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  1. SouthernBeth

    Sick-Need feedback!

    I agree! I made sure not to over do it. My trainer was well aware of how I was feeling and made sure I didn't push too hard. For example, we were supposed to be running 400m and I walked it. Friday I finally felt like myself again, which was exciting! Yesterday and today I've been getting nauseous, painful gas, a lot and having some bathroom issues, if you will. This was happening to me a lot about a year or two ago and lasted for a long time. I went to my doctor to be screened for Celiac's, but there was nothing to indicate I had it. Once I started my first Whole30, I was convinced it was a thing of the past! That maybe I was just adjusting to food in a new environment (I moved across the country). But here I am again, feeling the same way and I'm really frustrated. I'd really like to think it's stress related, but I don't know that it is. It kind of feels like a mild hangover. I have pretty much no appetite, except for soda water and bananas. I can't stop my life every time I feel a little ill, however. So unless I get hit with another day like Monday, I'm going to keep training. This week I'm going to try and get in to see my doctor and hopefully get some answers. I have a family history of thyroid problems, but the last time I had tests done for this my thyroid levels were fine. Why don't our bodies just DO what we want them to?!
  2. SouthernBeth

    What are you making for dinner tonight?

    Tonight we're having a weeknight favorite: meat spaghetti sauce (tonight with venison) and since we can't find spaghetti squash anywhere, I started ricing a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower and cooking it with onions, coconut oil, parsley, garlic, and s&p. My husband bought the mixed bag instead of cauliflower, but it's a PERFECT base for the spaghetti sauce. You can mix it up with the sauce or don't in a big bowl. SO GOOD! Comfort food at it's finest in this house.
  3. Hello, W30ers! Since so many of you have had health issues in the past (which is why you're doing a Whole30, I assume), I thought you'd be good people to get input from. And there could be some doctors out there. I'm in the home stretch of my second Whole30 and have been having some GI issues since Sunday/Monday. The doc said it's a stomach virus, but it most certainly is not. Here's a brief rundown: I started feeling kind of nauseous on Sunday but didn't think much of it. On Monday at work, I started having abdominal pains that got progressively worse over the course of the day (started at maybe a 4, went up to a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10). When I got home, I had a low fever that got progressively higher over the course of the evening. My muscles and joints were aching, especially my shoulders and lower back, and I was extremely tired. I even skipped CrossFit-- that's how serious I felt! I couldn't belive how bad my muscles and joints hurt. It was an 8 for sure. Only upside: took the focus away from my gut pain. Eventually, my husband and I made our way to the ER where they took blood and gave me a CT, but they didn't find anything. At all. Just extra fluid in my intestines (or so the nurse at my PCP's office tells me). I stayed home sick Tuesday and Wednesday, fever subsided. My muscles were still achy Tuesday. The abdominal pain never subsided. Tuesday night I started feeling a little better, but it was short lived. Yesterday was a bit better, still lots of cramping and pain, fatigue, but I made it to CrossFit and performed the WOD slowly and with lighter weight. Today I went back to work, still with abdominal pain. It's been stead at about a 4-5 on a pain scale, sometimes better, sometimes worse. It feels like a lot of gas buildup and it moves around my abdomen: behind my belly button, lower, to the right, to the left. Never really my stomach though. This afternoon, after speaking with my doctor's office (she's out of the office all week-- of course she is!), I decided if it's still bugging me tomorrow that I'll go to urgent care after work. For now, I just grabbed some Gas-X and tried to push the pain away. Also, the lymph nodes above my collar bone have felt a little swollen all day today. I haven't had any vomiting, only some bad BM's twice in four days (is that TMI? Whatever, you CHOSE to read this). I've been on W30, so you know what my diet is like (the nurse told me to stay away from dairy.. errmm, no prob). Since Sunday, I've been eating soft scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and some zucchini. Today I added some broccoli and almond butter, no changes in the way I've felt. My pain was pretty high all day today until this afternoon probably. Went to CF tonight, just felt a little nauseous after. Sipping on some seltzer now! What's wrong with me? Just bad gas? Is it a virus like the ER doc thought? Or is it more serious, like Crohn's disease? Anyone have any similar experiences?? HELP!
  4. SouthernBeth

    Cross Fit Convert!

    CrossFit is amaze. My husband and I joined our local box after finishing our first Whole30. I've been amazed at what my body can do! We usually go five days a week and run one day on the weekend with one total rest day. What I've found most amazing is how much I've improved on simple things without actually working on them. Like running! 8 weeks ago running 200 meters was HARD WORK! We only make sure to run once a week (on an off day) and last night we ran 200 meters 5 times. I ran all five times. ALL FIVE. It was SO much easier, I was doing it faster and more effectively. Sometimes it surprises me when I do something like running well and I kind of get emotional. Never in a million years did I think I could do something like CrossFit and do it WELL! After our WOD last night (which was a repeat of one a few months ago), everyone was looking at their previous times/weights and had improved by leaps and bounds. One of our guys told me he had never seen something work so well for so many different types of people and he is right. It's amaze!
  5. SouthernBeth

    Workout Questions! Help!

