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    Donna reacted to Jaylee in Significant Weightloss on Whole30??   
    I just finished yesterday...scale reports 19 pounds lost over the 30 days. (Yes, I have a significant amount to lose in spite of my relatively healthy eating habits and regular exercise. I have struggled with a mis-diagnosed, mis-treated thyroid-adrenal-hormone disorder for about 8 years, on top of 2 bouts of depression and 3 pregnancies. The weight has never budged with the other 100 things/treatments/meal plans/exercise/supplements I've tried. Not an ounce.)
    So I'm inclined to say that, for me at least, this particular approach has finally brought some balance into my mess of a system.
    I did have nuts occasionally (maybe once or twice a week) and usually one piece of fruit per day (but not every single day.) No juice at all, just water and plain tea.
    Good luck!