularly but I think the sugar I consume (regardless of a little/none or anything I can find that particular day) counter acts any possible benifits i may get from exercise.
    I'm on day 5 at the moment, and I'm enjoying it, but i'm hungry all the time!!! Even after I just eat. Then I think of the fish and broccolli and think, "yeah totes - I want to eat that!". It probably doesnt help that I love fish and I love broccoli, but,.... According to one of the emails its normal (?) while your body is reconfiguring to processing fat and not sugar, see how we go eh? Either way less sugar is not a bad thing.
    That Frittata look delicious!!! Kate File!! guess what I'm making tonight!!
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    SassieM reacted to HoosierMama in February 2013 Starters   
    I'm starting today! I am very excited. Hoping to heal my thyroid and find some energy. I have 7 children to keep up with!
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    SassieM reacted to emzo in February 2013 Starters   
    Hey! Another Aussie here (in Tassie). My husband and I are starting tomorrow (Feb 1).
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    SassieM reacted to Danni_L in February 2013 Starters   
    Im living in Aus as well down in Melbourne.
    Ive started the Whole 30 today, Ive been overseas for 5 weeks so am feeling very motivated to get back on track with my healthy eating!
    I usually do low carb, but more of an atkins version so am keen to cut out cheese, dairy etc. Also Im looking forward to having some time off alcohol, so feeilng pretty excited about it all today!
    Count me in for the Feb group!
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    SassieM reacted to Kate File in February 2013 Starters   
    So who is ready to start a Whole 30 in February? Thought it more flexible to call it a February group because it can be hard to start on a particular day.
    I am starting a preliminary Whole 5 today and starting the REAL Whole30 on Monday 4th February. I will use this week to practice but it is my husbands birthday on Friday and I am cooking lobster mornay and sticky date pudding! And on Saturday I fly to the Gold Coast to meet my new GRANDSON and I don't want to be an ungracious guest with fussy food habits to the new mother, my son and his in-laws who will be doing the cooking.
    This is my second Whole 30 and I loved the first one and found it quite easy - I am an all or nothing person and the strict rules actually made it easier. I am a complete sugar junkie though and fell into terrible habits since Christmas and being away all of January up til now. I can't believe I put on 6kg in 5 weeks!!! So i need this 5 day prelim start to kick start me.
    After my first one I continued paleo for a while, then reintroduced dairy and minimal grains. I then "quit sugar" and read a lot of books about that. Loved it and truly believe in everything I read. And NO sugar is so much easier than some sugar. Although on those plans you are allowed things with less than 2% sugar which makes it easier (allows in bacon and ham).
    Last time I had a week lead-up time to prepare foods, stock the pantry, find new healthy food sellers and completely psyche myself up for a good pure start! And clear out the freezer of those not quite compliant meals (eg my last bolognaise sauce made from pasta sauce containing sugar!)
    I'm from Sydney Australia and would love to hear from other Aussies but love reading posts from all other nationalities too. Posting and reading the forums really helps me stay motivated and keep on track. Fascinating too. Isn't technology amazing that we can communicate with such ease across the entire world. Particularly with a mini iPad in the handbag!
    Look forward to hearing from you!
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    SassieM reacted to Laura Austin in Easing into Whole30 when most food hurts   
    Thanks Michaela. I am not sure if I was tested for H. Pylori. I doubt I was tested for GERD. I am on enzymes now, not sure if they are helping or not...
    Just thought I would update. I couldn't deal with switching my diet so drastically, and decided to add eggs and almonds back in. I seem to be tolerating them just fine, though it's impossible to know with 100% certainty since I didn't reach baseline (a complete absense of symptoms). The stomach burning seems to be gone, though I still get a bit of tenderness here and there. I've kept coffee and nightshades out, and of course the standard grains/sugar/dairy/legumes. Today is day 13, and I think I'm feeling better, overall. One day at a time.
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    SassieM reacted to wheresanita in Don't over think this.   
    Thank you for this! I worked a rogue night shift this week (between day 2 and day 3 of my W30) and was having some guilt twinges regarding my every 2 hour egg/meat/coconut milk/veggie 'muffin' - but it allowed me to get through the night without having graham crackers and peanut butter (an ICU staff nutritional staple!). It's not what I do on a normal day, but I survived my shift with my W30 intact so it was a victory. I think we are very hard on ourselves sometimes. I was actually feeling GUILTY about the 'egg muffings' because I felt I was 'snacking'. Then I remembered that we hear a lot about context here. And in that moment (or those 12 hours) I was doing what I had to do to maintain my W30. And I felt better. Yay me!!
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    SassieM reacted to Jtandi in Don't over think this.   
    thanks so much for this post! I am on my first whole30 ever (or whole100 if I have my way) and have started to stress out a little bit today. I was actually upset with myself for having 3 pieces of fruit and cashew butter on two different occasions. did I stick to the rules? yes. could my food choices have been better? yes. did I drink diet coke and have cookies for breakfast like I did a week ago? nope. so that is success. I don't want to get discouraged and worry about how I can cook my veggies/meat/whatever.
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    SassieM got a reaction from chelle81! in I keep thinking I should just give up...   
