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    Sister.Journey got a reaction from Luvleelynnie in Six Months Plus and Still Working It!   
    Hello Luvleelynnie, I'm sorry to hear about the cravings. I am so uncomfortable with cravings -- my big one is sugar. But I haven't had any cravings since I got off my #Whole30 in August. I followed the plan scrupulously, which means I didn't substitute regular bacon when it said I should eat only no sugar cured bacon, ham, etc. I did what they told me to, no questions asked. When I started reintroducing foods, I started with dairy, a little milk in my morning coffee. Wonderful!!! A month later, I had something with a little cheese on it. Okay, no problems. I eat a small amount of cheese occasionally, like once a month. I don't want to find myself bloated and with aching joints so I don't eat it. The other day, I had something with beans in it. Also no problems, but I'm not eating beans everyday. I had lentil soup the other day, no problem. I'm back eating 'regular' bacon and have so far not felt the sugar dragon rear up. So I'm okay for now with that. I ate something baked and sweet, a cupcake maybe? at Christmas time. I will never do that again. I did not wake up the cravings, but it felt oily and tasted awful. I haven't had a craving or an urge since. My partner got a basket full of home made chocolate chip cookies when he was recovering from hip surgery two weeks ago. I walk by them everyday -- sure I wanted to eat one the day they arrived, but I just don't want to live with obsession any more. So I walk on by. I love being able to sit down and eat good food and not have my life revolve around whether or not I'm going to have dessert. I don't fret anymore. I don't eat sweets of any kind and I don't eat wheat. I made one mistake and had some sort of noodles that were pasta like around a month ago -- I felt awful, stomach felt like a brick and it was as if I couldn't digest it fast enough to get it out. No pasta, no wheat, no bread for me and no sweets. The bacon doesn't bother me, I don't eat catsup or other condiments with sugar. I'm free! I'm right now making chili for my guy since I'm home today from work -- it has lots of ground beef and chopped tomatoes, some beans in it and a tiny bit of frozen corn because he likes it. It shouldn't bother me at all. I will let you know if it does! This is food freedom for me. I feel so blessed to have finally found a food plan that works and that I can experiment now and see what causes me to bloat and feel sick. I wish you all the best, keep asking questions and looking for support. You will find your way to food freedom too. If I can, anyone can!
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    Kudos to getting below that 200 mark! Doesn't it feel great? I'm on my 4th day of a slow roll re-intro after a Whole 60. I really needed the extra time for the good habits to become ingrained and feel like it's paying off in so many ways. I went from 212 to 192 and I can really feel the difference. It feels like my weight loss has really slowed down but I'm going to keep on keepin' on. I'm 57 and it's such a joy to walk and move without all of those annoying little aches and pains. Some of mine were becoming not-so-little so I really wanted to stop the weight gain and inflammation. Having to deal with thyroid issues adds a whole layer of difficulty for you, too. I hope your journey continues the way you envision. 
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    Thank you Calico and Hadley! So nice of you to leave your remarks for me. I'm thrilled to hear how you are each making your way through the Whole 30 life. I weighed myself today and I've lost another pound. Officially below 200 for the first time since I was diagnosed with hypothyroid! Whooooop! Hugs to you both for the journey. 

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    I am so inspired by your journey with Whole30. You sounds like you truly are experiencing food freedom! 
    I have been eating a Whole30-ish diet for years and have experimented with adding things back into my diet but not realizing that they slowly start to become a problem. Like gluten free bread. I sometimes get a loaf that is Paleo so made with almonds and tapioca but next thing I know I am eating 2 slices with breakfast and then eating a small lunch of toast with avocado etc. It is always good to know that you can reset again by doing another Whole30. That is something I find really comforting about this lifestyle.
    I wish you all the best for your journey!
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    Sister.Journey reacted to calico_roan in Six Months Plus and Still Working It!   
    That is wonderful! I am going to try and implement these principles into my life with minimal changes. I know Gluten & Soy aggravate me. I will indulge when I like but I know the consequences and most of the time its just not worth it. My sleep is better, my energy is better, and I FEEL better when I eat this way. There are times when I will indulge but I know overall that a Whole30 lifestyle is best. I'm glad to hear you've found success and that it IS possible to adapt this lifestyle and stick with it. I'm going to try my best! I'm on day 19 of my second round. 
