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    Hi all, first off, kudos to everyone doing this! I'm on day 22 and the cravings for chocolate are kicking my butt!
    Anyways, wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this... I started my whole 30 on day 3 of my cycle, it stopped on day 2 of whole 30, and things were just fine. Mind you, I'm on the pill. On day 6 of my whole 30, I got a new cycle. Just a bit of spotting at first, but then super heavy, and I've been spotting now since then, and I'm on day 22, so now I'm on ten days of my period. Which is super abnormal for me, since I'm on the pill and usually regular, and since this is my second cycle in 3 weeks.
    I've also lost 14 pounds in this time, and I went cold turkey into this whole 30, but haven't we all?
    Does anyone have any thoughts about this?