    Yes Pandagirl..its sickly sweet, I agree..not something to get excited about..!! Good idea about the probiotics too..just check ingredients are whole 30 aproved..many have lactose in them. However I realise that lactose is one of the main ingredients in lactulose. The good thing about the lactulose is it is a feeds the "good" bacteria in the gut and slowly over time will help to regulate your bm... but will be no good if you are lactose intolerant and from this perspective I imagine it is not whole 30 approved. Chelle..if you are going to use vitamin C with the intention of bowel cleansing, you will need to titrate up to a dose that is effective for you... it can take up to 1500-3000mg to reach bowel tolerance and we are all different in how much our bowels will tolerate. I don't recommend that you use this more than a few times..only once a week if things are really blocked up and you are feeling toxic as it will cause diarrhea and that can unbalance things and you will loose water and minerals. The same with magnesium, use one or the other not both..and for magnesium use a product that is approved for this purpose, I worry that if you just start popping extra vitamins at any time as you may unbalance your minerals and you want to get them all balanced for optimal physiological functioning ..ideally you want to get your diet to a point that your bowels love!! This will take time and it is important that you ensure plenty of fibre and may like to try a spoonfull of a large glass of water too, before bed and first thing in the morning..this will gently massgae the inside of your IT and help to cleanse on the way down. Look at all this from a long term perspective..I do like the suggestion of really experimenting with many different veggies too..different greens, zuccini, fennel, snow peas, cucumber, avocado, tomato, mushrooms, and also yummy marinades to make the meats succulent and delicious and herbs for dressings and scattered in the salads. I love the blog, the pictures are fabulous and mouth watering and the recipies are winners..just leave out ingredients that are not whole30 approved. And some fruit will help your bowel..apples have pectin which is great for the bowel. Also ginger is lovely grated into any tea you like or on it's own in hot water and aloe vera is lovely for the gut..glutamine too is a gut healer. I would suggest that you see a naturopath as making such big changes can be a shock to the system and it is lovely to have someone to guide you. Look at it from the perspective that you are wanting your body and mind to flourish and you want to nurture and nourish yourself through a sense of self love, not to change yourself becuase you're not good enough. If you want a buddy..I am happy to be there too:-)x
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    SassieM got a reaction from pandagirl in I keep thinking I should just give up...   
    Hello Chelle,
    Guessing you are frustrated and so wanting to feel vitality and hope. With being so disaplined and successful at adhering to the whole 30, you must also be dissapointed and disheartened. I hear alot of interesting advice and lot's of lovely empathy for you dear one. One thing that sprung out for me was when you said that you did not have regular bm's. This could be really important, perhpas your body is really struggling with a new way of eating. I know that when the content of the bowel stays inside for too long, you begin to reabsorb the amines and other toxins that would be better off out of you! Would you consider using a laxative? Under normal conditions I would recommend Lactulose. This could be a problem as these are sugars..and although your body does not absorb these,so no effect on may be too much for the taste buds and could trigger binging/craving. So alternatively an appropriately high dose of magnesium and high dose vitamin C could be really useful. The magnesium could be really useful for muscle pain and also mood regulation and vitmain C ..well it's ubiquitous. The vitamins are more harsh, whereas lactulose is gentle and helps the body to reequilibrate. Also the sugars anr preferred by the bacteria that breakdown cellulose in the bowel and thus can help to increase the bacterial flora that you need to start breaking down all that veggie matter. Hoe this is somehow helpful,
    Sarah :-)
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    SassieM got a reaction from Fi68 in Official 1/1/13 Start Group   
    Hi Tarnie,
    I have done this..and as I am in Australia, I wake up each morning to the previous days mail..and I am finding this really works because it sets me up each day to tick off the success of the day before and really motivates me..I am really just 12 hours ahead! Good luck :-)
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    SassieM got a reaction from Fi68 in Official 1/1/13 Start Group   
    Hi Tarnie,
    I have done this..and as I am in Australia, I wake up each morning to the previous days mail..and I am finding this really works because it sets me up each day to tick off the success of the day before and really motivates me..I am really just 12 hours ahead! Good luck :-)
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    SassieM reacted to Fenderbender in 1/1/2013 Day 1-Confessions of a Sugar Addict   
    Hey Tam....
    Today is day seventy five of ninety for me and almost eight months of Paleo ( no grains,beans,sugar...but I did have some dairy and didn't check ingredients so lots of soy, trace sugar,carrageenan blah blah snuck in)
    When starting whole30-90 I immediately increased my fat intake and I was sated after just a few days but I was under eating prior.....
    Follow the meal templates and you will be fine soon enough....IMO exercise is the best way to slay the sugar dragons in conjunction with the food you eat.... No matter what level of fitness you are at, just doing a bit more ( a brisk walk or gardening will do) will get all the great brain chemicals flowing and helps a lot....
    ****** One more trick is yoga breathing.... Every time you crave something sweet take 10-20 deep full slow breaths.... In thru your nose, out slower thru your mouth... Feeling the healing energy pass into any area of your body that needs help.... Concentrate only on your breath, the only thing you need at the moment is air, you are safe and healthy.... and let it nourish you..... and your cravings will pass.....