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  1. CrazyCow

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Day 13 and staying the course! Cleaned up the eating and picked up on the activity. It feels good to be back on the path to wellness, I can tell you! :-)
  2. CrazyCow

    My Whole30 Log

    @HappyPlace I am really enjoying your food! It reminds me of the first time I did Whole30. Love the pics as well. Good luck and keep up the amazing work!
  3. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Day 5: M1: steak, eggs, arugula and tomatoes with bullet proof coffee M2: cauliflower humous, carrots and a pork, sage and blueberry sausage I made whilst doing the weekly cookup M3: turkey and veggie soup with a bit of humous, and baked apples and berries with a touch of coconut cream Fizzy water today, too. No yoga today, but looking forward to tomorrow...should have gone for a walk at least, but did not!
  4. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Day 4: M1: 2 soft boiled eggs with spring greens and sliced red onion with tomatoes M2: shakshukka using a scoop of last night's turkey bolognese & a fried egg M3: sous vide steak (I had about 1/3 of the steak that is pictured...more for leftovers!), potatoes and coconut creamed spinach water and coffee through the day YOGA this was a rough one!
  5. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Day Three: M1: tuna with paleo mayo, carrots, green beans and tomatoes M2: awesome sausage pepper and cashew stir fry with coconut riced cauliflower M3: spag squash with turkey bolognese
  6. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Day 2: Crazy day at work, which meant a meal went by the wayside and activity did, too. M1: Tuna with homemade mayo, carrots, tomatoes, and green beans, with a splash of balsamic. So good, but ate this sooooo late. M2: sat next to me for most of the day in my office, until it was evident I was not going to get to it, so into the fridge it went. A big fat miss. M3: Ravenous, so had a bowl of mulligatawny, followed by a boiled egg, half an avocado and a carrot, with a splash of Balsamic. To drink I had a bulletproof that lasted most of the day (I'm not bothered if it goes cold, I still drink it), as well as peppermint tea. Onwards and upwards tomorrow...!
  7. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Day1! Started with a true bullet proof--forgot how much I love coffee like this. M1: 2 coddled eggs, half an avocado, spinach mix, cherry tomatoes and a splash of balsamic, and a satsuma. M2: Mulligatawny soup, a la Sarah Frogoso and a satsuma. So good. M3: Cocoa and Paprika rubbed beef short ribs, made in sous vide, cauliflower mash, and sauteed green beans.. Lots of water through the day, and finished with a cup of mint tea. Woot woo! No activity today, but it is on the docket for tomorrow. Watch this space.
  8. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    Full range clear out over these past few days: cupboards, freezers, fridge. Half a cook up, as it's actually mid week (huzzah!). We have enough to get us through to the weekend, when we'll get back into a cooking WOD on Sundays. Meanwhile, I'll be posting food and activity here to keep me accountable...
  9. CrazyCow

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Happy New Year, Everyone! So this was us cleaning out the fridge and getting the shopping (round 1) into order. This pic does NOT include the rest of our weekly veggie box, but that has parsnips, carrots, avocados, broccoli, peppers and cauliflower. This pic has just a part of our protein--pictured is chicken and apple sausage, ground turkey, and beef short ribs (that had just come out of the sous vide), but we have eggs and pork as well for this week. After clearing (and cleaning!) everything out, we made mulligatawny soup for tomorrow lunch time, and boiled a bunch of eggs up for brekkies (or whatever) for the next few days. Made salmon cakes for dinner tonight, as the salmon had been cured with sugar, so that needed to be eaten before tomorrow! And of course, there was the rest of the eggnog cheesecake as well... Have a great start to Day 1, and I look forward to cheering everyone on!
  10. CrazyCow

    W30 number TWELVE!

    So it's happening. Whole30 number 12 in t-minus 3 days! Over that time, I'll be clearing out fridge and cupboard space, getting a proper larder full of good food choices, and prepping in general. I'll be logging food and activity here. Looking forward to jump starting 2019 in the best way...good luck to us all!
  11. CrazyCow

    Starting 1/2/2019

    Good luck @charvey...W30 is a great step back into the nutrition and activity ring. I'm a former yoga geek that's just getting back to the studio, and I'm married to a former cross-fit coach and can hand on heart say the two, even if you're not in the box right now, go hand in hand--even with injuries. You learn to listen to your body in very new ways when you're Whole30, and that translates well to activity, too. I too, have got a lot of ground to gain back after what seems pretty much like a year of no activity and poor food choices (I don't even have the excuse of a toddler in the house!), so I'll be sure to check beck in and give you some good old cross-fit shouts of encouragement as we go through the next 30 days. We've got this!
  12. CrazyCow

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    I'm starting on the 2nd as well. This is Whole30 number 12 for me...! My first Whole 30 was in January of 2013. I've done a few each year ever since--except for 2018, where it was a year of weight gain and activity loss for me. So it's time to right this ship and get back to feeling the way I KNOW it feels to eat well, be active, and really enjoy the healthy choices I make. I also will enjoy the CRAZY food dreams that will invariably arrive... I'll be prepping ever so slightly over the next few days, but honestly I'll be eating the last of the Christmas biscuits, drinking the last of the egg nog lattes, toasting the last of the holiday cocktails. So I expect that carb flu to hit HARD come the first week of January...and I say, bring it!
  13. Hi Isabell...I'm curious about Yogateket, and I've not seen the program that combines Whole 30, but I'm keen to learn more! I'll be starting W30 in January too, though I've lost count of how many I've done over the years...and I learn something new every time!
  14. CrazyCow

    Inaugural Whole30 starting January 8,2018

    Starting on the 7th...for my 11th! My very first W30 was in January of 2013, and I've learned something new in every permutation since. Looking forward to this 2018 Group...happy prepping to all!
  15. CrazyCow

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    I LOVE the idea of No Lights, No Lycra! Though I must say, I took matters into my own hands before my injury, and when I was road running (and I have to tell you, I run to the KRUNKIEST, nastiest music there is for some strange reason), at stoplights I'd just dance to keep moving. Nothing like seeing a 45 year old twerk at a light...