    Oh and I really like FenderBender's workout suggestion. That's a great start.
  6. SouthernBeth

    Workout Questions! Help!

    I used to do the same thing with CrossFit workouts. I thought they looked SO COOL and I wanted to do it, too. CrossFit was our 'reward' for completing a Whole30. WAY BETTER than cake or ice cream! Today I accomplished a goal: jumping on a 20" box! Trying to be consistent on your own before signing up for CrossFit is a great idea. It can get pretty expensive, depending on where you are in the country. I have worked out pretty consistently for a couple years and four-five days a week before starting CrossFit, so I knew we could do it, especially if my husband and I held each other accountable, like we did during our Whole30. You're on a roll-- keep it up!
  7. SouthernBeth

    Workout Questions! Help!

    This may sound weird, but Self magazine always has really great workouts. Some of which are all body weight and don't even require a trip to the gym. I used to do one of those 3 times a week and walk outside the other days (sometimes I combined them). It was working great for me while I was on Whole30! I like that you're walking outside. Getting out in the air and sunshine is SO GOOD for us! I agree with Kim, though, you do NOT have to be in shape to start CrossFit. I've been doing it for 5 weeks and was not in the best shape of my life when we started. I could barely run 200 meters or do push ups!! Now my husband and I are doing CrossFit and training for a Spartan Race (14 miles, 30+ obstacles) in December. I'm a craaaazy person!!! CrossFit is great though if you didn't have much confidence in yourself or didn't think you could ever be an 'athlete' but have enjoyed working out as you say you do. It sounds like you're doing awesome though and that's exciting to hear (read?)!!!
  8. SouthernBeth

    PWO Meal Mandatory?

    I'm in a similar predicament with amount of exercise. My husband and I have been doing CrossFit 5 nights a week (@ 5:30, so not too late) and sometimes a weekend team WOD and short runs. We're doing a 14 mile obstacle course in December and I'm a CRUMMY runner, so I've been trying to get better with tempo runs on weekends. Eventually we'll be doing hills on the weekends to prep, as well. I think it all caught up to me Thursday doing a lift I had never attempted at a new box. (the 13.1 workout-- snatches!) I should have thought about it better and done clean and jerks, which I'm WAAAAY more comfortable with, but I didn't even think about it and now I think I've pulled a muscle below my left shoulder blade and on my side. I tried running yesterday and OUCH. Is this the exercise gods telling me to dial it down? I took a rest day yesterday and another today. I don't THINK I'm working out too much (though sometimes we go to the 5:30pm class one night and then the 5:15am class the next day and that's pretty rough). Should I be taking more rest-days?
  9. SouthernBeth

    Beyond W30.

    On December 31st my husband and I were flying back to Arkansas from California, having spent the holidays with my parents, when we found and decided to commit to Whole30 (bought the book and the emails). I had been in control of my weight and my eating, I thought, for a few years. I hadn't put on any weight since we were married two years ago, so that's good right? In 2007 and 2008, I dropped maybe 20-25 pounds and in the years since have dropped about forty total. Since moving to Arkansas I had been having some gut issues, but I just figured that was just normal. I was fine. Everyone gets the tummy rubles and nausea, right? I ate whole wheat, and sure I ate a lot of sugar, but my eating habits were fine. Let's reverse a bit, shall we? I spent those years in 2007 and 2007 full of guilt and hate. I would agonize over what to eat every day and I went through a phase during which I ate nothing than toast and grapefruit for breakfast and an apple and a Special K bar for lunch every day. By the time I got to dinner, I was starving and, more often then not, piled food on my plate and guzzled away the guilt I felt about eating big dinners. I started a pretty ok exercise routine until it became unhealthy in that I was forcing myself to workout harder and hating myself when I didn't do 'enough'. I actually cried once through a workout because I knew I wasn't doing 'enough'. Most of that came to an end when my doctor (BLESS HER) told me I had a depression and anxiety problem and prescribed me medication. She told me I was no longer allowed to 'work out to be skinny'. Instead, I should just take a walk when it was nice out, or go for a bike ride, or do some yoga. For fun. I've kept that up since 2009 and added some more weights to get stronger (I found I liked seeing muscles). My medication helped me say no to foods, but my bad food habits still hadn't been broken, so I continued to make impulse food decisions and comfort myself with chocolate and ice cream when I felt down or homesick. I figured it was fine-- I wasn't gaining weight, I still exercised sometimes, I'm at my 'happy' weight, right? Wrong. It wasn't until Whole 30 that I understood what a happy BODY was (not weight). Whole30 taught me pay attention to what I was eating, not just to the mindless snacking, but the ingredients. Whole30 helped me slay my sugar demon! I made sure to eat any fruit BEFORE a meal, rather than after. I stopped craving dessert at night. I slept better (though I will admit, those first couple weeks, I dreamed of bagles, chips, and fried things--- none of which I have ever really liked!). I walk taller, I smile more. I'm happier. I know I have the tools to make good decisions and if I don't? Whole30 is always there to catch me and whip me back into shape. The learning aspect never ends. One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was recognizing personal habits I hadn't even realized had become habits. Reaching into a cookie box in the break room, grabbing a muffin 'treat' on the way to school, stealing candy from my students' grab box (I know, right?). I didn't even realize I was doing any of these! But I know now and I can stop them. I'm a big girl! I can say no! One of the best parts of Whole30 has been getting closer to my husband. We committed to this together, like another marriage. No cheating, no negativity, lots of working together. Without him, I'm not sure I could have accomplished everything I have in 30 days. We cook together, plan together, vent together, take walks together and next week we're starting CROSSFIT together!! We've opened up more about the issues we have with our bodies and self-esteem. We started a conversation and it's brought us so much closer together. Seeing his confidence grow with every work out, with every meal, has been an incredible experience. Watching your partner get healthier and HAPPIER (and you along with them) is so amazing, I don't even know if I can explain it, so I'll stop trying. When we shared our plans and goals with friends and family, they thought we were a bit nuts. (I think most chalked it up to me being from California) When we told them, halfway through, about pants being loose, high and steady energy, improved mood, they didn't show much interest in joining in. On Thursday, when we posted how much weight we'd lost, suddenly there was a rush to find out more. (For the record, I lost ten pounds and my husband lost TWENTY!) Most of these people care only about the weight, but it's SO much more. You have to try it to get it. I wasn't sure I believed the '30 days to change your life' slogan when I first decided to join, but it's true. In 30 different ways in 30 days, you will learn from Whole30 to change your life. And you'll never look back. Thank you, Whole30 team!
  10. SouthernBeth

    Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes

    Um, those comfort noodles look amaze. Especially for someone like me who LOVES a hot bowl of pasta. I wouldn't eat it W30 (for me it might be too SWYPO), but once I'm done it could be a good plan.
  11. SouthernBeth

    Your Top 3 Go-To Veggie Recipes

    Turnips are in season here, so we've been eating our fair share. Roasted, mashed with cauliflower, whatever! They're tangier than cauliflower but still have good texture and flavor. I love me some sweet potato,hash or fritters in the morning with some apples chopped in and some eggs. Delish! So many good ideas on this thread--can't wait to try some!
  12. SouthernBeth

    Movie snacks

    Pistachios and other nuts, grapes and sparkling water! Make sure you crack the sparkling water at a loud part, gets noisy!
  13. SouthernBeth

    Whole 30 to slay the sugar demon, 1/1/13

    Gah, bone marrow freaks me out. I don't think I'm there yet. I'm still having some sugar cravings on Day 20!!! Arg. And starting to get panicky about what happens Feb 1st. I keep reminding myself that I AM AN ADULT. SUGAR DOES NOT OWN ME. But without my beautiful, safe W30 rules, I'm afraid of 'relapsing' so to speak. I had some dried strawberries a couple of days ago, which is not something I can continue eating. I realized it when my husband's back was turned I took an extra mouthful. Those are officially SWYPO for this W30'er. Might be turning this in to a Whole45, just to slay the sugar dragon once and for all. I didn't realize that upping my fat intake can help with that? Going to have to try that. Thank you!!
  14. SouthernBeth

    Need new ideas for meals (AI protocol)

    What's AI and FODMAP? I'm still getting used to so many acronyms! Have you looked at ? They have some pretty legit recipes and a whole section that is W30 approved. I found one for sloppy joes and we serve it on top of some mashed cauliflower. FAVORITE! Also, I think chowstalker has a section with nightshade free recipes you might want to check out. I don't much use recipes either. Usually i look at a bunch, then just make my own. A favorite breakfast of ours so far has been a sweet potato hash. Sometimes we throw in some ground turkey, along with onions, some garlic maybe, butternut squash if we have it, and a chopped apple and cinnamon. Holy crap. I usually eat it with eggs, but you certainly don't have to. This morning we had chorizo, wilted spinach, grilled onions/bell peppers, a blood orange and a kiwi. Pretty legit. My po-wo meal today was some left over turkey burger and roasted butternut squash. Not sure what to have to my Meal 3. Had a bit of W30 chili at the inlaws but she used V8 in it, not sure how compliant that is. Good luck!
  15. SouthernBeth

    Places to eat out?

    I forgot about taco salads and fajitas! We could totally do those. I saw the Panera 'secret' menu, too, which looks delish. Sometime soon for a 'special' morning, I'm going to eat up their steak breakfast. I thought about ordering breakfast the other day, but it got the better of me. It's a pretty safe option, so I'll just have to remember that next time!