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    Jewels_V reacted to MeeshKB in Starbucks Passion Tango Tea   
    Agreed. And when your fact checking results line up with the Queen's...drink up and enjoy! 

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    I believe somewhere around the same time she also said it does not matter if the Queen herself says it's compliant, we're all expected to check and ask questions every time because it could be compliant in her region/store and not yours/mine... never rely on anyone else's fact checking, including the Queen unless it also has a Whole30 Approved logo on it
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    @MeeshKB @Jewels_V Hey guys! When I was doing the Whole 30 I tweeted the queen, Melissa Hartwig herself, about this topic. She said the iced passion fruit iced tea is Whole 30 compliant! Hope this helps
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    @apool1 I just had a major meltdown when I thought my iced passion tea was made with sugar (I told them NO sugar/sweetener and then read about the candied fruit).  Your comment that there is a difference between hot and iced saved me from totally going off the rails. Thank you!