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  1. Probably too much information, but I feel the need to share... At one point in my life I was fairly thin and in good shape. Then after my Dad passed away in 2009 I gained about 60lbs in 2 years. I was broken inside and out. In 2013, My eating was horrendous and all I could manage to do was go to work and go home. I think I went with friends about 6 times in 2 years. I was fed of with being hijacked with my emotions and this person I didn't recognize in the mirror. I was fortunate to have a good friend who recommended a gym - a powerlifting and weightlifting gym. I had no idea what that had in store for me, but I quickly adapted a obsession for the barbell and lifting weights. I also had a coach who motivated me like no other and he introduced a macro's diet with some balance that really helped me reach goals. I managed to lose over 50lbs, but I looked like I lost closer to 80. Not to mention I was strong af. I don't know if I got overconfident or what, but i lost my drive and I'm almost back to where I was. I've gained over 40lbs and my drive is gone. I feel weak, ashamed and I stopped going to my gym because I was so embarrassed I lost what I works so hard for - I'm still in this space today. Recently, I've found a new trainer and gym, which seems to be helping. I can only go about 2x a week because I'm so incredibly sore I can't function. However, I think I'm about at the point I can add in another day soon. We just moved to powerlifting movements and I'm finally up to 90 kilos again - (my max, for reference was 137kg/300lbs). How did I get here? Looking forward... This will be my second time doing Whole 30. The first time I did pretty good, but didn't follow it to the letter. I failed with sticking to 3 meals a day and snacks as needed. Sometimes I "snacked" instead of breakfast - that happened in the evening too. I guess I didn't feel bad about it because all the food I ate was compliant and it must count for something (right?). Well my belly got flatter and I lost roughly 6lbs. I felt really good and was really afraid to reintroduce foods because i wasn't sure my cravings were completely gone. Welp here I am, 2 months later, back to eating sugar, diet pop, those evil but so good banana chips, and beer (and wine). I haven't got on the scale, but I know I've gained that weight back and I'm super bloated. I have managed to eliminate dairy since I realized from round 1 how terrible dairy makes me feel, but that's about it. This week and next, I'm cutting out grains and sweeteners, and limiting sugar intake. I don't think I can take the full shock to the system. I want to be successful. Of course I'll take the weight loss, but I really want to improve my relationship with food and use it as a fuel to be more active. I may do this round longer. I wonder if 45-60 days would have make a difference? Of course I will stick to meal plan closer - the structure and not just the foods. Here's to Round 2.
  2. JustSarah

    Round 2 vs Break ??

    Thank you. That link was very helpful! Another point to think about it, but definitely gives more to make the best decision. Thanks!!
  3. JustSarah

    Round 2 vs Break ??

    Yeah, yeah I value what you saying. I don't have a goal to not do the reintro phase. In fact, I'm looking forward to it to really nail down the culprits. If I guessed it will be dairy and sugar. Grains, especially the good ones, haven't really been an issue for me in the past but still anxious to find out what makes me feel good and what makes me feel crummy. I think the thing I'm weighing out the most is I'm nervous I won't go a little nuts - Like maybe another 15-30 days might help me mentally keep control. That's my biggest fear honestly. I've had moments in my life when I know I can't do something long term and other times I feel the confidence. I can see myself doing this long term or a version of it at least, but I'm lacking the confidence. I don't want to lose all that I gained, hmmm. However, you've given me something I seriously need to think about his evening
  4. JustSarah

    Round 2 vs Break ??

