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  1. Amanda9822

    Epic FAILURE on Day 24

    You guys are really great - thank you!
  2. Amanda9822

    Epic FAILURE on Day 24

    Thank you everyone. I'm really disappointed is all. I was really stubborn about following the rules whether or not I liked it. I came home and made a nice compliant supper. I am starting over... Thank you again for your support everyone.
  3. This is a message for myself to own up to the fact that I just ate a bunch of mini peanut butter cups. I want to die. It was Day 24 for me, and I've been compliant the entire time up until now. I'm not looking for anyone to tell me I need to restart... I know I do. This choice seemed to be coming from a really dark place inside me and it was to bandaid some really aweful feelings. I wish that didn't just happen.
  4. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    I can't believe it's Day 17 already. Sometimes I forget that I'm even on this diet... it's starting to become second nature. My pants are definitely looser, but I've also gotta be gaining some muscle in Crossfit. I've been kind of depressed for the last three or four days... about nothing in particular, but very down. I use to have problems with it, but haven't in a very long time. Nothing crazy going on in life, so I wonder if my brain is in mourning or sugar. :/ Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. Amanda9822

    Some enlightenment on potatoes please!

    Ahem... to clarify - I've been compliant for 13 days. I have no plans to go off their rules. Like I said, I was really thinking about past the Whole 30 and what is really ok for the long term and what is not. @Renee - I didn't know about the nightshade family thing. They might have mentioned it in the book, but to be honest sometimes it lost me a little. I'll have to see how it goes after during reintroduction if I choose to include them. Thank you so much ladies for the ideas... I will try roasting beets, and the sweet potatoes baked into chips. I think more than anything it's my curiosity and need to know why I'm doing something to feel good doing it. It also helps when people ask, "why in the world can't you eat white potatoes when you can eat sweet potatoes?!" Thank you for the info and for sharing your experience with potatoes. It's possible that I would overdo them, but I feel like given this experience, I will definitely try to eat them in extreme moderation. I too just love white potatoes - without butter, sour cream, cheese, or any of the other stuff I haven't been missing at all Thank you all for the replies!
  6. Amanda9822

    Some enlightenment on potatoes please!

    Thanks Tom, I think I already got that point. I think the hard thing I've found about this program is that at times it's a little - because I said so. I think it's really wise to tell people why certain foods effect your brain, or that weighing yourself can make you lose focus on what you really are trying to accomplish - your health... but a lot of people on this diet, in these forums, are really interested in the whys. The reason to not eat white potatoes is just very - ummmm... why not get rid of potatoes because they aren't as healthy as sweet potatoes? Yay! I have read in the past that nutritionally, they are the same. I am looking at the whole 30 to reset my bad habits - sugar and grains, but also to learn new habits that will be sustainable for my lifetime. My original question was meant to ask for more information about how white potatoes suggest or lead your brain to bad habits. I have been including many different veggies in my diet, I was all vegetarian before starting the whole 30 so it hasn't been a problem for me. I am personally not a huge fan of some of the root vegetables like turnips, parsnips or beets. I haven't tried the others, but will give them a shot. I think it's important to remember that good information on good habits makes good sense to people. Blanket statements about one vegetable that many people love and could (responsibly) make a part of their diet, isn't entirely helpful in this at times very difficult journey of self-improvement. Thank you for your suggestions
  7. I'm on Day 13 of my first Whole 30... definitely feel a change in my mind's response to food and my desire for sweets. It's miraculous, and I look forward to the rest of my life continuing this way! My question has to do with white potatoes. I know that ISWF and on this website, white potatoes are left out of the mix because they promote unhealthy habits. Are they referring to: if you eat white potatoes as french fries, or pile your baked potato with sour cream and butter, or make your mashed potatoes with cheese and butter and milk? I've just been really curious about this because i always thought I loved sweet potatoes and that it would be no problem to eat a bunch. I have had sweet potatoes maybe four or five times (not overdone it), and I honestly feel like I couldn't gag/choke down another sweet potato. I don't think I'm getting enough starchy veggies, and I can't understand what the deal with while potatoes are. They are way milder, and I think would go down easier at this point. I really can't stand how sweet the sweet potatoes taste (by themselves, in salmon cakes, in soup or stew)- maybe it's because I'm not eating sugar? I feel the same with butternut squash. To sweet and gagalicious to me. Thanks! Amanda
  8. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Happy Day 11 which means we are past 1/3 of the way through (I like small victories!) Went in to Manhattan today and was psyched by my complete disregard for any of my favorite snacking places - Empire Bakery, Schmackary's, Magnolia Bakery. Not even a twinge of wanting to go there. I actually picked up marshmallow chocolate things from Whole Foods for the hubs. Helps that I don't like marshmallows anyway Was just reading Allisen's stomach issue and got really scared. While at Whole Foods I also picked up two different Kombucha teas since everyone has been raving about them. Had one at lunch and sipped on the second on the subway ride hope. I was just curious what it tasted like. Sooooo... now I've had 1 1/2 bottles in one day. Does this mean I'm going to shit myself?! Might better cancel my plans for woodworking tomorrow? Eck.
  9. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    I think that after my initial bread rage as I've been calling it, the scale thing has me the most irritable. I TOTALLY understand that the Whole 30 is not just for weight loss and that you can gain/lose weight, etc. But seriously. I know I've lost weight. I'm overweight, and to pat myself on the back for sticking through this despite the bread rage, I would just like to know how much. If it fluctuates... I'm fine with that. My body shape has changed so much that if it goes back to where it was in the beginning - whatever! I'm doing Crossfit too, so I know some of the gain is muscle. Other than that, Day 10 I'm still dealing with being tired. I've slept the last two nights without sleeping medication which I haven't done in literally years. I can't say it's the best sleep of my life considering how tired I've been, but it's good enough to get me through the day. I would like to see the energy come back a little. I ate strawberries today and felt a sugar rush which was weird. I will lay off those for the sake of the sugar dragon. @Wiseone - I totally feel the same way where I feel like I can't concentrate as well at work. Hopefully it passes soon! 1/3 down people - woot woot for us!!
  10. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Today is Day 9 for me... last night I thought I slept great. Today I am DOG tired. Not yet sleepy with the yawns, but feeling like I got run over by a UPS truck. I tried having some tea even though I haven't done any caffeine after my morning coffee and it was for nothing. I hope this "stage" doesn't last. I'm a nurse and falling asleep at work is a real NO NO :/
  11. Amanda9822

