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  1. Hi all! I thought I would start a thread specifically for these two issues which go together for many people, including myself. I was diagnosed with FMS at age 12 (I'm 30 now). I've been gluten-free for many years, and when I learned about Paleo this past summer, I tried to incorporate some Paleo principles into my diet, and even on a limited basis, it made a HUGE difference for me. I've been able to work some 40-hour weeks this fall, which I have not been able to do for literally years. I am very excited to be starting the Whole30 today. I'm especially looking forward to seeing if I can slay the sugar dragon. When you have low energy, it's so easy to give yourself emergency energy boosts with sugar (which is just a vicious cycle, of course!). I have the Hartwigs' book as well as Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan (I've already made her mayo and her "sunshine sauce," soooooo good!). I think lots of us people with fibro have self-corrected with these eating habits over the years, but I'm finally ready to add some structure and discipline to it to get some serious results now that I've had a taste of what's possible!
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    This is not really a problem, but my mom (who is also doing the Whole30) wanted me to ask the question ("run it up the flagpole," were her words). We have both been more thirsty than before. Now, we're not eating any processed foods with hidden salt, nor are we adding tons of salt to our food (we are low-salt cookers, typically adding salt only at the table). So... is this a thing that happens? Is it known what the mechanism is that causes it?
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    It's not really a PROBLEM, I was just curious. As per usual, Kirsteen's explanation makes a lot of sense. And on the plus side, I've noticed that plain water is much more appealing to me than it used to be.
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    Coffee Creamer?

    I tried coconut cream (the condensed stuff at the top of the can of milk) in my coffee for the first time today because I didn't think my breakfast had enough fat. It was OK, but I'd rather have it black!
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    Solid can of coconut milk??

    And it is SUPER yummy
  6. Renée: thanks for the encouragement/advice! Daphne: WHOA NELLY. Hold up. You do CrossFit AND have fibromyalgia? That really boggles my mind -- how? Isn't CrossFit about pushing your body and stuff? (Which is a sure recipe for a flare with FMS.)
  7. I'm wondering now if I should've done the AIP, knowing how allergenic eggs and nuts can be.
  8. Hi, Laura! I just replied to you in your thread, and now you are in mine. Normally I don't hold out much hope for "cures" or "treatments" and such (that's the role of my mom, who also has fibro) but for some reason this time I'm optimistic.
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    Don't over think this.

    Can I just say that if you are doing Whole30 in a workplace environment where that is a standard snack -- I SALUTE YOU.