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  1. My thoughts on my mental health post Whole30: I was questioning whether or not my meds needed to be increased prior to this, but I don't think they'll need it if I mostly stick to this way of eating. My mood has been level, and the majority of the physical symptoms of my depression are gone. Losing some weight and feeling stronger doesn't hurt my self-esteem, either. However, I still have an extremely poor relationship with sleep, so I am doing another Whole30 from Feb. 15-Mar. 16 with a special focus on establishing a regular sleep schedule. I'll come back and comment again in mid-March!
  2. I am doing this primarily for mental illness (bipolar, depression, and/or anxiety depending on which physician you ask), but I'm only on Day 13. I'll come back and share how I'm feeling when I get to the end, though!