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  1. His & Her Transformation

    My husband and I tackled Whole30 together as a way to get back on track after the arrival of our first son. We were way off the rails while juggling work and the baby and were not doing the right things for our bodies. My husband had a health scare and we decided it was time for a change. That was 30 days ago! NOW: My husband lost 20lbs, he has more energy, is sleeping better (less snoring means I sleep better too) and has stared to get active again. I notice a radical change in his mood. Instead of being frustrated and stressed he is loving, happy and supportive. I lost 12lbs, my clothes are fitting better, I can wear some of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Despite middle of the night feedings I actually have energy during my day. I am more focused at work and have more energy spend time with my family at home. We are so thankful that we found this program and ready to move into reintroduction with confidence that we are in control and on the right track!
  2. 3 Weeks In

    I am a bit late to post but I started my Whole30 journey on May 15th and it has been so hard but so rewarding so far. I am mostly here looking for information and tips on sustaining my healthy habits when this whole thing is over!