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  1. Hi @Ann, just reading through your journal great! I love your pictures and walk through of your days. But since you asked to be talked out of something, I'll give you my two pennies worth: Remember stepping on the is going to give you a number and then what? How will that help define how you feel right now? Remember there comes a point in W30 (and we are not too far off that point) where everything will feel tighter--you may feel bloated, etc. That's the shift we experience as our body adjusts to the way we are eating (the way we are treating ourselves!), but I imagine
  2. Well that was a bit of a fail...didn't get to words in time! lol Here's the rest of yesterday and all of today: the rest of DAY 3: Snack when I got home was two compliant pickles and two slices of compliant parma. I was ravenous. About to have some of the beefs stew for M3 I made on Wednesday, with some fizzy water! RIGHT...DAY 4: M1: picata with spinach and applesauce M2: egg salad made with spicy homemade mayo, chopped spinach and sundried tomatoes, along with baby sweet pepper (pic above; no clue why it's sideways lol) M3: AWESOME Asian Trout with a slaw I
  3. M2: muligatawny woot woot! still on the green tea too
  4. Day 3...last night I had a headache and was NOT happy. Today I had trouble getting out of bed...All very predictable...! M1: 2 boiled eggs with 1/2 an avocado and a handful of baby peppers with a splash of balsamic. bulletproof coffee, though now that I'm at the office I've switched over to Green tea...
  5. Day 2 and a day spent at the office as well...Normally out with everyone for lunch, but set expectations already for at least this week! I neEded a few days to stabilize before hitting the big league! So: M1: woke up and had a bulletproof coffee. got to the office and had some breakfast casserole with a cutie. Drank green tea through the day M2: picata with arugula and applesauce M3: muligatawny soup--two bowls (I was ravenous) that's it! now I need to prep for the morning as one thing i DO know is that I do not face food first thing in the morning very well...need an
  6. Hi @Ann and @BeckyB...yep! It is remarkable how a routine and habit can take you by surprise when you stop. Cocktail right about now...typical evening. I repeat in my head "I do not want what I do not have...I do not want what I do not have..."--sometimes it even works! And I am going to say cheers to you both: maybe the 30 days of cheers with a fizzy water and double lime can spawn a new routine and habit....! Until tomorrow...
  7. Cookup of the Week (COW) today (short week) Currently in the slowcooker mobile (a set of 3 cookers, which is so much fun for COWs) is: Pot1: Beef Roast Pot2: Egg & Chicken Sausage Casserole Pot3: Muligatawny Soup (about to go on) College child home visiting contributed to the COW today with: Whole30 pork picata. SO GOOD. I'll post a pic in a minute, the pork is nicely cut into pieces for me as I have a broken hand/wrist currently! Also made homemade applesauce so we know what goes in. So Meal 2: Pork Picata, courgette (zucchini) noodles, and applesauce
  8. Day 1... here we go here we go! Two sunny eggs, spinach, mushrooms, shallot, and a bit of sugar free lardons to give it that ooh la la. Plus a boat load of awesome spice. Glass of water, and a bullet proof coffee—which was needed after NYE. Fun celebration, but now I’m celebrating my new fun...
  9. Hi @BeckyB! Too funny--you've no doubt got some brilliant food ideas yourself. We can follow each sure to post it all!
  10. I'm with you Ann...I am married to a master bartender who is always playing with some new flavor or another. And I am a happy taste tester...but I know giving those a miss for fizzy water (with the just the right amount of lime) makes a huge difference. Doesn't make it easy, and doesn't make me feel great for recognizing it's something I will miss. I feel you!
  11. I've got a recipe for you, Ann, for compliant Adobo! Used this in the past to make a killer spiced mayo...maybe that will work for you!
  12. Here we go...lucky number 13 for Whole30s since 2013. I'm ready and excited to make this one the best yet. I may have a husband and college daughter joining in as well, or I may not. Either way they will join in the food prep aspect, and will no doubt be supportive as well. 2 things I LOVE about Whole30: reconnecting with food I get out of the habit of healthy food prep, and then I get out of the habit of food prep at all...and then the less healthy choices run rampant. I love remembering that I really ENJOY food prep and finding new recipes (or rediscovering old ones I forgot abo
  13. So I'll be prepping a few things in anticipation this weekend. They are: mayo ghee bone broth chopped veggies emergency meat No doubt there will be more. Those are the things I KNOW I will want to have straight out of the gate...