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  1. Still here and still going strong. I love crispy meat and have these frequently. I wanted to share in case anyone hasn't been blessed enough to try these yet. (Also works with arrowroot flour if you can't find potato starch.)

    I'm doing ok with food. I'm horrible at following the template but as long as I feel good I'm ok with that. I've really been focusing on exercise and completed a 12 mile, 4343 foot elevation gain hike on Saturday with nothing but crispy steak and two eggs in my belly. No snacks and no lagging. Whole30 makes me strong and I love it! :wub: 


  2. This is one of my favorite meals and what I had for dinner last night:

    I don't cut my potatoes like hearts. I use my mandolin slicer and make them like cottage fries. I use the Tree Line Herb & Garlic soft cheese. I like it in this dish but it is nowhere good enough to make me spiral and eat a block of cheese (which I've done a few times in my life). I tried a bite of it alone one time and it wasn't great so I feel ok using it in this recipe. No cheese or dairy cravings today so I'm good. 

    I feel good and am starting to see a difference less puffiness in my face and body. I've started biking again and realized how much I've missed it. It makes me feel like a kid. I love to go fast down hills. :lol:

  3. Last night dinner - I was tired after my exercise so I made a simple burger patty and ate some canned green beans. Very boring but did the trick. 

    Movement - four mile run/walk (mile run/mile walk/mile run/mile walk)

    I was tired most of the day yesterday due to lack of sleep Tuesday night. I forced myself to go to the Greenway for my run/walk. I got it done but crashed as soon as I got home. My anti-depressant is great but it makes me tired and also gives me insomnia sometimes. That's a horrible combination and I feel for anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. 


    Day 3 - May 28

    Breakfast - nothing - I overslept 

    Lunch - leftover apple/bacon smothered pork chops

    Planned Dinner - grilled apple and pork kabobs -

    Planned Movement - none! rest day

    I feel ok today. I'm still a little tired but it's date night so I'm excited to see my boyfriend (I hate that term since we're both 44 but don't know what else to use). :D


  4. Day 2, Take 2 - May 27

    Breakfast - two eggs and leftover sweet potato/pineapple hash; coffee with Nut Pods

    Lunch - steamed potatoes with salt & pepper, two hard boiled eggs, romaine and cherry tomatoes with Brianna's Real French Vinaigrette 

    I got a little shaky before lunch today. I can really tell a difference if I don't have my crispy steak or some type of meat at breakfast. I know I should probably be eating three eggs if it's my only source of protein but I just can't do it. I put that I ate three for lunch yesterday but I was typing as I was eating and couldn't finish the third one. 

  5. @ShadowInTheKitchen Here’s the original recipe:

    I buy really cheap cuts of steak. The really thin, flat ones that are like 8 for $6.00 or the ones that are already cut for stir fry.  Don’t waste expensive steak on it. 

    I miss my gym too. I love working out and being active. I’ve been telling myself for a couple of months that I would work out at home and just now made myself start doing it. I started running again a couple of weeks ago and caught sight of my triceps jiggling. That was enough to convince me. 


    @SchrodingersCat The pork chops are divine. I left the onion out because my son doesn’t like onions but it’s definitely better with them. I love pork, apple and onions together and you can’t beat gravy that starts with bacon grease. :)


  6. Dinner - bacon and apple smothered pork chops and green beans


    • 2 mile walk/run
    • home workout - squats, pushups, planks, crunches and several arm exercises (Momma has bat wings!)

