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    @elizabeth.joan Do you live near a Trader Joe's? They carry their own house brand and it's a lot more reasonable (I think $2.99?) than most health food stores (which is where you usually find it). It's also sometimes labelled as "raw soy-free seasoning sauce". The ingredients should be: organic coconut tree sap, sea salt.
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    Hey all... I've edited the post from @DoodleJo to remove weightloss discussion.  It's against the rules and often can become the focus of discussion when what we want people to focus on is non scale victories and health in general.  Doodlejo, I'm sorry that your hubby did that, it's not encouraging or supportive...
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    Men!  Hide the scale or take out the battery.  
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    Okay sorry to tell you but both those breakfast bowls are not compliant, especially the 'oatmeal'.(it IS swypo and it doesn't matter if it's food with no brakes for you, it's definitely not allowed)   We want you to eat protein, veggies and fat with your meals.  The sweet potato one has no protein and the recommendation is to start with a fist sized serving of starchy carbs a day - you can definitely do more but just starchy carbs and almond butter is not a meal.  The second one is basically the banana egg pancake recipe that is disallowed but done as a scramble.   This is absolutely why you're having hunger problems later in the day.  Also, eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping and most people start at 3-4.  
    You're definitely not eating enough, you're quite light on veggies in some meals and protein... I think getting your breakfast in line will definitely help... 
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    I run. I was doing kettlebells for awhile but got lazy but I plan on bringing that back into my routine. 
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    Thought I would share my lunch as it was pretty tasty.
    Made a slaw from TJs broccoli slaw mix and used a few tbs of mayo mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon and orange. Marinated some shrimp with the juice from the remaining lemon and orange then seared it in a pan with a little avocado oil. Let the shrimp cool then served it on a bed of the slaw, added a little avocado and a few slices of mango. It was AMAZING!
    Now I just need to figure out what the heck Im doing for dinner....
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    Everyone please be careful with romaine.  E.coli outbreak.
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    Tonight I made this Pecan crusted salmon, but replaced the pecans with almonds. I made a lemon dill sauce to go with it (with home made mayo as the base.) It was delish!

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    Ok, so I would REALLY like a glass of wine. But, I am sipping cinnamon tea and checking in with you guys instead. Last night I made the biggest batch of unstuffed cabbage rolls...counting on it for lunch today. My fridge is still full of holiday leftovers that I can’t eat...and my kids ate all the leftover unstuffed cabbage, so I had to scramble for lunch. I ended up with turkey breast wrapped around carrots and dipped in guacamole. 
    So, tonight I made my single serving of leftovers for lunch tomorrow before I even served dinner and hid them in the back of the fridge. They think there are none. I made a ton of spaghetti squash tonight. Topped it with browned house-made Italian sausage and sun dried tomatoes and pesto. It was colorful and delicious. We have a ton of leftover spaghetti squash which will return as hashbrown patties for breakfast with some eggs and a little prosciutto. 
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    Hello! I started my first Whole30 yesterday and so far.... yesterday went great; today I was crabby, sweaty, lethargic...not my best. That hangover they talk about in the book is real! I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. Looking forward to my morning hot coffee/banana/coconut oil/almond milk latte with my egg muffin tomorrow. Happy Whole30ing all
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    Day 1 got off to a bit of a rocky start as I just wasn't hungry and I got up late so I wound up having 2 meals and then more of a snack instead of a 3rd meal since it was late.
    Today has been going well. As someone else mentioned I forgot how much I enjoy this food!
    Breakfast was a potato, onion, pepper, and egg scramble. with a side of apple and cashew butter. Lunch was some leftover flank steak from last night over some leftover breakfast scramble with a drizzle of chimichurri sauce and some cherries on the side.
    For dinner Im having some cod, I think a fish taco bowl but we shall see how inspiration strikes
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    WholeCourtney reacted to Garden Gal in Starting January 2!   
    I like a little coffee with my creamer. Since that is out, I tried hot tea yesterday morning. I didn’t like that, so this morning, I sipped on som bone broth. Yum!  I’ll be doing that again. I’m having to fight through caffeine withdrawal, but it isn’t as bad as it has been in the past. Last night, I cooked a pork chop dish out of Fast & Easy. It was very good. Also, I made the Broccoli and Kale Soup out of that book and added roasted jalapeños!  Another winner!  What have y’all been cooking? 
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    It's hard to consistently overeat fat if you're having meals with a combo of protein, fat, and vegetables. Don't worry about. Some meals may have a little more fat than the template calls for, and that's fine. Sometimes you have a meal where it just sounds good to have multiple fats that might add up to more than the average serving, like if you had a salad with olives, avocado, and salad dressing, and that's totally okay. If you find you're consistently not hungry until 6 or more hours after a previous meal, then that would be a sign you may be having too much fat.
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    Awesome job on day one! Dinner sounds delicious. It's not necessarily that fruit later in the day isn't okay, but fruit in the form of dessert like that definitely is not allowed. Fruit on your salad or in a sauce would be fine to have for dinner.
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    WholeCourtney reacted to BeckyB in Starting January 2!   
    Her blog and cookbooks are a wealth of information and recipes.  
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    Started my 5th w30 today as well!!! whooo hooo
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    Hi Everyone! Im going to jump in and join you all
    This is my third Whole30 although I was only 100% successful with my first one. I'm looking forward to totally committing myself like I did the first time. 
    Cheers to a great 2018 and a successful Whole30 <3 
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    WholeCourtney got a reaction from elizabeth.joan in Starting January 2!   
    Hi Everyone! Im going to jump in and join you all
    This is my third Whole30 although I was only 100% successful with my first one. I'm looking forward to totally committing myself like I did the first time. 
    Cheers to a great 2018 and a successful Whole30 <3 
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    WholeCourtney reacted to chrisrose75 in Starting January 2!   
    I’m starting tomorrow for the very first time. I’m nervous, but excited!  I’ve got beef roast and veggies in the slow cooker overnight and I’ve already made some kale/bacon/mushroom egg cups for my breakfasts. I know this community will be an important support along the journey, so thanks in advance!
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    WholeCourtney reacted to turnmlz in Starting January 2!   
    This is my first post on this forum and also my first W30 starting on January 2 (tomorrow, meep!). 
    Meals mostly planned for the week, husband on board as well, getting excited!
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    WholeCourtney reacted to Framed Cooks in Starting January 2!   
    Hi all, and my pleasure on the recipe!  I have my whole month planned out, and have recipes for many, so I'll keep sharing as I go along. I'm doing this citrus shrimp for Day Two, along with some roasted asparagus drizzled with olive oil and sea salt.  
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    WholeCourtney reacted to FairyL0u in Starting January 2!   
    I'm most likely starting on the 2nd - it'll be my 40th birthday and my third full Wh30  Looking forward to feeling healthy after a highly indulgent festive season
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    I too plan for January 2nd. This will be my second round. I look forward to reading this blog and staying connected.
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    WholeCourtney reacted to HelenLA in prosciutto and chorizo at Aldi   
    I know the topic is "sourcing good food "and for me "good" food means compliant plus affordable. today I found prosciutto at Aldi Appleton Farm brand. 3 ounces for $2.99 and the ingredients are pork and salt. I also found chorizo mild or hot 12 ounces Pueblo Lindo brand for $1.99 each. the ingredients are pork, water, Chili Peppers, less than 2% of salt, flavorings, paprika, vinegar, spice extracts (including paprika and annatto) and sodium nitrite.