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  1. Happiness Is...

    Happiness is....Day 30!
  2. Happiness Is...

    Happiness is a new recipe! Dice your chicken and veggies, cook them with some ghee. When they are browned a bit, add coconut cream and fresh squeezed lime juice. SO YUMMY As it cooks, it thickens.
  3. Happiness Is...

    Please everyone, list your "Happiness Is..."
  4. Happiness Is...

    Happiness is... #day22 When I pulled on my stretchy pants today and they were baggy. :-)
  5. Happiness Is...

    Happiness is... #day22 When I pulled on my stretch pants today and they are baggy. :-)
  6. Success for Women over age 50?

    I am 53. I have suffered from migraines for many years. I have been a sugar junkie for even more. Every diet I have ever been on was doomed to fail, because they all let me "eat the foods I love." Well, that makes about as much sense as telling an alcoholic " you can get sober and drink the booze you love." My turning point was that I had a lightbulb moment one day after having my MRI done on my neck for my headaches, on a new arthritis pill, etc. my healing must come from the inside out. I was looking for the fix formy bad moods, over eating and untreatable headaches, and hot lava-like acid reflux. I had heard of Whole30, and a good friend had done it and was so successful, I was intrigued but never took the plunge. One day, I thought, it's only 30 days, I won't die, I can do it. So I bought the book just to find out what I could eat and started the next day, I couldn't wait, I couldn't plan, if I waited too long I'd change my mind like every other time in my life I quit. I read and planned as I went. I am now on day 17, praise God! I have proven to myself that I am not a quitter, that I have taken back my power. When I look in the mirror, I am not disgusted anymore. I love ❤️me! I see someone I haven't seen in a long time. I feel smaller, healthier, more focused and energetic. My headaches are gone (except for the detox ones, those were over my forehead and not horrible like my migraines. ) Above all else, I have hope again, which I had lost years ago. In my heart and mind, I can't ever go back to where I was. Pain, shame, closet eating. The rest of my life will be here before I know it, and I'm excited and ready for it!
  7. Just starting? Don't give up. You will feel horrible before you feel better. Today is my 9th day. Even though it's great that I am wearing pants that I COULDN'T WEAR LAST WEEK, I feel amazing today. I feel like I can feel my blood in my body, energy in my limbs. Hope it doesn't sound hokey, but don't give up! You will have moments of ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! And so many moments of feeling so proud of yourself throughout your days. I can't wait for the next 3 weeks and beyond. I can't imagine taking back ANY of the crap I gave up!! I used to have nearly daily migraines that were untreatable. This past week I've had headaches, but they were from detoxing sugar. Love yourself enough to not make and decisions about the Whole30 until you have finished!
  8. Starting July 7th

    Hi Jessica! I'm new too! I'm tired of my almost daily migraines, my sleeplessness and just blah feelings. Looking forward to this challenge!