    I felt good again today. Very energized and determined. I bought a lot of new shorts in my normal size that I can’t wear right now. I did my home workout while wearing a pair of them and a sport bra. Nothing gets you motivated like a bunch of flesh flapping about. I apologize for that visual but I didn’t upload a pic so you’re welcome for that. :D

  7. Day 1, Take 2 - May 26

    Breakfast - two eggs, crispy steak and cinnamon applesauce; coffee with Nut Pods

    Lunch - steamed potatoes with salt & pepper, three hard boiled eggs, romaine and cherry tomatoes with Brianna's Real French Vinaigrette (I normally wouldn't eat this because of the canola oil but it was deemed ok in another post and it's quite tasty) 

    I'm going to start splitting dinner and movement into a separate post. I keep my food journal at home and am afraid I'll forget what I had for breakfast and lunch by the time I get off work. My 44 year-old peri-menopause brain is something else. :blink:

  8. Day 3 - May 25


    • 2 eggs, crispy steak (cheap steak cut into thin strips, dredged in arrowroot flour and cooked in avocado oil), cinnamon apple sauce
    • coffee with Nut Pods


    • nothing 


    • 3 mile hike

    This is what happened today: I didn’t eat lunch or take anything because I thought I’d be home from my hike around 1. However, the hike was a lot further away than I thought. I got really hungry on the way home and broke down and bought a bag of chips. The ingredients were all compliant but I know what potato chips to do me. Make me spiral! So what did I do? Yep, I spiraled. I know how it is when I don’t eat all three meals and when I eat potato chips. I didn’t plan correctly so here I am elbows deep in a bag of popcorn planning for my new Day 1 tomorrow. Sigh. 

  9. Day 2 - May 24



    • nothing :(



    • ran one mile and then walked one mile - I was going to run another and walk another but torrential downpours came on quickly. Luckily I was almost to my car before the skies opened up. 


    I feel good again today. Energy level is excellent. I tend to over-potato the first week or so on Whole30 because I don’t like carb flu. After a while, I’ll go a day or two without any type of potato and be ok. Also, I didn’t eat lunch today. I food prepped, cleaned my apartment, shampooed my carpets and ran errands and just didn’t have/make time. I’m ok now but I do have some deviled eggs in the fridge if I get hungry later. My boyfriend ran errands with me and stopped for Taco Bell. I didn’t eat any so I consider that a win! 

  10. Day 1 - May 23


    • 3 egg scramble with mushrooms and black olives, hash browns and sauerkraut on tomato slices 
    • coffee with Nut Pods




    • my planned hike fell through so did a 30 minute workout at home - squats, plank, bicep curls, push ups


    I feel good today. I woke up excited and ready to go. My energy level was good throughout the day.


  11. I've done several Whole30's (at least ten but probably more) and even did a Whole75 last year. I felt great and was able to stay active with no issues. I wanted to try Keto so I did that the second half of the year. It was a keto/Whole30 hybrid and also made me feel great. However, I started getting depressed in December and began shoveling unhealthy food in my mouth because it made me feel better. Then I started feeling bad so I ate more bad food. I knew what the bad food was doing to me but couldn't stop and my depression got worse. I started on an anti-depressant at the beginning of January. It made me sleepy and really hungry. So I started eating more because of the hunger and eating unhealthier because of how tired I was. I'm now almost 35 lbs. heavier than I was on Christmas Day and have no energy. I love how I feel (and look) on Whole30 so I'm starting another round tomorrow morning. I've tried a few times over the past couple of months but haven't been able to stick with it. I've been keeping a food log so I could figure out what makes me crave/eat unhealthy food and feel like I've finally figured it out. So here we go...

    Goals over the next 30 (or more) days:

    • Track food here daily to hold me accountable 
    • Lessen inflammation throughout my body
    • Break "addiction" to sweet treats
    • Stop emotional eating 
    • Increase energy by eating compliantly and getting enough sleep at night
    • Move at least five days per week 
    • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
    • Fit back into my pants
    • Most importantly - feel good every damn day


  12. 15 hours ago, CDog said:

    Snacking on this food is NOT contributing to the headache. That is a thoughtless/brainwashed statement. What your body needs is nutrition and a balanced diet.... It's time to stop listening to people and start listening to our bodies. This "non-diet" diet does not work for most people. That's why it was rated as the worst fad diet of the year by health experts!!

    People who create accounts just to voice their disagreement/disapproval on things they know nothing about have empty lives. Please be assured that no one here cares about your opinion or your know-it-all condescending attitude. Go back to facebook or your blog (an assumption on my part but I'll bet $5 you have one) if you need attention that bad.