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  1. SarrizleP

    The crazy things people say

    Huh, we had ginger ale as kids as well. Maybe coke for stomach problems is a regional thing. But still, I don't see how coke would be beneficial. But then I'm hoping my daughter never even gets so much as a taste of soda as long as she's living with me. I'm pretty sure I was drinking coke as a very small child. I don't remember any of my childhood without soda so.... probably.
  2. SarrizleP

    The crazy things people say

    Wow. I would probably change offices. I have never heard of anyone suggesting coke for a vomiting child. That's ridiculous.
  3. SarrizleP

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    msmirnio, that's a very interesting point. I think you might be on to something.
  4. SarrizleP


    I asked this in another forum as well. It was definitely an "oh crap" moment but, like you, I decided to take it. I was going to feel guilty either way but I would rather feel guilty to the Whole30 than to God. As others have said, one tiny oyster cracker and a teaspoon of juice hopefully will not affect us too much.