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    Hypotheticalfox reacted to elizabeth.joan in Starting January 2!   
    Tomorrow's the big day! Good luck, everyone! 
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    Hypotheticalfox reacted to Mom of Three in Starting January 2!   
    I am planning to start Jan.2, I have attempted several times but not been successful completing  30 days. It is my FULL INTENTION to do it this time.
    I would appriecate any tips or recipes. Ready to Start 2018 Healthy!
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    Hypotheticalfox got a reaction from Erin L. in Starting January 2!   
    I’ll be starting my second whole 30 on Jan. 2nd, and I think it’ll actually be harder this time. My first time I had terrible cystic acne and was trying whole 30 as an elimination diet to see if food was effecting my skin. Now, I’m just doing it to reset some of my bad habits I’ve gone back to since July. Without a “medical issue” to do it for, I hope I can stay as committed. I’ll be checking in with you to see how you’re doing. Good luck!
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    Hypotheticalfox reacted to TheChris357 in Whole30 App?   
    My wife and I are super new to the program.  Our friends have been trying to get us to do it for years and we finally decided to jump in.  I was surprised that there isn't a Whole30 app.  As a newby, it would be super helpful to have something on your phone with resources.  Especially a searchable "Can I have____" database.  I'd pay $5 or $10 for the app.
    Just a suggestion.