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  1. hollyfk

    Best chicken ever

    I (my husband) made this last night! Very good served with avocado to cut the spiciness
  2. hollyfk

    Day 25 and doing it tough

    I have been bouncing around a bit with moods too. I think I'm more moody when I'm not completely busy. I was all over the place today - managed to be somewhat productive in the end but still a bit of a B. On day 27 and I think I have the same fear as mentioned above of splurging too much after day 30 as well!
  3. hollyfk

    When to take a day off/ or push thru

    I am the same way. I went to the gym 6 - 7 days/ week for so long...2 planned rest days (rather than literally not able to get there) makes me feel guilty! Good point
  4. hollyfk

    Giving up wine for W30

    I didn't like wasting all the plastic bottles (even though we recycled them). You can control the amount of carbonation which is nice. And we drink a ton of seltzer/ I also drink vodka and club so it's used there as well. Our well water is great so why not carbonate I have never worked out if it's actually cheaper (i.e. how many liters we get out of one carbon catridge) but the cartridges last us ~ 3 months and are refillable. I still buy Pellegrino as a treat though, its different I will probably be out this weekend with friends; just waiting for everyone to think I'm pregnant cause I rarely pass up a cocktail!
  5. hollyfk

    Giving up wine for W30

    Another drinker...made it here to Day 7! Teas are definitely my savior. We also have SodaStream so I drink a lot of club. Adding fresh fruit makes it more special because it's not something I normally take the time to do (I know, it's 2 seconds). I agree with Johnny that it's about the ritual - since changing my ritual, it has been easier. Hubby still had a cocktail on Saturday and Sunday nights and I survived We have plenty of booze in the house... I like the challenge of having it there and resisting. But that's me... If you think you're going to slip, give it away for sure! H
  6. hollyfk

    Is it just me or? (Day 5)

    You can try to find a local farmer and cut out the middleman. We buy a 1/4 cow and 1/2 hog from a local farmer and the price is drastically less than similar quality from the grocery store (and also not large-scale farming operations!). Check here http://www.localharvest.org/ and http://www.eatwild.com/products/index.html Good luck!
  7. hollyfk

    Pork Belly

    Great, thanks Susan! That's what I thought but I wanted to hear firsthand! I hated the thought of putting chemicals on this awesome meat. You say sprinkle...not coat? Thanks
  8. hollyfk

    Pork Belly

    Hi All, I'm on day 5 on my Whole30 and it's been going great so far. I have perused these forums a bit and seen in other posts that some people get fresh pork bellies and DIY bacon. Went to see our farmer today for pork and what do you know, he had a couple fresh pork bellies! So now I have this 3.5 pounder - looks awesome. What do I do next? Friends of ours have cured their own before and are willing to let me have some of their NaNO3. Do I want to do that? Help please!! Thanks
  9. I can also relate! I also teach fitness classes and was at my strongest and fittest ever last year around this time. However I am predisposed to shoulder issues, and my shoulder actually dislocated 5 times from January 10 - March 2012. I couldn't teach, had to stop lifting, start going to PT... so I switched to paleo eating to hopefully even out my sudden exercise cutback. I felt great on it but have been falling off lately and I have put on 10 lbs that make half my workout clothes too tight/ uncomfortable to wear to class. I also just don't feel 100% and am ready for the change! I just took my before photo... Good luck!
  10. hollyfk

    First time on whole30, determined!

    Hi ! Just joining myself. Been eating paleo since April 2012 but less and less over time - need so snap back!