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    They need a drool emoji 
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    They need a drool emoji 
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    What a beautiful dish and amazing way to deal with a down mood.  It's so empowering to learn that we can manage an off mood without immediately turning to food.  
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    Thanks for sharing this, it sounds delicious and I think you know what's coming... I'm adding it to my list of gotta try's
    I'm going to call it "Cat's Chicken Thing"   
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    So awesome for all of it! Ive been trying to figure out what i want to do after the thirty days and I think there is a very high chance i continue it out to at least 60 days. Though i really want cheese back in my life. Like cheese will have to be the first intro at some point no matter what but i dont want to fall right back into eating all these things all day every day so Ive been trying to come up with a long term plan after the reintros and everything. Plus my dr hasnt seen the results yet but i imagine after the 30 days shes gonna be super pushy about me sticking with for a while LOL my sugar numbers are gonna excite her so much.
    I wish i could have you just come cook for me <3 your food always sounds so yummy with such a veggie variety! I still just grab one and im like broccoli there something veggie lol.
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    Day 30!!! This was by far the easiest round. I credit that to not even having the opportunity to eat out, having ALL the time in the world to prep and cook and shop, and having no outside pressures at all. Here's hoping that as that stuff begins to creep back in, it stays easy
    I downloaded FFF yesterday and have started it - @ShadowInTheKitchen I hear you with reading at night LOL, I'm 2 pages and out like a light!!
    I forgot to eat meal 1 today, only realised after 3:30 when I was out walking the dog. Had a mini-meal when I got home of a bit of cauli/brocc rice and a bit of chicken tikka masala. 
    Dinner is seared salmon steaks with sauteed asparagus and broccolini, and maybe some jicama sticks with chilli and lime...
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    So my A1C came back at 4.9 along with my perfect cholesterol (both good and bad). YAY!!
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    Good luck! I've thankfully managed to keep about 50lbs off so far during my entire weight loss journey over the past couple of years, but it's not easy and I've definitely fluctuated! I started another reset on Wednesday with the intention of it at least being a Whole7 plus reintro and see how I feel, but I feel SO much better I may just go the whole 30 days again... three rounds in a row! 
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    Alright, well, I'm officially done with my Whole30 so I thought I would log my scale- and non-scale victories! I'm also planning to continue for another month, so I've added measurements, which I will compare in another 30 days. I lost more weight than I thought this round, but it felt a lot harder to see and feel the difference. Probably because it's less easy to notice weight loss when you only wear sweats! LOL. Much easier to notice when you're actually wearing real clothing, like business pants! 
    I still continue to be disappointed that I don't have more energy  but I really think it might just be the intensity of my spiritual awakening and my increased sensitivity to the energy around me (meaning I'm connecting more with the overall negative energy associated with the global pandemic). 
    But... I looked up my max heart rate for my last three rides and it has gone down with each ride, despite maintaining the same speed! I also did a trail run last night and I felt good! So, my physical stamina and performance is improving, even if I'm not feeling it with my day-to-day energy levels! And that's okay!
    Weight Loss: 11.5 lbs 
    Non-Scale Victories:
    Genuinely loving the food I'm eating Enjoying finding and playing with new recipes My insides feel healthy  Feeling an aura of health surrounding me My resting heart rate is lower My heart rate during exercise is decreasing  My skin is lovely  Feeling in alignment  Current Measurements:
    Weight: 194.7 lbs Bust: 37.25" Waist: 33.5" Hips: 45.5" Right Thigh: 28" Right Bicep: 14.5"
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    Good morning! Day... 18? 
    The last couple of nights I have struggled to get to sleep due to to twitchy legs. It's been really weird. It's like there's this twitch in my lower back that makes my legs feel weird and I just want to keep moving them. I hope it goes away.
    So last night I actually did a workout. Exercise is supposed to make you release happy endorphins, right? This one just made me maaaaaaaad. No reason, just like epic PMS cranky. It passed, eventually, but I was a bit of a sook for the rest of the night.
    But, I've decided to make the effort to go back to Taekwondo. I've found a dojang not far from my house, with an instructor who seems really great. I reached a provisional black belt a few years ago at a really cool family run dojang, and then it moved one direction and I moved the other direction and I couldn't make classes any more. Tried a couple of dojangs closer to me, but one was a chain which was really cookie-cutter and the other was more of a MMA gym and it was whoa to go and nothing in between. This one seems a lot like my old dojang, to the point I was chatting to the instructor about my original dojang and she knows my old instructor and says her style is much the same. 
    When I was doing TKD years ago, I was at my healthiest, lightest and fittest. I really enjoyed it (I really don't like just exercising for exercises' sake, I think learning something). Class doesn't go back in-person until the end of June, but that gives me 4 weeks to try and crank up some fitness, and the motivation to do so (falling over dead at your first class back is rather embarrassing). So I'm trying to actually do the 30 minutes exercise a day that I've been repeatedly committing to. 
