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  1. Srini

    Starting January 2!

    Pan seared mahi mahi for dinner. Made it with ghee and squeezed lemon on top. Ate a side of roasted root vegetable medley, with curry sauce. Was awesome !!!! If you havent used ghee before, i highly recommend it. If i cook like this every night - whole 30 will be a breeze.
  2. Srini

    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Started Jan 1 with my wife. This is my third go around. Hope to get get to Jan 30th and then go Paleo. Overdid the drinking and desserts this holiday season and it was remarkable how quickly the aches and pains reappeared and the weight went ballistic. Good luck everyone ..... My goal is to follow a strict regimen thru March 28th - my wife's birthday !!!