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  1. Hi there. I'm a 45 mommy/wife/woman, with three kiddos under ten and I finally hit my limit with weight gain (about 15 lbs.) and chronic lethargy. I decided my cycle of eating (gluten free and a lame attempt at Paleo) with a glass of wine or two (and sometimes three) at night just was not working. The drinking made me exhausted and crabby in the morning and simply exacerbated my desire to eat crappy food. That being said, I started the Whole30 and am on day 13 and have been incredulous about how easy the first week was. I didn't crave a thing! But the last four days have been brutal! I began craving a glass of wine beginning on day 10, 11, 12 and now 13, perhaps due to an inordinate amount of stress and it's amazing to realize what a habit and ritual it had become as a supposed stress reliever! I have resisted the temptation but have been feeling irritable and whiny and frankly a bit agitated these last four days. I'm waiting for the miraculous "amazing" Whole30 feeling to wash over me and it hasn't quite happened yet. Also, I'm certain I've lost a bit of weight but nothing dramatic. I'm getting a bit frustrated...could anyone please share any words of wisdom about when all of this fabulousness really kicks in as I want to stay the course!?! I've read a ton about it and know that nothing extraordinary is promised in the first few weeks but testimonials from real folks are always the most motivating! Thank you!!