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  1. Starting January 2!

    @DoodleJo it never would have occurred to me that baking soda was off limits, good for you for being so thorough! Here are a few appetizer type recipes you might enjoy: https://whatgreatgrandmaate.com/spinach-and-artichoke-meatballs/ https://tasteandsee.com/mini-salmon-cakes-sriracha-lemon-aioli/ http://cleaneatingveggiegirl.com/2015/06/16/ground-turkey-plantain-nachos/#_a5y_p=4917774 https://physicalkitchness.com/whole30-baked-buffalo-chicken-meatballs/
  2. Starting January 2!

    Just call me chicken little lol...my first instinct is always that the sky is falling until I take a deep breath and realize I can handle this.
  3. Starting January 2!

    I wouldnt start over. I would extend my Whole30 by 15 days. So rather then looking at it as Day 1 of 30 think of it as Day 15 of 45. Little less painful that way.
  4. Starting January 2!

    Saved the eggs! Since I have the luxury of working from home I cook everything to order I did save some leftover sauces. Once I calmed down from the initial freakout I realized I can make this work. I have a mini fridge that my eggs and sauces are living in along with a 2 expensive cuts of beef that I shoved in the little freezer compartment. I can have eggs every morning and if I have to I can shop everyday and store the leftovers from Meal 2 for Meal 3. On a positive note I found the part I (hopefully) need at a local store so if my husband is able to fix it tonight I may have a working fridge sooner rather then later.
  5. Starting January 2!

    Guys, Im so upset. Discovered last night that my fridge is on the fritz. Had to throw nearly everything away. Assuming my husband (with the help of the local repair place) diagnosed the problem correctly the part wont be in until Thursday/Friday. I have no idea how to stay complaint when it looks like I'll be eating take out for the next few days. I'll take any tips or advice if you've been there and done that.
  6. Starting January 2!

    Had some GREAT food this weekend and I wanted to share a few recipes... http://coorec.com/p/savory-smashed-sweet-potatoes-with-lemon-garlic-aioli http://www.planksloveandguacamole.com/2015/01/balsamic-and-basil-marinated-steak-with.html The sauces (lemon garlic aioli and roasted red pepper pesto) really steal the show. And you'll have plenty left over to add to other meals. The aioli and pesto can make any veggies or protein to die for. Also, I discovered that Trader Joes now has a complaint turkey breast lunch meat option (their organic line which is just turkey, salt, and water). I love doing turkey wraps (turkey with a bit of mayo stuffed with greens and rolled up) for a quick and easy lunch option. Can't believe we are almost half way there!
  7. Starting January 2!

    @DoodleJo guess I worded that wrong...you dont have to tweak so much as make sure you use cacao not cocoa which they do mention in the recipe. @Garden Gal I love shashuska! I make it as a breakfast dish and bake an egg or two in it. YUM. I definitely hit the hardest days with a vengeance. Cried over my husband bringing a hoagie ( a kind I dont even like btw) into the house. He did feel bad and didnt eat if in front of me but the lingering smell in the fridge didnt help! Im proud to say Im still making the right choices and eating the right things. Ive really really struggled with eating 3 meals a day 4-5 hours apart. It just seems something is always coming up sabotaging my carefully laid plans
  8. Starting January 2!

    Love ghee! And Ive totally been lazy and just bought a jar from Trader Joes.
  9. Starting January 2!

    Personally I much prefer Avocado Oil to Coconut Oil for my cooking. Never had an issue with burning.
  10. Starting January 2!

    https://www.stupideasypaleo.com/2013/06/29/slow-cooker-mocha-rubbed-pot-roast/ Had to adapt it a bit to make it Whole30 rather then Paleo, but omg delicious!
  11. Starting January 2!

    Great job to everyone who is staying strong and sticking with the rules! As someone who has done a successful and then one not so successful Whole30 I know how hard it is to stay on plan, make all the right choices, and read ALL the labels Made a great meal the other night, Mocha Rubbed Pot Roast. Im not normally a big pot roast person but my hubby is and since he dutifully eats my Whole30 and Paleo creations with minimal complaints (he gets sad about no cheese lol) I tried it out and its AMAZING! Super easy to make as well. Stay strong everyone, we are already one week in <3
  12. Starting January 2!

    @Garden Gal Im so jealous you have a Sprouts! Fell in love with them while visiting my brother in Vegas, sadly they arent coming to Jersey until later this year. I had a freaking amazing Meal 2 today...Cioppino! It was a total labor of love took about 2.5 hours but OMG amazing. Honestly I prefer taking an average recipe and Whole30ing it For this it was just a matter of omitting the white wine and making sure my store bought veggie and seafood broth ( I took the lazy way out) was compliant. Cracked open my first Cherry Lime La Croix last night and its my absolute favorite so far. I highly recommend it even if like me you arent much of a seltzer drinker. Had a bit of a headache today but that could have also been because it was a crazy day. Otherwise Im feeling pretty good.
  13. Starting January 2!

    Had a crazy busy day and missed lunch. I really need to buckle down more and make the time. Sad because it was going to be delicious too lol. Now its Meal 1 tomorrow Happy to report Im feeling pretty good. I guess Im an oddity because I havent experienced the hangover or flu in my past Whole30's with the exception of an occasional mild headache and some lethargy a week or so in. I think being a non coffee drinker helps. I had a kind of NSV at the store today. While compliant I have been TOO attached to my cashew butter so I decided to take it out of my diet until I cure my sugar dragon. Its just SWOP for me
  14. Starting January 2!

    Thought I would share my lunch as it was pretty tasty. Made a slaw from TJs broccoli slaw mix and used a few tbs of mayo mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon and orange. Marinated some shrimp with the juice from the remaining lemon and orange then seared it in a pan with a little avocado oil. Let the shrimp cool then served it on a bed of the slaw, added a little avocado and a few slices of mango. It was AMAZING! Now I just need to figure out what the heck Im doing for dinner....
  15. Starting January 2!

    I run. I was doing kettlebells for awhile but got lazy but I plan on bringing that back into my routine.