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  1. amylynn

    The crazy things people say

    I find that argument hilarious too, I spend at most 15/20 minutes making breakfast, let's be serious it takes no more than 5 minutes to fry up some eggs. My roommate has been so bitter towards me throughout this whole process and she just can't understand how I can enjoy cooking everyday, waking up early (because I have gotten a great nights sleep) and cutting out some of my old favorite foods. She is always passive aggressively asking me things like, "Don't you just wish you could not cook today" and "How horrible is it to not eat cheese anymore, I bet you really miss it". Today after I weighed myself I texted her my results, she didn't respond and when she got back home with her staple take out meal breakfast, didn't congratulate me or say anything at all about my success. I don't need the applause, but I find it so disappointing that someone can't be happy for someone being healthy and completing a goal successfully, simply because their own weight loss progress is at a standstill because of their terrible eating habits. I am definitely going to have to learn to shrug things off, not everyone is going to be supportive in my life, but that's okay, I think having a hater or two is even more motivational!
  2. amylynn

    The crazy things people say

    Now that I'm on Day 30 of my Whole30... Everyone and their mother: "So are you going back to eating normal tomorrow?" I wish people didn't constantly make me feel like they way I'm eating isn't normal.
  3. amylynn

    The crazy things people say

    One more... My roommate who exclusively eats low-fat, processed foods and grains and is also hypoglycemic says to me as we're leaving the gym... Roommate: "I really want to go to your weight lifting class with you, but I don't want to start building muscle until I lose the weight, I'm just going to keep going to cardio classes and cut down on my calories" I've given up trying with her at this point. No matter how many times I tell her her diet of Special K and frozen turkey burgers is not going to give her the results she wants she refuses to believe me, despite seeing the results I've had in just 3 weeks. Very frustrating!!
  4. amylynn

    The crazy things people say

    Coworker: With all my medical problems I could never do your diet, I definitely need the grains my doctor says they're good for my heart condition. Me: ...........