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  1. San Antonio

    Hi everyone! I love the idea of having a Whole30 potluck, or hangout where a group gets together, shares foods, tips, struggles, make new friends, etc. I'm fairly new to San Antonio, Texas and don't know many people except family/a couple coworkers. If anyone lives in the area, and would be interested, please respond and see if we can get together a group of people! I'd host or we could figure out a meeting place. Thanks!
  2. Starting July 7th

    Well i'm glad you're thinking ahead and getting prepped so we stay on the same page- lol! I prepped a bunch of foods a couple nights ago but i have a couple friends come over last night and they raided my fridge so now I'll be prepping again tonight. I have family coming in tonight for the weekend so it'll be interesting to see how I handle that and eating out, etc. but overall, still going strong, been having some headaches in the late afternoons/evenings. I think i'm still having caffeine withdrawals ( I'm not drinking coffee because it hurt my stomach badly every single time, and i used to drink A LOT of coffee every single day, so for me i needed to stop it so i could heal properly).
  3. Starting July 7th

    Thanks, Jim! I live in San Antonio, and we have Trader Joes,Whole Foods,Central Market, etc. all those fantastic places! I myself own a spiralizer and I love zoodles, carrot noodles, beet noodles, all of them! They are great and so good. But nothing IS pasta lol Another favorite of ours is roasted spaghetti squash in place of noodles if you haven't had that one yet! I can tell you how to prepare it if you'd like. Thanks for welcoming me!
  4. Starting July 7th

    So far, so good. I had some crazy bad dreams the first three nights, but I didn't last night so that's an improvement. Had a headache yesterday, but short lived. The cravings are hard, but they do pass. It's also hard to pass up foods form other people, or saying no to coworkers who want to go out to eat every single day at lunch because although I could go sometimes, I'm limiting myself to once a week, and I've prepped for all the other days. I love to cook, but I LOVE eating out and trying new foods. I'm making it are you doing? I'm so glad I didn't quit so far, I know 5 days seems like nothing but this will be the first " I'm trying a new way of eating" and sticking to it for this long. I really want a change this time.
  5. Starting July 7th

    Hi-it's a pleasure to meet you! Today's the day! I'm up early. My long-term boyfriend left about 2 hours ago (4 am) for 2 weeks for a military mission, so I'm wide awake and planning my day. I'm taking on a lot at one time but I'm ready! We are going to do great I can't wait to hear how your days go and any tips we learn along the way.
  6. Starting July 7th

    Hi everyone! I'm Jess, a newbie to Whole30. I am a foodie/cook a lot, I'm a Realtor during the day so I'm on the go a lot as well. I LOVE pastas and breads, but I eat fairly healthy majority of the time. I'm going to have a hard time not eating any added sugars or grains/flours. I'm excited to explore new recipes (since cooking is my thing) and to really come out less depressed,anxious, and nervous. My stomach always hurts and my periods are awful, as well as my skin. I can and will do this (motivating myself so that little voice of doubt shuts up)! If anyone else is starting tomorrow, I'd love to keep in touch and discuss how our days went. XXOO