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  1. fueling while training for a marathon

    Hey all! I'm also marathon training. I'll be honest I have finished the Whole30 but decided to keep going after a week off. So I've reset. I did a long run of 12 this morning at a 9:33 pace. This is pretty good for me seeing as I am 11 months out from having a baby. For pre run breakfast it's either 2 eggs with some sweet potato, apple, onion hash or a banana with almond butter. During my run I stop for 30 seconds or so and drink water (I mix in a little coconut water before for added electrolytes) eat a date and 5-6 salted dry roasted almonds. Half way through my run I will have half or a whole larabar. Post run I have 2 or 3 eggs, spinach sautéed with a tomato or some more hash. My body feels good, I feel fueled and hydrated, and my energy is good throughout my run. Hope this helps!