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In 2008 I decided to cut out all sugar and processed foods. If it didn't come from the ground (or an animal) I wasn't going to eat it. I still ate things like rice, quinoa, hummus and dairy in the way of cheese, so when I tried Paleo for the first time in early 2010 (after my brother and SIL had been swearing by it for a year or so), it wasn't too hard to cut out those food that weren't Paleo-friendly. I also lost 7 pounds in a month without trying and ate whenever I wanted. Over the years, I've been doing what I call "lazy Paleo" or maybe it could be what the Paleo community at Mark's Daily Apple calls the 80/20 rule. Either way, the relaxed way of eating it doesn't seem to work for me. LCHF/Keto doesn't seem to work for me either-I LOVE vegetables and still don't eat dairy. Last summer I tried Weight Watchers and even though I lost about 20 pounds, I hate their philosophy of "eat whatever you want with moderation" because I know it doesn't help with cravings and crappy ideas of food. Funny thing was in order to eat as much as I could while following the WW "Points", I ate strict Paleo and didn't drink alcohol...sounds a lot like Whole 30, except I was usually hungry. This next part might be TMI, but I have developed a problem with alcohol in the last four or five years. I do fine following Paleo, staying way from sugar and all the processed foods, but as soon as alcohol shows up in my bloodstream, all control goes out the window. I'm one of those people who can't have "just one" so I've decided to have none. I'm hoping to make Whole 30 a regular part of my life. As a Registered Nurse, I see what a poor diet does to a body first hand.