    I'm wrapping up my first Whole 30 today (Day 30!) Here's where I'm at... Fatigue - it's improved. I still have some groggy mornings and wipe easy end of day, but I haven't had the midday slump at all. Now I have the cup of coffee at 2pm because I want it vs needing it to survive the afternoon. Sugar cravings - They are minimal, but haven't vanished. I've a few brief moments of getting down with contemplation about devouring consuming some dark chocolate and cake. Overall sugar cravings are improved. That's my vice for just about everything. I don't feel a overwhelming need to eat sugar or look forward to it later. The craving goes as fast as it comes. Meals - Ok, this one has been hardest. I'm a 4-5 small meal a day person. 3 larger meals are hard. I struggle with concept that 4-5 small meals isn't recommended. I've had a few moments I couldn't follow this part - went to a festival, and experienced some low blood sugar. If I had any recommendations it would be this one. Maybe it's part of moving Whole 30 next level? What I do know is when I'm done I'll go back to 4 smaller meals a day. I'm confident this won't derail me. And if it does I know what to do. Booze - I do miss wine and beer a little. I've always enjoyed a fancy (sugary) cocktail/wine. I don't crave a drink or the sugary wines, but I would love an nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc or tasty craft beer. However, I don't have an overwhelming crave and not having it right now doesn't bother me even when surrounded by others indulging. Wins brighter skin, less bloated, REGULAR (constipation was an occasional issue), stress reduction, the hubs said I lost weight - I think I agree, cravings are heavily reduced, actually get hungry- physically hungry - like hunger pains - like oh my lord I'm going chew off my left arm because I'm a righty and don't need that left arm because I'm starving and will pass out if I don't eat soon hungry (nice change). No more swelling in my ankles - for some reason sandals that wrap around my ankle make me swell slightly. Not enough that you would notice, but I certainly do. That hasn't happened at all, and I'm enjoying wearing my sandals again. Accomplished. I feel good that I've stuck to it. I never stick to a plan and yet I did it. I feel freaking amazing. Issues Fatigue still lingers (see first bullet). Increased headaches, but manageable. I'm at a point I can work through it without an pain reliever - cup of coffee, water, shut eye seems to work best. Working out on hold - this one I need to get back to soon, and I feel ready. Overall, this wasn't as hard as I thought. I really anticipated bad days, like talk me off the ledge before I throw myself into the valley of despair, bad days. Really didn't have any. Maybe because I did my research and prepped for about 10 days - most of that prep was mental. I weaned myself off artificial sweetener and minimized sugar for a about 2 weeks prior. The Hubs thinks I should do a second round because I'm not sure I trust myself not go crazy especially this weekend and the fourth being next week. I seriously can't tell you I won't binge if I take a break and we've talked about that in detail. He's my rock. So supportive. I want to trust myself more, but I'm just not sold (yet). However, what are your thoughts? You think I should do it one more round? Would you have done 2 back to back rounds or considering it? Does taking a break for a few a week, two or more the better option for sanity? Did you try it back-to-back and have more success, more confidence or do you hit the wall? I realize these questions are very personal and we are not one size fits all otherwise everyone on the planet would do the same thing regarding nutrition and lifestyle. I'm still curious to hear your experiences or just your general thoughts. All comments welcome. JustSarah
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    New to Whole 30

    Thanks Tinman! I will check that out tomorrow over my morning coffee! I don't feel lost and I'm definitely a sugar junkie, but any helpful info will definitely keep me on track. Yeah, I call it paleo-ish because I was about 70/30 paleo. I did allow a beer or drink end of the week and I eat dark chocolate on the regular. We don't eat out very often (1-2x month max) so I eat what I want when we do. However since last fall i really stopped paying attention, gained weight, struggle going to the gym, and just felt awfully. Physically awful and like an overall loser. We planned for 10 days before starting whole 30. Collected receipes. Changed my work hours so I can get more sleep etc. I am surprised at the energy slump because I assumed I would bounce back a little faster since I'm not a complete stranger, but alas it's there. Thanks again! I will check it out!
  6. JustSarah

    New to Whole 30

    Kals- I'm actually on day 19. Once I'm awake I'm good and don't feel the need to nap, but my overall energy is still low. Black coffee is my friend
  7. JustSarah

    New to Whole 30

    Hi! I'm Sarah! I've done variations of clean eating to paleo-ish, but first time doing Whole 30. Haven't had roadblocks (yet), but did battle headaches and continue to be in a bit of energy slump - I went to bed at 8pm yesterday because I was depleted. Hoping to read good things from everyone. Wish me luck!