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2014 is starting out in the same fashion as 2013 did - with a Whole "something" - Right now, I'm thinking a Whole 60 is in order.  I think wiping the slate clean is a great way to start a new year!


My hubby and I have been following Paleo for about 2 1/2 years.  So many of the downfalls new followers experience aren't even on my radar and haven't been for quite some time - bread, sweets, most processed foods, dairy.  My downfalls are mexican food (chips, salsa, refried beans, and relatively sane main dishes with lots of veggies) - but way too many carbs!  We hit one of our favorite Texan or Tex-Mex restaurants probably every two weeks or so.   Definitely food without breaks for me.  My other downfall is red wine.  I would be much healthier if I just gave it up completely.....which is why I'm considering a Whole 60 to see if I can eliminate a taste for it. 


I'm 51 years old, have three adult children and two grandbabies, and an amazing husband who is my best friend. 


In my younger years, I loved to run and play racquetball.  For the last year (plus), I've had right knee issues that have limited my ability to stay as active as I once was.  I'm re-engaging as a brisk walker (with sporadic spurts of running) and a 100 sit-up and 100 push-up program.  To the extent I can keep these promises to myself for 60 days, I see a very bright year ahead.