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    Contessa reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I need to do this next-my first step toward normalcy was to turn off my email notifications on my phone at the end of the workday.  I'm moving toward ending at my normal time, just not there yet.  And also working toward the mandatory lunch break, which is more likely to happen when I write a daily schedule.  Thank you so much for the encouragement!!  You are exactly right, we used to take lots of mini-breaks all day long, now it feels like I must be working every minute.  That's good food for thought.  Plus, I also hate having to talk on the phone!  
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    Contessa got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Take Advantage   
    Oooh... chicken salad. I kinda forgot that chicken salad existed. I have historically loved this stuff.... and it's not hard to make a W30 compliant chicken salad.
    I'm being reminded again of how very frequently I have used food as a transition point in my day...
    Wrapping up a work meeting with a client > How about a peanut butter cup? Coming in from a stroll outside and turning my attention to the next task > Time for a bit of chocolate milk! (HOLY MOSES, I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK. The rich, full fat kind.) Midday, feeling kind of grumbly, not sure what to do for lunch > Don't want to stop for a real meal, so I'll aimlessly graze my way through every bag, carton, and box in the house. Learning not to reach for the salt and vinegar chips at random intervals through the day will take some time. From my lofty perch here on Day 9 (ha!), it's worth the discomfort. Hope this new day goes smoothly for you.
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    Contessa reacted to Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Thank you. I love it so far. I think I am actually experiencing a kind of freedom already. I thought I would die having to give up sweeteners and dairy but, oh joy, I have a world of foods to explore and I love the community! 
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    Contessa got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Just wanted to say I'm loving your posts. You have a delightful way with words. I hope W30 is very effective and enjoyable for you!
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    Contessa reacted to Jennifer Jensen in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    What is your start date? How many times have you done Whole30? 

    I really am hoping this works. Right now I am trying to find out if I am going to have to take digestive enzymes to digest all the protein. I was doing great until yesterday... that's another post.
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    Contessa reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Thank you!!
    Well, 2 weeks after I finished a round (and 2 weeks of eating like hell, drinking way too much and otherwise just letting it ALL go), I'm back with vertigo and migraine again, so - guess who's back?
    I need to get some groceries and do some prep but I need to get back to at least trying to eat decently. This cycle is terrible. I'm also noticing that it's taking shorter time for the migraines to come back when I get off track, so I wonder if my sensitivity is increasing. I still don't see the immunologist for 3 months, so I'm just going to try and stay as compliant as possible until then. 
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    Contessa reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 31
    I picked up Food Freedom Forever yesterday and have nearly finished it for the second time. There's really some good, helpful stuff in there, especially as it supports the need to do reintroductions every time you do a W30 reset. I most certainly will do so eventually. Either in December, when I have completed my 105 days; or, if I feel like celebrating my birthday and T-Gives (both in the same week) with a glass of wine, I may end my W30 then just for that, and then continue on with my W30 macros experiment at least through December as planned. Time will tell.
    I'm finally starting to get some energy back after returning from Wisconsin. Really realizing how much that trip took it out of me. Doing my best to practice exquisite self care and not rely on excess caffeine or anything else as a crutch.
    OK. Back to work. Looking forward to having scallops today for the first time in months!
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    Contessa got a reaction from LadyM in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Regardless of what the food looks like, I hope you have a truly joyful birthday with lots of greetings and cheer from your loved ones!    I'm toasting you with this extremely boring glass of seltzer water!
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    Contessa reacted to SchrodingersCat in Contessa's Food Freedom   
    That's always a big red flag for me, too. Even compliant snacking is a slippery slop because I know I'm not hungry, I'm just doing it because I'm bored or cranky. 
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    Contessa got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Contessa's Food Freedom   
    After righting the ship and having some very good days last week, I see anew that snacking between is the start of a huge cascade of undesirable emotional and physical outcomes.
    I'm not talking about "Enjoying a slice of apple with peanut butter after a 5k" snacking.
    I'm talking about "It's mid-afternoon and I feel irritable with my job so I'll open up this bag of tortilla chips and suddenly look down and realize I've eaten 2/3 of it" snacking.
    A new mini-goal for this week: No snacks between meals. Period.
    I'll report back later on my findings
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    Contessa got a reaction from UrsulaB11 in Bumpy journey to food freedom   
    Absolutely love this thought! Perhaps we should use it as a guide and let it teach us more about how we respond to food.
    I appreciate your takeaway on alcohol, too. It affects me the same way, impairing my sleep. Wine and beer are great as weekend treats.
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    Contessa reacted to decker_bear in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Don't be so hard on yourself! I'm reading a really good book right now called The Hungry Brain. I'm about halfway into it. The basic premise to this point is that we are biologically wired to want the most calorie-dense foods, and when we get our hands on them, we over-consume. This is based on the caveman days when they may not always have access to honey or starchy tubers or fatty meats. When those foods are available, they gorge on them, because there is no telling when they will find the next batch. The problem in today's world is that we are still biologically wired that way, but calorie-dense foods are absolutely everywhere and a lot worse for us than honey or starchy tubers. 

    See if you can get your hands on this book, I think it might help. I can't say what the recommendations are because I'm not there yet, but even Melissa says that our lack of "self-control" isn't really our fault. Scientists create "food" in such a way that is addicting so we eat more and more. I can't say why some people are seemingly better able to resist these temptations, but I can only guess it has to do with habits built over long periods of time. 

