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    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Hmm, no, I never thought to ask about checking my thyroid. Thanks for that. Just looked up hashimotos, yikes, it's amazing to hear about other people's successes with the benefits of w30. I just wish I could see some results for myself, esp since it seems there must be something wrong medically if I did w30 right and see no benefits. My husband suggested last night that maybe my portions were too big. And I explained what I read about undereating actually stopping your weight loss, and he seemed to disagree. And we had his debate about metabolism, calories in/out, and hormonal effects, cortisol etc. and I ended up more confused about how much is template meals is enough, too much, or too little- for weight loss.
  2. sojurabbit

    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Ok. Deep breaths. Just want to say thank you for the responses. And I will do the reintroduction slowly. That way I give more time, if that is what's needed for some of the NSV or scale victory to kick in. And I should also actually finish the program to evaluate its merits or demerits. Just very frustrating to hear about people reporting 5-10+ pounds of weight loss and for mine to be nil. Anyway, thanks, I hope to learn something from all this, if nothing else. But I guess I'd also like some results. The bloating returned in my last week not sure why. I can tell in my face. And my ring on my ring finger had gotten loose for the first time in 3 yrs, but has tightened again.
  3. sojurabbit

    Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Sorry for the angry typing about what a waste this all was. Of course you're right, Sugarcube, it wasn't all a waste. eating 3 nourishing meals a day is not a waste. so true. But surely I could expect the side effect of some weight loss when I've got so much to lose. I learned about the w30 from my doctor where I complained about my lack of energy and the 15 pound weight gain in the past year and my recent eating habits. She ran a bunch of tests and I don't have any medical issues, normal labs, but things definitely need work. I thought I might be pre-diabetic due to the weight gain, but turns out my 3 month sugar ave/hemoglobin is 5.1 ( normal is less than 5.7). I do have elevated total cholesterol of 256 ( normal is less than 200), my bad cholesterol was high at 136 (normal is less than 130), but my good cholesterol was high too, 81 ( normal is 40-60). The only thing she prescribed for me was a prescription Vitamin D my level is 10 ( normal is 30-100), and to do a whole 30. The more I read the more I thought i was surely one of the people who would benefit if i committed to doing this right. i bought the books. I followed the cook book. I'm 5'5" and 183 is categorized as obese, so I know this is not my vanity talking. My usual healthy weight with not too much fluctuation was 155, for a long time. I exercised regularly before I had a child, my son is now 3, so the vanity accounts for wanting to get down those further 15 pounds to 143, but not for the 20 pounds I currently and visibly have to lose. Maybe the official "obese" label is questionable, but I am without a doubt unhealthily overweight. I'll be 40 this year, and my midsection has ballooned out of control, I'm currently in a size 10 or 12 pants and just do not feel or look healthy, which has led to being more sedentary, and the vicious cycle... I appreciate your not wanting to discuss another program like Bright Line eating on this forum. It just sounded so similar. I was hoping to get some unbiased opinions for someone like me for whom the w30 has been a disappointment. I 've come to trust the viewpoints of people on this forum, and was hoping there was some insight. You're right about the $500, I haven't pulled the trigger and that is the only reason I haven't. But Susan Peirce Thompson sounds as convincing as Melissa Hartwig (I listened to podcasts, and watched interviews), fwiw. I am probably not giving the w30 a fair shot to be the program it was designed to be without the reintros, I get that. And I don't think I can truly say the w30 didn't work for me unless I actually complete it. But my motivation to bother is low, and feeling like it's not worth it to keep going down this road.
  4. I am at a loss. I followed the meal template, cooked all my food, never ate out, for 30 freaking days. I upended my pantry, my schedule, turned my life upside down, and devoted so much time and energy to doing this right and after 30 days I have lost 1 pound. One single pound. I can fluctuate 3-4 pounds in a day so frankly I may have lost nothing, or even gained. My pants fit the same. no noticeable energy level difference. I went in to this fully committed to 1) lose weight, 2) combat fatigue. I am normally a healthy eater. I love fruits and veggies. I don't like potatoes, but I generally eat healthy. Except the last year or so, work became stressful and too much take-out, convenient pre-made foods etc. etc. and I put on an additional 15 pounds very quickly on top of already being overweight. I am 5'5" and 183, so I have a lot to lose. 30 pounds to get me out of the obese, overweight category. When I read about w30 I was drawn to it bc it is a total reset. I know it is not for weight loss. And I've read what mods have said about how even 1 or 2 pounds is great, and it's about how you feel, and how your body looks. But my body looks the same. My midsection which has ballooned in the past year has not diminished even an iota. I haven't done reintroductions yet. Not sure if this means I should delay reintros until some actual weight comes off. But I'm starting to doubt that eating this way will lead me to lose any weight at all so why bother? And though I haven't started reintroductions yet, I don't expect food sensitivities, so why bother, I'm ready give it all up, but I've worked so hard. It is demoralizing. Here are my only slip ups: week 2: I weighed myself not once but twice. I saw there was much less bloat in my face, which was very exciting, so i went on the scale and i was down 2 pounds. That was further exciting that it led me to go back on the scale again the next day. But I was back up one pound in a day so then i realized my dependence on the number and the whole reason why we need to put the scale away, and I put the scale away. Day 1- somewhere in the teens: I learned from a mod that I should limit my matcha latte which I made with 1 scoop vital proteins, 1/2 cup of coconut water, 2-3 Tb of nut pods, and 1/2 tsp of matcha green tea. I should also limit chia pudding which I made with almond milk and ate only when my plate lacked a starchy vegetable. I cut out the chia pudding and only allowed myself the matcha green tea 3 more times in the remaining month. And it only comes to a little over 1/2 cup of liquid so it's a pretty small drink. Day 19: I made a crab salad for homemade california hand rolls and accidentally consumed wasabi that contained food starch as one of its ingredients. It was tiny bit of wasabi and after reading and consulting what others would do on this forum, I decided to call it a learning experience and stayed the course. Day 25 in the middle of following a compliant carnitas pork recipe I realized I was missing an orange from my ingredients list so I added 2 TB of triple sec plus a lemon. After it was cooked and I opened the instant pot I could smell a faint trace of alcohol so I decided not to eat the pork, and gave it to my husband (who kept hemming and hawing about joining me to start his w30, then decided he won't bc he won't give up alcohol, and he doesn't like veggies enough to be able to follow the template) . A couple of days later I was out of protein, and had the last remaining half a portion of the carnitas after sautéing it in a pan for over 25 minutes. I am confident there could not have been any alcohol in the palmful of was left of the dry, fried up pork. But that is all. Those are my only slip ups. I ate fruit only with meals, not on its own. and basically followed the rules to a tee. I spent hundreds of $$ on groceries, like it was my full time job. I got compliant sauces to jazz up my meals so that I would stay the course. I spent more on groceries than I would have at the restaurants I didn't go to. My typical day: M1: 3 eggs, sautéed veggies, a fruit, 1/2 avocado M2: meatloaf, sauteed kale or similar greens, with roasted or parsnips roasted in a generous amount of ghee M3: large grilled chicken breast, salad, sweet potato, olives Maybe I ate too much? But I kept reading about how undereating was one of the biggest trouble spots. I followed the template as closely as I could. I went 4-5 hours without eating, and was hungry again for my next meal. I hardly ever snacked. and I enjoyed the rhythm of only sitting down to eat 3 times a day. I'm devastated that 30 days have led to maybe1 pound lost, maybe. I don't want to waste time with reintros if this way of eating isn't going to lead to weight loss. But I feel like not doing it is even more of a waste than it has been so far. Either way seems this was all a waste. continuing to sink costs and time and energy. Or not finishing with the reintros. I started reading about Bright Line Eating today and i'm wondering if anyone on the forums have any thoughts on this program, which is geared toward weightless. It actually sounds very similar to w30 except with a weight loss component, the ultimate goal being food freedom. What do you think of Susan Peirce Thompson's Bright Line Eating? Is it worth the $500 for the bootcamp??
  5. sojurabbit