    How will you reward yourself?

    Haven't thought about this... but now I will! Yeah!
  12. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Hey demos88! I'm not sure, but I remember reading somewhere on this site that Chipotle may put something off the Whole 30 in their stuff. May want to double check before you indulge since you are so close to finishing! Today is Day 8 for me and I've definitely hit the tired spots. Couldn't get to bed until later than normal because of my Crossfit Elements class 8-9pm. Was tired ALL day and then couldn't get to sleep last night despite the "Natural Calm". I might need more of it, but to be honest... it gave me such a stomach ache the first day I'm a little afraid to not ease into it. Fear of embarrasing issues Other than that I swear my food is becoming more and more delicious. Either I'm being a damn fine cook, or my tastebuds are just happy with the change. Completely unexpected favorite new food - ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Oooohmygod. If you you haven't tried - cut off the stumps and slice in half some brussel sprouts, toss them in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil, salt them, and bake at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes, remembering to move them around the pan every now and then. Barefoot Contessa online recipe. So easy and SO. DAMN. GOOD! Hope all is well with everyone! Isn't is great to not be in week 1 anymore?!
  13. Amanda9822

    Whole 30 to slay the sugar demon, 1/1/13

    I know what you mean... I keep having semi-anxiety about it too. I keep wondering... WHAT in the HELL am I going to do when this is over? I'm on Day 7 and I'm starting to envision myself sitting down with a pile of junk on February 1st! It's so bad I can taste bread in my mouth when I see my husband eat it, or smell nutella in my mind. EEEEEK! I don't know what the reasonable next step is after this...
  14. Amanda9822

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Today I felt the first actual ANGER that I couldn't eat bread and my husband was eating bread with every meal. It's been better eating alone... but it sucks to wish to eat alone instead of with your sig other! I really just wanted to grilled cheese with our evening soup today. I ate pineapple for dessert - is that bad? I know we aren't suppose to use fruit as a "sugar dragon" tamer, but I really just wanted some fruit. It seems like eating vegetables and meat all day just makes me want fruit because it's delicious. Hmmm... I wonder if I'm falling for a trap. I honestly don't feel like I'm eating a banana or pineapple to slay my dragon, mostly I just feel like I want some extra food. Does anyone else feel like that? I've been eating meat every meal - and quite a bit too I think. I stay full, but I just feel like I'm not full yet after my meat and veggies or eggs. This is a serious ramble. Yesterday I felt like I could win JEOPARDY - today I feel mentally slow. And irritated. And sad that I'm on Day 5 instead of Day 30 so it could be over with. Whaaaaaaaa!!
  15. Amanda9822

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    It's Day 4 for me, and I'm pretty much amazed that I've made it this far without some serious complications or possible slaughter of other humans (HA!). I just have to say - rollthewindowsdown - what you described about chains is really an eloquent and beautiful description of reality for me too. You are right that it's not one moment. It's really a lot like quitting anything. I gave up smoking a long time ago... but it wasn't an AHA! moment when I stopped and felt better. It took a long time to see that I actually appreciate feeling good overall over feeling good the few minutes I smoked a cigarette. I still on occasion want to smoke when I feel really stressed, or at certain times after a great meal. I imagine it'll be the same for sweets and dessert - which I LOVE gah!! I'm hoping the Whole 30 will do for me what quitting smoking did for me - show me what I feel like without those evil sugars. GOD... if anything it's made me read labels and realize it's in EVERYTHING! Which really helps to prove the point how addicting it is. Why does it need to be in salad dressing? Taco seasoning? Salsa?! It doesn't... but it probably made me think I liked it more at the time and buy it again. Here's to understanding what feeling good really means ) With my glass of water for a toast instead of wine (boo).