    Hang in there!  W30 is always here for you when you are ready for another round. 
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    Contessa reacted to decker_bear in Take Advantage   
    Oh my goodness, those brownies sound like they are in the "worth it" category! I am a SUCKER for a good brownie. I'm excited for you to start again tomorrow! I hadn't been reading your log because it looked old, but I just realized it's current! I'm super excited to follow you. 
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    Contessa got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I just want to say that I love this so much and I relate fully to this aspiration! Brava!
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    Contessa reacted to SchrodingersCat in Take Advantage   
    I've decided I'm staying off the scale long term. It only messes with my head. Of course, I've also decided many times in the past to stay W30, to ditch the scale, to keep exercising daily, all of which I've failed on, but hey - never stop trying, right? LOL.
    Great to see pain at a 0!! Stay safe in that stormy weather!
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    Contessa got a reaction from UrsulaB11 in Contessa's Food Freedom   
    Feeling listless on a Friday night. I made plans to enjoy a breezy patio dinner at a restaurant with my fella tonight, but in the end we canceled the reservations out of COVID concerns. Infection rates in our area seem to be really high, and I am not sure I can handle two hours in public without a mask on, even if it's outdoors.
    "Your 'Surge Capacity' is Depleted — It's Why You Feel Awful"
    This essay has been making the rounds in my social media circles, including a repost from W30's Melissa Urban. It resonates with me. I continue to find help in hearing (reading) other people's reflections of life in the time of COVID. What is happening with COVID has upended so many dependable aspects of life for us. Particularly here in the States. It continues to be a huge adjustment!
    The article talks about building and maintaining friendships, and on building a "resilience bank account." I hear a lot of us here on the forum thinking in these terms as well. Gold stars for my W30 pals as we continue to navigate this challenging time.
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    Contessa got a reaction from UrsulaB11 in Contessa's Food Freedom   
    Whew. It's Thursday and I am ready to reset! I don't know what the deal is, but I have slept poorly for the past couple of nights after enjoying some decadent homemade ice cream. Last night, I had legitimate acid reflux in the middle of the night! It was only the second time in my life that I've experienced that particular barrel of monkeys. (If you've never experienced acid reflux, don't rush out and experience it. It's really awful.) I don't feel like I had eaten a ton of ice cream, but whatever I ate was not loved by my body.
    This morning, after a fitful night of sleep, before I had even changed out of my pajamas, the decadent homemade ice cream went right into the garbage. Yep, there it is, melting all over yesterday's coffee grounds and eggshells.
    I have been feeling too good to sacrifice for that ice cream. That was decidedly #NotWorthIt. So thankful to have the framework of good W30 meals to fall back on. Onward, upward.
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    Contessa got a reaction from decker_bear in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Posting meals and W30 experiences here does seem to dial up the level of engagement, doesn't it? You're in the right place. And yes. Dijon mustard is delicious, shit absolutely happens, and your W30 pals are here for you. Hope you are having a great day, I look forward to tracking your experience here.
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    Contessa reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    I know this feeling too.  @MadyVanilla had a good suggestion for a way to deal with the depression etc.  Try to talk to someone outside of your house at least once a day.  
    Have an open mind and look for meaningful conversation with everyone you meet.  Neighbours were the best answer for me.  I walk often with my dog, but also bring along dog treats for other people's dogs, which helped to meet a few new people in my neighbourhood and then led to conversation.  You will often be standing on opposite sides of the street to talk, keeping social distancing guidelines but it's real in-person contact with other people.  I believe that by making a conscious effort daily to get perspective from others brought me back from the brink.  Ok that's being dramatic, but it did help me. A lot.
    With the nice weather coming it will be easier to enjoy time outside, even if it's only 2 hours a day.  Hang in there.
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    Contessa reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    A quick note to say all is going well - wrapping up Day 6, dinner is cooking now.  I don't like to miss more than one day of journaling, and I got up for an early breakfast and gym workout yesterday morning and never got on the computer.  Five mile hike with the dog today (gorgeous day!) and plans to hit the mat soon after dinner for a good restorative session.  
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    Contessa reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    I realised last night that I hadn't had vertigo. It's like hiccups, you don't really notice it stop, you just realise sometime later that it's not there anymore. So we shall see if that keeps up, but day 18 appears to be the magic day!
    Low-key day today, yesterday was huge for the activity, and I want to work on my cross-stitch. I'll try and get out to the elliptical for 30 minutes. 
    Food will be leftovers for lunch, I have duck and fennel salad. Also ended up having some leftover lamb because that duck leg was small! Plus olives.
    I really want to make sweet potato waffles (just SP and egg, I finally have a waffle maker!) but that might wait until I make burgers with waffle 'buns'... hmm. Tempting. To do that tonight, I'd have to duck out for rolls for the hubster... hmm.
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    Contessa reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Hubster keeps telling me I need a W30 blog or cookbook! I'm just lazy and would have to measure and track what I put in LOL. I'm such a "this smells like it would work" cook.
    FRIDAY! I like Friday, even with lockdown. It's going to be a lovely weekend. I plan to garden, cross-stitch, and cook something on the Weber - maybe a spatchcocked chicken, maybe a duck. Who knows. 
    Today though - also who knows, lol. I have leftover curry sauce which would be a shame to waste, I have some lamb steaks which are easy to defrost and in small packs, so maybe curried cauliflower with spiced lamb. 
    Dinner - eh, I'll work it out - I do need to duck out so I might see what's on sale at the butchers.
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    Contessa got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    I look forward to your forthcoming Whole 30 cookbook. This sounds tasty, colorful, and nourishing! Wow!
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    Contessa got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    I look forward to your forthcoming Whole 30 cookbook. This sounds tasty, colorful, and nourishing! Wow!
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    Contessa reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I just re-read this and feel like I need to be able to look back on it again as needed in the coming days.