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  1. Homemade mayo

    I realized that as I started exploring the forum LOL duh sorry I'm new! DAY 4 Thanks for the quick reply
  2. Homemade mayo

    I cannot believe it, I just made the homemade Mayo from this site and it is absolutely perfect! And delicious! But I have a question - how long does it keep? I didn't see that info on the recipe page...
  3. Am I eating too much?

    Thank you for your quick reply, knowing that I'm pretty close sure does help. And I have eaten breakfast salads in the past, don't know why all of a sudden I forgot about them now! LOL I can definitely go the 4+ hours without eating, something I didn't think I would be able to do since I have always been someone who likes to have a snack (often unhealthy ones at that!). My biggest challenge has been cream in my coffee and cheese so basically just Dairy. Oh and rice, I've never eaten many potatoes or pasta except for sweet potatoes. Again thanks for the advice, I'm motivated and excited!
  4. Am I eating too much?

    Yum! That sounds delicious! I've never been much of a pasta or potato or bread eater so that's easy to give up though I do love sweet potatoes so this sounds perfect! Thanks so much
  5. Am I eating too much?

    Hi everyone! I just started on July 5th and so far so good. I tried to read through the other forums, I couldn't find anything for my specific eating habits on The Whole30. I feel like I eat way too much as I am stuffed at each meal. This morning for breakfast I had an avocado mixed with diced tomato with salt and pepper, about 4 or 5 oz of leftover taco meat mixed with 4 oz of leftover grilled veggies and an egg scrambled in ghee. I'm trying to use the template as best as I can. I tend to do better with lunch and dinner as far as veggies go, just not sure what to have in the mornings. I wake up, have my black coffee do about 30 minutes of moderate cardio then about 15 minutes of weights and then I make my breakfast. What else can I do I so appreciate the help! Thanks!