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  1. So grateful to see this thread! 6 kids. 5-17. A head of cauliflower baked is an appetizer that they scarf down. A 10 pound bag of carrots is annoying to peel, but when baked they eat them super fast (and then I have to peel another 10 pounds). Chicken by the 10s of pounds, shredded, and then used for everything for a bit. Then a turkey, then a pork roast, etc. WOW. Avacodos by the dozen. Frozen bags of veggies in their brown rice. Venison from Grandpa. It's just never ending. I just never understood the complexities of cooking HEALHTY for this many people (and I work!). A little overwhelmed... We have a pressure cooker (Instant Pot), and I'm trying to use that more. Beans and rice are must, for the kids (not for hubby and I).