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  1. Are all beans created equal?

    Thank you!
  2. I'm on day 1 of reintro. Had some peanut butter with breakfast. Felt fine. Had some black beans with lunch. Within a couple hours, I was sure my body and black beans do not get along. So, does this mean all beans are out for me? Or is each bean different?
  3. Accidental Slip

    The thing is, it wasn't intentional. Before sampling, I asked the lady about the ingredients. I made sure there was no sugar or off plan oils in them. I made sure not to sample the one with corn and beans in it. I just absolutely forgot about the mode of transportation to get the salsa to my mouth. It wasn't until I sampled 3 salsas that I realized what I'd done. I didn't choose to eat them, I just had a moment of forgetfulness.
  4. Accidental Slip

    I'm on day 22 and I accidentally ate a few tortilla chips while sampling salsa at the farmers market. I know protocol is to start over, but since I'll be having a family reunion camp in a few weeks and won't have much control over the food, I don't think it's possible. At this point I'll probably just continue (while taking note of whatever reactions I may have to corn) and do another 30 days later when I don't have any major conflicts. How would you handle this situation?