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  1. During my first week of Whole30 I noticed a drastic decline in my supply. I browsed the forum and upped my carbs, as suggested in other posts, and my supply is back up! But the real NSV: my son hasn't had any diaper rashes in the week since I've started. It is something we've battled since birth with no rhyme or reason, until now. I'm feeling great and so is he.
  2. Oh my goodness... not Poo lol Post Partum.
  3. It isn't uncommon for breastfeeding mother's to hold onto 5-10 of body fat while breastfeeding. It's your body's way of ensuring you're able to nourish your child. I'm also a BFing mom and 10 months POO. Those 5 lbs are holding strong. Don't stress about the weight. It'll come off when you're body's ready for it to.
  4. starting May 30

    Still with the headache today but overall feeling great. I notice less bloating today which is a really nice feeling!
  5. Help with healthy fats

    Eggs have a small amount of fat (approx 5 g per egg). Chicken thighs and other fatter cuts of meat are also sources you don't often think of!
  6. starting May 30

    Hello! I started on the 30th as well. Day 3 is off to a good beginning. I'm a nursing mom so I'm finding a healthy intake balance. Woke up with a headache today, yuck! But I'm already feeling much less bloated. Prior to starting I had a pretty healthy diet but an unhealthy relationship with food and my body image. That's my goal, have a healthier relationship with food and myself.