    Failed Mayo 101

    I need some help from people who are successfully making their own mayo. The first time I used the whole30 recipe from the cookbook but used a light evoo and found it tasted horrid. Like really bad. And I'm positive the egg was fresh (organic, brown, cage free, pasture, yada yada). I am using a hand mixer that you stick the two beaters into. It's a cuisinart brand and I never need to go past speed level 1 or else it splatters all over the place. Actually it still splatters on speed 1 but not as much. the consistency was quite a bit runnier than hellmans, and only slightly better once I put it in the fridge overnight. But the taste. I really couldn't use and ended up using it as a marinade for pork chops i threw in the instant pot. I was pretty sure that the problem was the evoo so I purchased a bottle of avocado oil for my next try. i also suspected that the egg whites might be contributing to the bad taste so I found a recipe on nomnompaleo called "paleo mayo" that only uses the yolk. I made this last night. I don't think it "broke" bc it got milky but just sort of stayed that way, runny. looked like a creamy italian dressing consistency. I couldn't get it to thicken though I poured the room temp oil slower than molasses. Like super slow. So the consistency is still off. and taste is only marginally better. It's not good. I wouldn't slather it on anything to eat raw. Might have to figure out another marinade to use it or it's headed to the toilet. An expensive mistake. What's your secret? Do you use an immersion blender? Would this make a big difference, you think? I feel like I need to master the mayo bc it's the base for so many other food options for meals for protein salads etc...