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    Success for Women over age 50?

    Although I'm technically 47, I am chemically menopausal due to hormone therapy related to breast cancer. My weight jumped up 10-15 pounds from the baseline I'd maintained for almost 20 years after treatment. I didn't eat very much and couldn't understand why the weight wouldn't budge. I just completed my 30 days and lost 7.6# and nearly 7". I ate so much more, quantity and frequency, on the program and the weight fell off. I'm so inspired I'm going to continue many of the habits I learned going forward. What was especially rewarding for me was that most of the weight came off my belly, torso, and arms - the places that it had taken hold after menopause.
  2. Finished my Whole30 Challenge yesterday. I suspected I was getting trimmer but am pretty blown away by the results. Weight loss: 7.6# Upper Arm: -1 1/4" Waist: -2" Hips: -1" Thighs: -1/2" Bust: -2" My psoriasis is significantly improved, my hair and nails growing better, my eyes are clearer and brighter and I have lots more energy and a reinvigorated palate. Thankful for this program and the supportive community.
  3. Mama E

    Day 25 Slump

    Thank you for your input! Feeling better today, just kind of white knuckled it through yesterday evening lol. Apologized to the fam for my pathetic attitude as well hahah. Great suggestions for quicker meals and will definitely try the suggestion for starch at dinner, I'd been more often having starch earlier. Good reminder about the fat, too. I tend to underutilize because I have a long history of trying to limit fat in my diet to manage weight so fat feels taboo. Thank you again!
  4. Need some motivation! Day 25, and I know I'm almost there, but I'm just over it. I'm spending so much time planning, preparing, shopping and chopping. My mood has been poor the last couple days and I'm not sleeping well. Energy improved as compared to preW30 but worse than Week 2, when I seemed to peak. I know the point is to improve my relationship with food but I'm headed the opposite direction and feeling somewhere between disinterested and resentful. Someone, talk me down off the ledge before I wash a grilled cheese down with a glass of wine!