    Meal 1: Leftover turkey stew with broccoli
    Meal 2: Hmmmm. i have a freezer full of food and very little inspiration. Maybe stuffed peppers because I bought too many - I could do a Mediterranean style meatloaf mix and bake them in. That could work. EDIT: opened the freezer and remembered I made a bunch of beef, smoked tomato and mushroom sausages, so they're dinner with mashed root veg (I'm on a kick lately) and sauteed brussel sprouts and beans.
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    Well, normally when I vanish suddenly from my own log, it's because I gave up on my round and reverted to poor eating habits. That's not the case this time! I've simply decided that I'm not going do add all the fanfare to this round because I'm trying to make this my new normal and I wouldn't be tracking and logging every single thing I eat as part of my everyday normal. 
    So, I don't know what day I'm on. I haven't been eating perfect meal template meals. On many days I haven't drank enough water or eaten three full meals. But, I'm here. I'm feeling strong and I'm eating well-balanced, healthy meals. I feel more confident than ever that I can make this a lasting practice! 
    I'll check in occasionally, but that's where I'm at for this one! 
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    ROUND 3, Day 8: Monday, September 9
    Meal 1: three scrambled eggs with a splash of coconut milk; bowl of cauliflower bone broth soup; two slices of bacon
    Pre-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; banana
    Exercise (6 hours, 20 minutes): 5.88-mile, 10-pitch rock climb with 2,395 of elevation gain and topping out at 10,306 feet (137 average HR; 174 max HR)  
    Intra-Workout Snack: pouch of peach, apricot, and banana baby food; pouch of blueberry, pear, and purple carrot baby food; half mango RXBar
    Intra-Workout Meal 2: collard green sandwich wrap with four slices deli turkey, one and a half slices of bacon, half avocado, onion, sprouts and mayo; banana
    Post-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; pouch of sweet potato and beet baby food; can of coconut water
    Meal 3: one and a half chicken enchilada stuffed bell peppers; can of sliced potatoes pan fried in ghee
    Water Intake: ~100 oz
    Improved physical performance Jeans and climbing harness fitting more loosely Regular bowel movements (this is a big deal because I’m pretty regularly constipated on Whole30) Thoughts/Reflections: I did it! My first double-digit multi-pitch climb!
    I don’t know if my hard work is finally paying off, if I’m turning the corner toward Tiger Blood, or if I just fueled right, but I felt great today! Honestly, it was probably a combination of all of those things and I’m so, so happy to finally see changes happening in the mountains.  
    It was hard. Most definitely, it was hard. And my legs were oh-so tired. But I never doubted that I could do it! And that is a huge improvement over my last multi-pitch climb!
    I do like the fueling strategy I used, which was basically lots of fruity carbs (thank you new Whole30 workout guidelines!). Though I think I could have used one more carb break before the summit. The final push to the summit felt like bonking more than general fatigue, and that’s likely due to the fact that I hadn’t had a carb hit in quite some time before those last few pitches. For a while, it just didn’t feel that far away so I kept holding out. And then I had an RXBar rather than fruit, which I think was a mistake. So, here’s to lots of fruity carbs for fuel!
    [Photo 1: the lake where we started, with Tenaya Peak in the background]
    [Photo 2: from the top of Tenaya Peak] 

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    I've said this on the forum a few times now, but he honestly just needs to suck it up (man to man here/tough love).  I drank a minimum of 60 oz of soda per day.  It went down something like this: 44oz soda from the corner store in the morning to get me to lunch.  Water or a 20oz soda at lunch.  One or two 12 oz sodas at home in the evening. 
    I took to Spindrift my first Whole30 and also found a compliant Spearmint Hot Tea to give me a bit of caffeine help.  I had horrible headaches for a few days but then the SpinDrift and Water alone were fine.  By the end of my first Whole30 I could no longer stand the tasted of diet soda.  Now when I absolutely feel like I want one I'll oblige myself with one regular sugar soda but otherwise it's water, sparkling water or SpinDrift.   During my current Whole30 I have had tea once or twice a week and drink at least 80 oz of regular water and (2) 12oz Sparkling Waters of various types a day.  
    Yes it sucks, but it will likely change his perspective on those drinks.  This is still one of my biggest NSVs of Whole30 and it has lasted over 6 months!
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    People who create accounts just to voice their disagreement/disapproval on things they know nothing about have empty lives. Please be assured that no one here cares about your opinion or your know-it-all condescending attitude. Go back to facebook or your blog (an assumption on my part but I'll bet $5 you have one) if you need attention that bad. 
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    People who create accounts just to voice their disagreement/disapproval on things they know nothing about have empty lives. Please be assured that no one here cares about your opinion or your know-it-all condescending attitude. Go back to facebook or your blog (an assumption on my part but I'll bet $5 you have one) if you need attention that bad.