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  1. Ravinamster

    Start Date January 27, 2013 (today)

    Im Re-Starting today. Have been eating Paleo since the 1st of the year and have already seen great results in body composistion, mood, sleep and my pshycological response to food. I want to go 30 days though of no cheating and no slips (have had a few beers and some half and half recently) I can definetly feel the diffrence when I eat those things. Honestly with the results ive already seen I just want to do 30 days to say I did and to challange myself fully. Here goes! Today I had a boiled egg and coffee with coconut milk for breakfast. (definetly not enought to sustain me till lunch so im gonna have to work on that) Looking forward to keeping in touch Betsy! Ravi
  2. Ravinamster

    Jumping in on January 13th

    Three days in and feeling great. Energy was pretty steady all day and I didn't feel the need to snack as much. Herbal tea has really been helping when cravings hit. Loving all the new cooking adventures Paleo is offering up. How is everyone else? Going strong?!
  3. Ravinamster

    Body Odor

    Ive always been a kind of stinky lady at least in my opinion. No excepetion with this paleo eating in fact its a bit exacerbated. Im hoping im just detoxing and after a few weeks it will abate. Anyone had the experience of being stinky and it going away?
  4. Ravinamster

    Jumping in on January 13th

    Im starting today too! I originally intended to start on the 1st and I did but I was not completely compliant. These past two weeks have helped me to get my feet wet and feel comfortable cooking and shopping paleo and ive already lost 7 pounds. Im ready today to do the whole 30 WHOLLY no slips, no cheats, no excuses. So glad there are a few of us starting together. I look forawrd to heraing yalls experinece. Best of luck!