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  1. Babies magic tea is pretty amazing. My six week old son seemed to have tummy troubles, gas and colic starting in the late afternoon and would be up for hours, screaming, at night. After drinking this for a couple of days (since I'm breastfeeding), he wakes up happy and smiles and coos a whole lot more.
  2. breastfeeding frequently aids in weight reduction, however no longer for each person. It will absolutely aid lose plenty of weight within the first four-6 weeks, however a few females wrestle wasting the final 10 lbs or so even as breastfeeding. Mummy magic tea is good home remedy to lose baby weight without hurting breast milk supply!
  3. Try drinking lots of fluids, not necessarily milk. Soups and water can do. Drink healthy nursing tea and keep on pumping. Except for you vitamins, do not take anything that may decrease milk production.
  4. it works on supply and demand so if you serious pump when baby is not nursing. but let the baby nurse from you first and supplement with formula until you get the milk production back up. good luck. Drink more water and healthy nursing tea. It helps!