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  1. RE-Introduction Nightmare

    HELP!!!! its Day 32 & I am struggling with the what and when on the reintroductions. I had Peanut Butter yesterday morning with no ill effects at all, i had planned to have Peas with my tea only to find out that i didnt actually have any in the freezer. So now i am in a quandry about how to proceed. i am going camping on the 10th August so really need to work through the reintros before then. I am out all day on the 29th July & am also at a country fair on the 3rd Aug and dont want to be testing something out on either of those days. (portaloos and dodgy bottoms are not good!) Techincally i am intolerant to Wheat, Eggs, tomatoes potaoes garlic milk blackberries raspberries & strawberries but have only cut out the wheat milk and potatoes so far (I will doing an AIP 30 days in September when my life calms down again!) i also want to see what the wheat and milk do to me after the 30 days without. the guidelines on here say legumes, gluten free dairy then gluten. the daily email said gluten dairy gluten free then legumes and i am so confused. i actually really liked the emails and having to report back to say a good day etc!! so am feeling very lost (and scared!) right now and these feelings are bringing out anxiety and panicky feelings. i am at a loss as to what to do and it is impacting on my whole day and life right now!!!!!!! do i stop with the reintroductions what-so-ever and take things as i/they find me and run the risk of feeling really bad at an important event or struggle on with it even though its really stressing me out!
  2. Day 31!

    I made it - I thoroughly enjoyed the last 30 days but now it comes to the Re-Introductions. I had to force myself to eat a couple of teaspoons of Peanut Butter this morning. i didnt enjoy it at all - it was too sweet for me (seems i have gotten used to Almond etc instead) but at least it doesnt seem to have had any affect on me; so far. i am planning on having peas tonight with my lamb burgers and lamb kofta kebabs and salady type things. i need to work out a way to try Soy without having to go out and buy an entire bottle of soy sauce only to find i cant have it at all. but that can wait for its own re-intro day i think.
  3. I am considering making this next week and was wondering if i changed the cider to apple juice as suggested would that be allowed? obviously i'd change the flour too https://www.lavenderandlovage.com/2012/11/weekly-meal-plan-and-a-hearty-family-supper-recipe-sausage-and-apple-casserole-in-cider.html
  4. Can I have green juice

    Thank you Shannon
  5. wow 18 meals in one sitting. was that like 2 or 3 of each meal or 18 times one types? can you give ideas on what ones you did. i try to meal prep on a Sunday but usually run out of steam at about 2pm.
  6. Can I have green juice

    would using it to flavour water (ie extremely diluted) be acceptable? i am so bored of plain water and sometimes have lemon/lime slices or strawberries in a fruit infuser water bottle and thats almost the same

    do you mean we are not allowed Zoodles (courgette/Zuchini) or Boodles (butternut squash noodles) if we dont make them ourselves? or even not at all?
  8. Canned salmon bones

    ill give this a go next time then. btw what do you ride? i have a Yamaha TDM900 with access to a Vmax (the OH's)
  9. Recipe ideas please

    no not a green squash a queen squash it is yellowish round and squat.
  10. intolerance testing!

    I am planning to try a time period without the things they say im intolerant to (except the dog!) like tomatoes and potatoes to see if it makes a difference but onky ince i have finished the 30 days and the re-introduction bit too.
  11. Canned salmon bones

    never seen that in the Uk. ok i havent been looking for it either. i will have a look next time im in for it.
  12. Canned salmon bones

    i made the salmon cakes recently and deboning the salmon made me nearly throw up! i hated it that much but i loved the cakes themselves - i also dont like the bones in my food. i wonder if it would be possible to make it with fresh salmon instead!?!?!?
  13. Recipe ideas please

    I currently have a plantian that is no longer green, is there any recipes for these when they have ripened? I also have a queen squash which i have no idea what to do with. I keep buying these strange veg and then putting off using them as i have no idea what to do with them!! lol
  14. Start Date June 26th

    well done Nicky05!
  15. compliant dessert ideas!

    i have found one here called Sauteed Apples & Pears with coconut butter its just apple pears coconut oil cinnamon sea salt & coconut butter. i hope this will still be compliant it comes from Paleorunningmomma and claims to be Whole30 compliant. i was thinking of serving it with some coconut yoghurt whihc i think is compliant too