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  1. SarrizleP

    off-road? off the GRID.

    I am really going through the same issue. Had a pretty great first 30. Then the few tries I've done since have not been completed. I'm not sure why, but I'm trying to figure it out. Good luck to you though, you know you can do it!
  2. I wouldn't worry about it too much, everybody is different. I didn't gain a single pound until week 21 and still had a perfect 8.6 pound baby. And I definitely wasn't eating clean for my pregnancy! There was plenty of ice cream and carbs involved, haha.
  3. SarrizleP

    Day 30 Train Wreck

    Seana, I'm also restarting at day 1 today. If you want to be 30 and beyond buddies.
  4. Congrats! I understand the premise behind not weighing but at the same time I have quite a bit of weight to lose so I will continue to weigh myself once or twice per month. That's a lot better than the every 2 or 3 days I was weighing myself before! I feel like bi monthly will continue to give me a good idea of what my weight is doing and then once I get to my healthy range I will work on just going by how my clothes feel.
  5. SarrizleP

    Day 30 Train Wreck

    Honestly, if there was wine and pizza in my kitchen I would have a hard time not drinking and eating it. You did 30 days, you completed your first goal. I would set some higher goals for yourself this time around, such as, when you're done with this 30 take another 10 days before you have wine, or something like that. Also, I totally get wanting to give yourself a reward for completing a goal but rewarding yourself with wine will never end good! A friend of mine said when I complete mine I should reward myself with new work out clothes, a movie, new sheets.... whatever I want! Just not food. I think the Whole9 program is really helping me see that.
  6. SarrizleP

    1st Whole 30- Day 8 and wondering...?

    I also did not get the carb flu. I did get a bit worn down feeling in the late teens and early 20s days but now at day 27 I am back to feeling really good and energized.
  7. SarrizleP

    I'm a consultant, live out of a hotel M-Th...HELP!

    There are some things you can do at Panera bread, you might just have to ask them to leave out cheese or other things. Check the menu on their website and I think there is another thread about it on here. Also, I looked up restaurants in the town and it looks like there are a ton of places that could work for you. Lots of steakhouses and things like that. They should be able to make any order without oil and whatnot. I've only eaten out once so far but I got an awesome steak salad at a local Irish pub with no cheese or dressing then added my own balsamic and EVOO, you can try for things like that and a baked sweet potato with nothing on it.
  8. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Thanks everyone. I'm back home now. It was a tough week. Eating wide I was compliant with the exception of that meatloaf. I felt fine after eating it and didn't have a very large portion of it so....?
  9. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Met the girl who made the meatloaf. It had breadcrumbs and brown sugar with ketchup in it. :/
  10. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Yesterday was travel day, and day 22. All went well until we straggled in to my family's house at about 8:30. I was exhausted and ravenous. I found my best option, meatloaf. But the top most definitely had some ketchup and sugar concoction on it and I know people frequently put breadcrumbs in meatloaf as well. Nobody k ew exactly what was in it though so...? I feel fine though and I'm just going to keep going. Does that necessitate a restart?
  11. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Thank you Emily. We will definitely be sharing stories this week. We could probably write a book about everything he did. He lived quite the life. he had been sick for a long time though and was in a lot of pain at the end so in some ways its a relief. He's not in pain anymore wherever he is. I'm just glad we got to see him over Thanksgiving. Living so far away makes it tough sometimes.
  12. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    My family is pretty good about not pushing food. They generally just lay it all out and everybody gets what they want in their own time. So that should work out for me. They are also completely supportive of everyone's choices. Nobodies feelings will be hurt if I don't eat the corn casserole. Its just my own self control and lack of options I will be fighting. Although, when I abstain from the alcohol they will probably think baby #2 is on the way! I'll have to set that straight real quick. Sad to think about having another baby knowing he or she would never get to meet their great grandpa. he was an incredible man.
  13. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Are you a professional at this? I am feeling better about it all. I've been discussing it with my husband as well and he is also cheering me on to stay compliant. He knows how much it means to me and that I can spend time with my family and honor my grandfather without all the cakes, gumbos, pies etc. I also just ate some sweet potato with coconut milk so, that might be helping as well.
  14. SarrizleP

    Cross country travel and a funeral....

    Thank you terez. That was incredibly helpful. I already have myself so worked up about the trip for no reason. I have already prepared lots of snacks for the trip, olives, snap peas, carrots, grapes and some Lara bars. As well as some extra baby snacks to keep her occupied. I also got her her own seat and will have her in her carseat. We had major issues with her last time we flew and she was just a lap child so, being by myself, I'm hoping she is better in her own seat. I will do my best the rest of the week and try not to worry about some spices or small things like that. I have to say, what I want to do right now is eat an entire pizza. These initial 21 days have been so incredible for me and, dare I say, easy. But now the stress and anxiety is hitting hard.