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    Sounds amazing! I may have just decided to make that for dinner tomorrow instead of what I was planning on!
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    I know exactly how you feel about imperfect foods! haha
    The shawarma is really good! And the garlicky sauces totally makes it! Although I can’t say that I’ve ever had it in a restaurant, I’ve only ever made it at home. So I could be so wrong! 
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    Your food looks and sounds amazing!
    I love/hate Imperfect Foods so much. Such a bummer when it turns out you don't get what you ordered but you still have to figure out a way to procure it!! Oh well. First world probs.
    How's the chicken shawarma recipe? Not frequenting my favorite Lebanese restaurant is kind of the only hardship I'm having with my Whole30. I'd love to have some decent shawarma!
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    Day 1 dinner was chicken shawarma, roasted potatoes, and Greek salad (with primal kitchen Greek dressing) that I prepped yesterday. So delicious and super filing! 

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    We are on about the same timeline - I started today, with the same thinking about Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to following along with your journey! 
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    Starting my third Whole30 on Sunday. It will lead me right up to Thanksgiving, so hopefully I won't feel so bad about indulging! 
    Yesterday I planned out all my meals and made my grocery list for my first week. Saturday will be grocery shopping and little bit of meal prep. 
    I haven't been too kind to my body over the last few months (thanks 'rona!), so I'm excited and feeling really motivated to be successful!