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    Heather4jesus reacted to Staggolee41 in Reintroducing sugar?   
    I'm on Day 30 and anticipating not feeling any reactions to most of the eliminated foods during reintroductions (though I'm still doing it, in case something catches me by surprise) based on my Whole30 experiences. The biggest change has been around sugar, of which I ate mountains before in order to "handle" (very poorly) mental/emotional defects. Not having it has improved my mental state, and because it took some work, I'm afraid to reintroduce any kind of sugar, though I know I'll have to at some point. I completely agree with your assessment of that feeling "left out" - I've been thinking the same things myself as I plan my reintroductions.
    I also wanted to add that for those to whom the side effects didn't seem to happen during reintroductions, it may not be the item that's the problem, but rather the amount  you were eating before. I know my diet has changed significantly in the last month from being heavy on grains/processed carbs/sugar to being very heavy on vegetables, and though I plan to keep it heavy on vegetables, I'm looking forward to being able to sprinkle banned things into my meal plan (provided I do not react poorly to them).
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    Heather4jesus reacted to Want2BHealthy in Where To Go? (and what to eat)   
    Yea, I have to disagree with Subway being a decent choice, it always goes straight through me if you know what I mean. Who knows where their meat comes from and it's packed with sugar and preservatives (so is Jimmy John's if you have one of those, I emailed and asked). I'm on day 20 and went from eating out twice a week to completely illiminating it because I don't trust any restaurant. It does suck though, I'm so hungry right now and there's nothing here to eat!