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  1. Hey there @Goal is -40lbs! I am now on day 16! The last two weeks have been up and down! I was on a huge coke zero habit coming into this. Every day at lunch I left work to get outside and go get a Coke 0! That by far is the hardest craving to kick for me. I have pretty good days but its like I ALWAYS want one. I had prtetty bad migraines last week and my digestion was very slow to the party. LOL. Out of all the W30's I've done, this one seems to be the one kicking my ass. I prevailed though and continue to. My boyfriend always wants to chill after a day of skiing with a beer at the mountain. I tell him that I have no problem hanging with him if he wanted one but I have found that more people feel limited my whole 30 than I do. Anyway, It's Tuesday and I've made it through 2 weekends now on w30 and two days at a ski resort. I pack food and use their microwaves. Pretty awesome actually. I feel better than when I usually leave Copper. The longer I go on it, the easier it gets to turn down non compliant foods or just keep going because im halfway. My sleep has been the weirdest thing. I wake up every morning around 330 am! Its the worst. LOL! Basically im getting enough rest to warrent my body to wake up but I am not having it. How did your weekend go? Did you make it through ok?
  2. @angledge- I discovered yesterday that Copper has Microwaves at each lodge! How awesome is that?! We keep our food in an insulated bag and usually pack our own lunches but this time I was left wondering "What can I eat if not a SANDWICH??!!" But I had roasted a whole chicken and shredded it the night prior, brought an RX Bar (blueberry), apples, and almond butter. I ate on the way up (my scrambled eggs and bacon) then discovered the microwaves! I was so stoked! Next weekend I can bring regular meal prep and just heat them up in the micro! I'm pretty pumped abiut that. Its the first time I left ther Mountain feeling like I had some energy to spare! Kudos on the IKEA run with your friends. I have never been yet and prob wont vewnture there for that exact reason. LOL, I dont like being stuck someplace but more work is very much like that cafeteria. Always something tempting sitting around. Ps- Sounds like I need to come over for smoked meats on Sundays instead of Skiing! *YUM
  3. Hey guys! Nice to "meet" you! I am officially one week in and feeling better (finally). I was having pretty intense sugar cravings day 4 and 5 but it has subsided for now. Frank! You start your tomorrow! That's so exciting! Please check in and let me know how you are getting along. @angledge- Thank you for being someone to lean on! How is your W30 going? I went Skiing yesterday at Copper and it's the first time I had to really plan ahead for food. It actually was the best day I've had in a while. Usually I leave the Mtn very tired (prob from all the blood sugar spikes I give myself with bars and diet cokes). I always LOVE how a W30 makes me feel both mentally and physically, its the habits that are so draining while Im retraining my brain.
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer & Im living in Lakewood, CO. I am new to actually using this forum but have done Whole 30 5 times since 2010. I did my first one as a group challenge in my first ever CF gym back home in Upstate NY and now use it when I feel like my emotional attachment gets into a serious relationship with food without me realizing it! I am a Crossfit coach as a side hustle (since 2011) and work in marketing for a lawyers office by day. I just started another round on the 18th in prep for a weightlifting meet I am going to be in April and am sick of going off the rails only to try to cut 2 weeks out from my meet. It sets me up for a poor performance (shocking) and a loss of confidence on the platform because I drop 5lbs the day before and letheragy is an enemy of cutting weight for meets. My emotions go hand in hand with my eating habits and I am horrible with anxiety and stress. I haven't been doing so well! Hence why I am here! I had set a date for the 18th long before I got to the point where I felt ready to do W30 again but of course the universe gave me the perfect timing. The Sunday before the 18th I was crying in my mirror staring at my reflection and the jeans that hurt my thighs from weight gain. Now, i am not overweight in gov terms. We all know how it feels to be very comfertable in your own body vs. feeling like you jumped into the movie "Men in Black" and put someone else's body on. That was me. Feeling like someone different was staring back at me and I didn't like it. I'm here to change. I am in this alone right now and would love to know if there is anyone in here that resides in Colorado that may want to be my accountability buddy. I can't wait to connect!