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    Sister.Journey reacted to TJHigh in What worked for me   
    6. My big realization - Reintroduction is probably more important than Whole 30 itself.  The 30 days of strict reset is definitely necessary and has a TON of benefits, but I think the most important aspect is getting your system ready to reintroduce so you can finally find the ultimate eating plan that works for you (Food Freedom).  Full confession, I did not realize this/take this serious my first two W30s. I did the fast track reintro and nothing really bothered me in a significant way, other than wine increasing my rosacea (which I already knew), so I very quickly reverted mostly to my old way of eating (admittedly with some new healthy habits mixed in as well). I didn’t appreciate the culmulative effect on my cravings and hormone disruption.  Honestly, I didn’t think the schedule as proposed by the book was long enough to track the subtle, longterm effects.  Additionally, it wasn’t really a good reflection of how I wanted to eat, or how would be easiest for me (in terms of items I commonly cooked with or encountered in my day to day eating.)
    So this time is different. And while I haven’t actually started reintroduction yet, I’ve been preparing for it for weeks.  First, I reread Food Freedom Forever (FFF), and I really paid attention and made a commitment to finding that for myself.  Second, I accepted that the end of W30 wasn’t really the end (and definitely not a license to eat all the crap I’d been missing immediately - or almost immediately after a quick ten day blur of a few items).  I began to view W30 as just the necessary foundation, but that I have at least 30 more days of relatively hard work, with continued restrictions, and very much continued vigilance about how food effects me - especially subtle effects on my mood, energy, and cravings.
    In order to really commit to reintroduction and appreciate how long it will take and how it’ll go, I put together a detailed plan- just as detailed as the one I put together for W30.  It’s week by week and goes through exactly what items I want to introduce, based on my eating and cooking needs.  I’m starting with added wine- first as a drink, then as a cooking ingredient because there are so many recipes I have that are alllllllmost W30 compliant but-for a bit of cooking wine. Then added sugar - again because it’s a common ingredient in my cooking and a in lot of products- but I need to see what it does to my Sugar Dragon as an added ingredient.  Then I want to try a bigger, separate ingredient - non gluten grains.  I consider these fairly healthy, and I want to see if they’re healthy for me.  And I miss corn.  But here I do want to see if I can tell if these move me away from fat-adapted to sugar-adapted.  From there I pivot to the Slow Roll reintroduction during a trip to Vegas.  I’ve selected places that look fairly Whole 30-friendly (ie- steakhouses), but will keep the option open for some off-plan treat, following the FFF steps (is it worth it?, is one bite enough?).  After vacation, I plan on a week back to W30 to even things out if necessary. Then I’ll finish up with the rest of my “fast track” reintro items, but generally taking three days to introduce, with four days back to W30.  
    So, tonight ends my W30, but this time I know I’ve got a lot more work to do. I’m ready with a good plan, and just like planning for Whole 30 (my point #1), the planning has me excited and motivated to start!
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    5. Not everything is Whole 30-related. I get so caught up in the timeline and the projected side effects for a given day, sometimes it’s hard to remember that things other than W30 things could be happening. I woke up on Saturday, Day 27 and felt grumpy/out of sorts with intense cravings that I hadn’t had during all the previous days.l had had Tigers Blood pretty much consistently for the previous 2 weeks, so what was going on? What was my W30 doing to ruin my life?!?! Lol, nothing. It was just random, run of the mill PMS. Recognizing this def helped in a way - I stopped blaming W30, but still had all the annoying symptoms, which were at least easier to deal with because I knew what was up. Now I’m feeling better as far as mood and cravings, but have some residual bloating. But at least I’m not frantically examining my food log for a culprit.
    Same thing with getting sick, having a bad day at work, etc.  Not every day is going to be a good W30 day because some days other stuff just happens.  I need to remind myself to maybe look at another possible cause and stop being so Whole 30 myopic!
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    Sister.Journey reacted to TJHigh in What worked for me   
    Do not weigh. (I type this as I still desperately want to weigh in on the morning of Day 30, soooooo habit NOT broken.). Still, it’s an important part of W30, and I confess I didn’t get that my first two W30s.  First, it’s very freeing not to weigh. It took away all my typical worry about - if I eat this, how will it effect my weigh-in tomorrow?  Which, if you’re following W30, it doesn’t matter how what you’re eating will effect your weight- you’re eating such good stuff.  For example, this weekend I made hamburgers with diced bacon and sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions (with lettuce buns), and they were AWESOME. And perfectly W30 compliant, but a tad greasy and maybe heavier than my usual fare. A meal that before would’ve caused guilt, and a binge because I was so sure I’d “blown” it, then a weigh-in to confirm I’d blown it, then completely throwing in the towel.  This weekend, no weigh-in, no guilt, no binge.  Instead, I paid attention to my energy (the next morning I had my best run all month), my stomach felt flatter than ever, and pants I’d almost donated a few months ago fit like a dream.  All much better measurements than a scale.
    Also, weighing in distracts you from looking at less quantifiable results.  Monitoring how my clothes fit and how the look of my face leaning out changed was so much more encouraging than a number.  Sure, the number going down can be fleetingly motivating, but we all know there are days it doesn’t go down (or goes up) for absolutely no reason. And when that annoyingly happens and all your eggs are in the weigh-in basket, then your day is going to suuuuuuuck. If instead you try on the outfit that you used to love and it suddenly fits again, that’s a lasting motivation that you can draw from alllllll day.  Plus all the other non-weight related stuff too- like clearer skin, better mood, increased/even energy.  None of that is on the scale, and the scale is just a distraction.
    Now, that said, will I weigh in tomorrow?  Of course.  First, the habit is not broken. And second, I’m curious to see how much I lost during this W30. I’m curious if my guess lines up with reality. But if it doesn’t, I have a whole month’s practice of noticing and appreciating other victories. I know I’ve gone down 11/2 pant sizes, I know all my clothes fit again, I know my face looks leaner, I know I can see muscle definition.  What the scale says is not anywhere near as important as that.
    That being said, I’m really focused on doing an extensive, detailed reintroduction, and I want to really understand how each thing effects me. In particular, I’m concerned about moving back from fat-adapted to sugar-adapted (especially with the non-gluten grain reintro). So weighing during that period may be beneficial- along with closely tracking energy.  I may just miss the habit of daily weighing and the hit of positive reinforcement at a lower or equal number. I know it’s a habit I’ll still need to work on and examine, but this month was a great example of how beneficial it can be to skip the weighing.
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    3.  Eliminating snacking.  This is my third Whole 30, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t great about this aspect on my first two W30s.  Especially the first- I def fell into the classic trap of dried fruit and nuts.  Second was better- I did realize the dried fruits were just a sugar substitute so I cut those out, but still got hungry between meals and supplemented with nuts, and prob had a touch too much fresh fruit too.  This time, I eliminated almost all snacking unless either a) I needed a preworkout snack (and for this I had olives and nuts or jamon, as I found fat-heavy snacks helped my runs.) or b ) I truly was famished and needed to eat.  In the last case, if that happened, I made sure to go back and review what I’d eaten/done that day to make sure it didn’t happen again. Basically, I never snacked two days in a row. In fact, by the end of the first week, I didn’t have any almonds left, and I didn’t replenish them for the rest of the W30.  Sometimes I got hungry on the shorter end of the 4-5 hour range after meals, but when that happened, I’d just eat sooner. And I’d eat more at my next meal to try to recalibrate.  In my experience, it’s ok to be really hungry by the time my next meal rolls around. It means it’s time to eat!
    Another thing I attempted this W30- to really focus on what fresh fruit does to my Sugar Dragon. I focused on eating fruit only with meals, but that first week I saw myself eat an entire bunch of grapes through the course of just two meals.  Yikes.  So I stopped buying grapes, obv, and just had more self-contained serving sized oranges (Cara Caras, my favorite and perfectly in season right now.). These too began propping up my Sugar Dragon, so I cut them out too for one week, right in the middle of my W30.  Basically the sweetest thing I had for one week was sautéed onion and sweet potato. It definitely helped with day to day sugar cravings, but I know my Sugar Dragon is not gone and probably never will be.  I’ve added fruit back -even grapes- but I know I have to be verrrrrry careful.
    *A note here- cutting out dried fruit/nuts and for a period all fruit, is what I consider expert-level W30. I never would have done/started W30 if someone told me I had to do those things. And you don’t! My first two W30s were REALLY successful, in spite of some not-great habits.  My point is, it’s not necessary every time, but as you progress, you get the confidence to do more challenging parts that may have seemed impossible your first round.
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    The reintro link? I always have trouble finding it when I want it. 

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